Zapatos de Training UA Charged Ultimate 2.0 para Hombre

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Con un ajuste asegurado, materiales ultra duraderos y un sistema de amortiguación, estos zapatos están listos para mantenerte en marcha durante toda la estación.
  • Empeine sintético y de malla resistente y ligero con envoltura lateral de caucho en la parte delantera del pie que proporciona una estabilidad y tracción óptimas.
  • Diseño cómodo de lengüeta tipo burrito para un calce preciso y un apoyo mejorado en la parte media del pie.
  • Revestimiento de TPU en la parte delantera que proporciona un apoyo versátil y durabilidad.
  • Refuerzo exterior del talón que añade apoyo y ajuste en la plataforma baja.
  • Panel tejido central plano que proporciona un apoyo cómodo que calza a medida en el arco.
  • La plantilla 4D Foam® se adapta a la forma del pie, elimimando el deslizamiento y proporcionando la comodidad ideal en la planta del pie.
  • La media suela Charged Cushioning® proporciona la máxima amortiguación.
  • La suela de caucho de todo el largo del pie que no deja marcas aumenta la resistencia, la tracción y el apoyo.
  • Dibujo a medida diseñado para aportar agarre y tracción en cualquier superficie.
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34 Reseñas


If this was a review about a casual shoe, I would be writing something different. This shoe looks good. However, this is about a performance shoe that can not do any performance movements. I almost twisted my ankle while making a simple cut. My feet slide within the shoe and the heel part of the shoe does now hug the foot the way it should.

Great for Training

I bought this pair because I loved the first edition of the UA Ultimate Training shoe. The first edition were a lot more comfortable and easy to put on. The 2.0's are a little more snug and harder to put on. The traction and durability of the shoe are excellent so far, I like to train in these shoe because of these features. Overall a good shoe, I would purchase them again.

Burrito Tongue = hard to put on

The shoe feels great and performs well in Tennis. However, I took away a star because my high arch makes it hard to put on due to the burrito tongue. The tongue is completely sewn on one side and this makes it very difficult to get the shoe on without the the back of the shoe collapsing as you try to squeeze your heel in. But was my footing firm in the fast starts and stops of Tennis? Yes indeed! But it is always a groan to get them on.

Not constructed for actual athletic use

I bought these shoes in hopes of being able to perform athletically in them. A few issues I ran into immediately: 1. The way the lace layout is does not allow the shoes to lace up tight enough for actual athletic use. 2. The laces themselves are low quality. 3. The material on the outside of the shoe, most notably the toe area, is cheap and makes a very uncomfortable fit. Wearing them for a short period of time, it seemed they would tear/crack after a couple of uses. 4.The sole has a terrible design for traction. Even if you choose to just wear these as casual shoes, the sole inside is rather uncomfortable/not very supportive. You can feel right though it. I would not recommend this shoe for any use, as it is very cheaply made. Returned the day after receiving them.

Good Looking Shoe

These shoes seem a little wider than most of my other UA shoes. They are currently a bit stiff. However i haven't had them long enough to say for certain that it is a problem. Once I have worn them more to workout in then time will tell. They look good on your feet. And I have had quite a few people ask about them. They are about a 4.5 so far. Overall I would say I am happy with my purchase.

Unwearably terrible

I have wide feet, though not so wide that I can't comfortably wear normal-width shoes; I typically just wear a half- to full-size above my true size of 10.5. Knowing that athletic shoes tend to run small, I got these in an 11.5. Unfortunately they appear to have been fitted for small children, not adults. Wearing a thin athletic sock, I literally cannot get my feet into the shoes without first unlacing them to the bottom eyelet -- and then when I relace them, the burrito tongue is stretched and wrinkled and digs into my instep. Despite this, my feet are unstable in the heel cup, and the heel cuff is stiff enough that it created hotspots after 15 minutes of non-workout wear. It's entirely possible that the shoe might stretch out and become more comfortable (and easier to get into and out of) after a further break-in period, but the out-of-the-box fit is so bad that I don't want to chance it, let alone try wearing them to the gym. Swing and a miss, Under Armour.


Given the poor reviews I was worried about purchasing this shoe, but I'm very glad I did. I waited a few workouts before posting a review and the performance is by far the best training shoe that UA has produced. Unlike most other training specific shoes this shoe is not a pain to run in. The bottoms stick to the floor about as good as you could expect without using olympic lifting shoes.The shoe does run narrow but I have a narrow foot as it is. With the burrito tongue I've yet to have a problem with and I'm just not sure if people don't know how to put on a shoe. Hoping UA comes out with a few more color ways cause I'll be sure to buy. Do yourself a favor and try these out

Great shoe

Bought these because shoes because I needed a solid shoe for training. Wore for a few days before training in them. Great shoe for all types of training. I use them for HIIT and some basic Crossift workouts. Super stable for heavy deads & squats and other lifts. Great for casual wear as well. Only drawback is the toebox is just a smidge on the narrow side, but literally a smidge. If it was a bit wider these would the perfect shoe. I will definitely get another pair for sure.

My first review, unfortunately bad

Like many of the other reviewers who took the time to leave a review on this best selling product, I was a big fan of the first version of the shoe and it's lasted me much longer than I expected but it was time to get a new pair so I decided to buy a pair of trainers online without trying them out first for the first time. I actually am literally in the process of buying another pair of trainers to order and wasn't really going to bother sending these back but if it's not a difficult process would love to return these and get another pair.

The worst one yet

I have never had a harder time putting on a pair of shoes in my adult life. The pseudo tongue is always in the way and folded under, the heel cup also folds in. The heel scrapes and irritates my heel and ankles. I keep hoping for a solid UA Training shoe but this was not it.