Swacket UA Storm para Hombre

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Altura: Talla: Ajuste: Loose
Swacket UA Storm para Hombre
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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Loose
Swacket UA Storm para Hombre

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The name says it all: it has the comfort of a sweatshirt with the protection of a jacket. So there's almost never a bad time to wear it.
  • Loose: Corte completo para una comodidad total
  • La tecnología UA Storm repele el agua sin sacrificar la transpiración
  • Con una construcción impermeable para una protección sin peso
  • El tejido de la Swacket es ultrasuave, por lo que da la sensación de una sudadera, pero te da más protección
  • El revestimiento tejido añade protección y mantiene el calor
  • Bolsillos seguros para las manos con un bolsillo interior del lado derecho para el teléfono
  • Uniones de lycra en los puños y el dobladillo
  • Detalles y logotipos reflectantes en el antebrazo para mayor visibilidad en entornos con poca luz
  • Cuerpo: 310 g Poliéster
  • Recubrimientos: Nylon/Poliéster
  • Importado
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  • Guía de ajuste
Guía de tallas
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  Pecho (incm) Cintura (incm) Cadera (incm)
XCHI 30-3276-81 26.5-27.567-70 32-3381-84
CHI 34-3686-92 28.5-3072-76 34-35.586-90
MED 38-4096-102 31.5-33.580-85 37-38.594-98
GDE 42-44106-112 35-3789-94 40-42102-107
XGDE 46-48116-122 39-4199-104 44-46112-117
XXGDE 50-52127-132 43-45.5109-116 48-50122-127
Guía de ajuste
  • Compression


    Corte ultra ajustado, de tipo segunda piel

  • Fitted


    Pegado a la piel, pero sin apretar

  • Loose


    Corte completo para una comodidad total

30 Reseñas

The Perfect Layer for unexpected weather.

I wore this on a boat over the weekend. A storm picked up and it wildly outperformed all of my other friends' sweatshirts. They were cold in the wet wind and I was dry and the wind didn't cut through. I was shocked. I'm going to bring this out on the boat every day I go out in the future.

It's awesome!

I love this Swacket. It works great when it rains. It's a Storm 1, so it is only water resistant, but it works great. It is pretty comfortable. The only thing that is not super comfortable is the where the reflector piece on each arm is sown on the Swacket. It can rub against your arm sometimes. I'm 6' - 1" and 230lbs. and I find the Large fits very nicely. Overall I definitely recommend it.


The swacket promise is disappointing in almost all aspects. It was a great idea and I was pretty excited to use it for this coming spring, but I have my doubts now. The storm outer later is not very water resistant. Under a moderate rain fall, water seeps through. It is also not wind resistant. I encountered a cold breeze and definitely felt chilled. It's also not the softest "sweatshirt" on the inside, either. It's more of a fleece material, not necessarily a sweatshirt. Lastly, the length of the swacket is a lot longer than other jackets. It gives it an awkward fit. Hopefully they will improve the design on the next round.

nice construction but runs large

runs large for a 6'1" 180lb atheltic guy. Arms way too long. baggy at the belt.

Nice jacket but a little too heavy and big

Liked it, but it was too heavy and too big. I live in the Bay Area and do not need a heavy exercise jacket. I usually wear a medium, but the medium was too big. I exchanged it for a small lightweight Swacket which I have not received yet.

The Best Outer Layer I've Ever Worn

The swacket is amazing. It is one of the best outer layers I have ever bought from UA. The comfort of this thing is amazing. The hood is perfect for those rainy runs especially being adjustable. I know the hood isn't going to come off while doing a hard run. The only thing I would say that needs to be put on the Swacket is the accurate Storm rating. On the sleeve it says Storm 1 but it mentions stuff like wind resistant in the details section which makes it seem like it is also Storm 2. I just want clarification. In the end, the Swacket is a great purchase. The fit on this thing is phenomenal. A MUST HAVE! #IWILL #IWILLBUYASECONDSWACKET

Love the Swacket

I love the style, fit, comfort --- everything. However, there is one small issue I've discovered. The pocket zippers have a flaw. At times, the fabric inside the pockets get caught in the zipper. Making it impossible to open and close. It is not easy to get unstuck either. I had my keys stuck in there one time and couldn't get them out for 10 minutes. Seriously, the jacket is overall awesome. But the issue with the zipper took it from 5 to 4 stars.

Recommended Size Was Way Too Long

There are so many things that I like about this product. The softness, water resistance, excellent manufacturing quality, warmth when one appropriately layers underneath it for severely cold days, and roominess through the torso and arms. All of these qualities are fantastic. The main issue I have had with the Swacket it how long it is. I ordered the recommended size from the chart (medium), and I felt like I was wearing a dress when I ran. So, I returned the medium and bought a small. This resolved the length issue; I once again feel like a guy when I run in it. However, the fit through the torso and arms is now too tight. In other words, it is no longer "loose" and "roomy." The tightness will affect my ability to layer garments underneath the Swacket, which will in turn reduce its' utility for running on really cold and windy days. There needs to be a design revision. A way to preserve the roominess/looseness in the body without making it so long that you feel like you are running in a dress. Given the hefty price, I expected better from UA with this product.

Best Jacket Made by the Company

I live in Baltimore and as soon as the cold weather hit and people broke out their heavy coats I was still going strong in the swacket. It was perfect for the windy and rainy Ravens game. Looks very slimming even though it is a loose cut product. Favorite part is the cuff wrists.

Ehh Not a Fan of the Fit

First of I love under armor apparel. I have tons and tons of under armor gear, so much so that I have to hide under armor purchases from my girlfriend. I have been a fan of under armor tops in general, due to their usual amazing fit. Just tight enough on the chest, shoulders and arms to show off hard work, tapers in on the waist instead of a big, baggy waist line. I traditionally wear a large in under armor tops, so I ordered the "swacket" in a large because from the picture it seems to have a very tapered fit, which is a huge reason I bought it. However after receiving and wearing my "swacket" it's bulky, loose and ill fitting without that tapered waist I was expecting and hoping for.