Men's UA Gameday Armour® Chin Strap

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Men's UA Gameday Armour® Chin Strap

ADN del producto

  • Strong, durable Armour® Flex shell delivers maximum protection & breathability
  • EVA pad liner provides comfort & is easy to clean
  • Strap adapter allows you to fit high or low helmet hook up
  • Imported
1 Reseñas

Looks great, has room for improvement

The chin cup itself looks great and is definitely an upgrade from some of the plain chin cups that come on some helmets. However i noticed a couple things that needed some improvement. The metal snaps that attach to the helmet jingle when you jog which isn't major but is still there. The plastic piece that the the straps are fed through interferes with the side of my helmet and causes the chin cup to not actually meet my chin so i had to remove those. The chin cup looks really nice i just wish it would hug my chin a little better for more security.