Zapatos de Running UA SpeedForm® Slingshot para Hombre

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  • La innovadora tecnología UA SpeedForm™ no permite distracción alguna al correr
  • Dyneema®, la fibra más fuerte del mundo, está entretejida en el chasis para la durabilidad flexible máxima
  • Compresión por zonas asimétricas sin costuras "resortean" tu pie desde el talón a la punta más rápido que nunca
  • Lengüeta de construcción "Lengua de burrito" en forma de calceta que envuelve el pie para un ajuste preciso y para guiar tu pie
  • Una suela media de doble capa combina Charged Cushioning con espuma Micro G® para la mezcla definitiva de soporte amortiguado y una respuesta explosiva
  • La placa Pebax® entre las capas de la suela media agregan soporte y estabilidad
  • Suela exterior anatómica para un desempeño y ajuste natural
  • El caucho de la suela proporciona la mejor tracción con el menor peso
  • Offset: 7.5 mm
  • Peso: 7.5 oz (213 gr)
  • Importado
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Guía de tallas
Talla MEX Centímetros Talla USA Pulgadas
5 25 7 9⅞  
5.5 25.5 7.5 10  
6 26 8 10⅛  
6.5 26.5 8.5 10⅜  
7 27 9 10⅝  
7.5 27.5 9.5 10¾  
8 28 10 11  
8.5 28.5 10.5 11⅛  
9 29 11 11⅜  
9.5 29.5 11.5 11⅝  
10 30 12 11¾  
10.5 30.5 12.5 12  
11 31 13 12⅛  
11.5 31.5 13.5 12¼  
12 32 14 12⅝  
12.5 32.5 14.5 12⅞  
13 33 15 13  
13.5 33.5 15.5 13⅛  
14 34 16 13¼  
15 35 17 13⅘  
37 Reseñas

Great Shoes, even for us big guys!

6'3", 295, athletic build. These shoes are great running and training shoes. They do run a little narrow but I also have pretty wide feet. They're very comfortable and lightweight. My last pair of UA shoes lasted me through college and across several continents so these have some high standards to live up to. They fit very well and their design makes them wrap around your foot for a very natural feeling fit.

Almost Perfect

I think these shoes are great for what they are. Good comfort, breathable, and has a good upper for its weight. The one minor problem I have with it is that my heel isn't securely locked while running. It would be perfect if UA added the rubber that surrounds the ankle like in the SpeedForm Fortis for heel lockdown. Other than that, great shoes.

Very good

Very good pair of runners! Literally fit like a pair of socks with a cushion. The burrito fit, the lacing system and the stretchy upper are up for some serious adjustments and can accommodate any type of foot. Stay true to size! Charged cushioning is incredible for running and absorbs every impact under the feet. Are they good for marathons? Probably not. Are they good for distances averaging 0-10km? Absolutely. My only complaint is that they can get soaking wet under little rain, although the shoes are not storm equipped so it does not alter my 5 star rating. Great pair of runners!

Pretty decent running shoe.

Not the best running shoe I've owned but it is decent. My biggest complaint with the shoe is the small toe box. I went up a half size from what I normally wear and I wish I'd gone up a full size. Other than the toe box the shoe fits really well. It is super lightweight and has good cushion for shorter runs. I haven't taken it on any long distance runs yet so I can't speak to its long term comfort. In my opinion it is one of the better looking running shoes that UA has made.

Almost the perfection

They are comfortable and stable while running short distance for that was built. Style is sick and handsome but it is not breathable as I wish and runs a tad small in term of length but the forefoot area is quite wide to solve that problem that's my only complaint. This is one of my favorite fast shoes aside everything.


I had lot of expectations from these shoes, it is light weight and comes with great look and design, but when it comes to comfort, I am very much disappointed, my big toe literally drops out of the shoe and the shoe bites of my left leg, I wore the shoes for few days and found it very uncomfortable and also my feet pains wearing the shoes for long hours. Not sure what I will do with these shoes now.

Light and Sexy

I bought these shoes for crossfit and I am not disappointed. These shoes are stylish, comfortable, light and will give the wearer maximum performance. Whether you're dead lifting, squatting, box jumping....etc. You will definitely not be disappointed. These shoes are great for sprinting but not so great for turf work. If you're looking to stand out in the gym as well as be noticed for your awesome colored shoes, that perform very well, these are definitely the shoes for you.


Pros: Great footbed, lightweight, unique lacing system that eliminates "tongue twisting", Cool range of colors. Cons: UA (and most others)still can't figure out that the "shoe" is the only clothing item made that bears little resemblance to the portion of the anatomy it is supposed to fit. Narrow, pointy toe area is just not comfortable. The material is soft enough to provide some compliance but if you have a wider forefoot, forget it. The pictures presented make the toe box look wide but the ones I got weren't. Disappointing cuz the shoes do have cool features.

GREAT UA shoe!!! Sad to see them discontinued?!

I've been wearing this shoe for a few months now. Great for running, great for casual wear. I'm in these shoes for 10 hours a day and not a single problem. I wear them for everything. The Slingshot is the shoe that single handedly made me switch over to UA shoes! I also have a pair of slingrides but I prefer the slingshots for all day wear. Huge fan of the burrito type tongue and the colors offered, especially the more unique colors, as they matched the rubber material color. Definitely sad to see them discontinued as I was looking for another pair in cardinal red which is now impossible to find!


Highly recommend. I haven't had a really good pair of training/running shoes in a while but these are way better. I've never had a pair that even comes close to these in my life. Great for short and long distance running, weight training, and cross fit. Good all around training shoe