Balón de fútbol americano de material compuesto UA GRIPSKIN 495

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Balón de fútbol americano de material compuesto UA GRIPSKIN 495
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Balón de fútbol americano de material compuesto UA GRIPSKIN 495

ADN del producto

  • La tecnología UA GRIPSKIN te aseguran la mejor adherencia y agarre
  • La agujeta patentada GRABTACK te da 17% más agarre que las agujetas tradicionales
  • La cubierta de piel de material compuesto premium te proporciona rendimiento y durabilidad
  • Su construcción revestida de espuma proporciona la sensación máxima y un agarre superior
  • Disponible en talla oficial
9 Reseñas

Cheap quality

After a few minutes of throwing with a few drops it already had 2 tears in the cover. Money down the drain

the ball gets to slippery

I got this ball about a week ago. I played with it in a 7 on 7 flag football game. The ball gets slippery as you play with it. The humidity takes the grip off the ball.

best football ive ever played with

I bought this football 3 years ago to play back yard football with my friends and we all love this ball its the nicest ball i have ever played with we still play every weekend rain snow windy or just sunny out this ball has the best grip in any weather ive been using it for all 3 years and dont plan on buying a new one any time soon.

Nice feel but won't fly straight

Nice grip and feel but it's a very poor quality ball beyond that. 1st one I bought would not fly straight and the seams were not sewn straight. Took it back and bought a 2nd one. Threw it around in the store and it wasnt too shabby. However, took it home and a day later it was flat. Put air in it and then it wouldnt fly straight. Air pressure was correct too. A day later it was flat again. One of the worst footballs I have purchased.

Ball Laces ripped in less than a month

I got this ball for my son to replace his 2 year old Nike ball. He was super excited as he LOVES under armour. But in less than a month the laces started ripping. This ball was only used in the backyard on grass so how the laces even started ripping is beyond me. My son used it to practice his long snapping and the shotgun, but he did that with his old nike ball too with no problems. It's too bad the laces weren't more durable, the ball had a really good grip and unlike other balls at the YOUTH size the laces weren't extremely big like they are on the Nike ball. So needless to say we had to take this ball back in less than a month and go with the nike ball. so I would not recommend buying this ball until UA finds a more durable material for the lace

Not durable

i got this football 3 days ago and it already got a small tear on the skin. This was only because i thew it and it barley scraped a tree branch. At first i though oh no big deal, and just put a little bit of super glue to hold the tear down. Now the football is off balance and WILL NOT SPIRAL. I threw it around for 10 minutes and not even once was it close to a spiral.

UA Football 495

This football is great for backyard football and on the field! It has great grip for throwing and catching. I would definitely get it it lasts and is an awesome football BEST FOOTBALL EVER

Love the grip

I absolutely love the grip on this thing makes it so much easier to catch. Buy it and buy it now.

Excellent Football for the Casual Athlete

This is a great football from Under Armour! I picked up the 495 to see how this ball faired against other brands and there's no doubt that this is one of the better footballs out there. Pros: -Excellent tack to the ball. The UA Gripskin provided good grip even in wet weather. Tack on the laces are incredible. -Ball has a nice cushion to it, even when fully inflated. -The ball feels incredibly light and doesn't weigh on your arm throw after throw. -Color doesn't bleed like conventional leather footballs. -Wear and tear on the ball is expected (especially when playing on the street), but this ball has held up exceptionally well. Only a few scuff marks and some grease stains from going under cars and hitting the asphalt. Cleaning the ball after each use keeps it in good condition and maintains the tack. Cons: -The embossed/printed areas are smooth and slick to the touch, but that's not really a problem when throwing as your fingers aren't touching those areas.