Balón UA 395 para interiores/exteriores

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Balón UA 395 para interiores/exteriores

ADN del producto

  • El exclusivo compuesto de microfibra UA GRIPSKIN de Under Armour permite un fuerte agarre sobre el balón
  • Su tradicional diseño de canales te permite tener una mejor sensación de la marcación de tus movimientos
  • Granulado en todo el balón, porque UA no escatima en gastos
  • Filamentos de nailon al 8% le dan durabilidad y un rebote consistente
  • Vejiga de 1% de butilo provee una tensión de aire ideal de manera que el balón conserva su forma esférica y justa durante todo el juego
  • Diseñado para uso en interiores y exteriores
  • Disponible en talla 6 (competencia femenil estándar) y talla 7 (competencia varonil estándar)
5 Reseñas


I like the product. It stick to your hand while dribbling. I will purchased again next time. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Product is Poorly Made.

I was so excited as soon as i opened my shipment and the first item i pickec up is your basketball. And gripped so well but when i noticed the Product closely it made poorly especially how the ball was bonded. Although it is good gripping and bounces fairly.

Could have better grip

Grip could be a lot better. Played outdoors and I felt like I had to moisturize my hands to have extra grip on the ball.

UA 395 Basketball

I really like this basketball. But, being the Under Armour nut that I am, I love just about anything Under Armour. I was very pleased when I found out they were going to make the football, then a few weeks/months after the football came out, I saw a basketball on some website. So, I had to buy both lol. I'm not a big basketball person, so I don't use the basketball much. But, I thought, there is no telling how long they will make these so I have to get one while I can lol. I really like both of them!!

not so good for ballin

Just came back from playing outdoor, thought i should check out the reviews to see if people were thinking the same thing i was. apparently it has bad grip and we had to switch to another ball in the middle of the game. after the game just to test it out more, i was able to palm the ball for some reason but in a game the ball is just too slippery and nobody liked it. i checked the box and thought like are you suppose to soak it in water or what because it still had bad grip lol.