Bolsa para zapatos UA Country Club

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Bolsa para zapatos UA Country Club
Debido a cantidades limitadas, solo se permite 70 por cliente.
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Bolsa para zapatos UA Country Club

ADN del producto

  • Lona encerada durable
  • Bolsillo para artículos valiosos revestido con velboa
  • Separador de zapatos interior removible
  • Poliéster
  • Importado
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Thanks UA!!!

Another awesome item from UA. Fits the purpose and making it convenient. I was getting tired of using shopping bags for my shoes. Now especially my favorite shoes such as Currys and ua runners finally get the treatment they deserve when traveling. Definitely feel more secure for my lifters as well. They fit perfectly. The bags fabric has expandING capabilities when zipping up so there's room for all types of shoe sizes. I would suggest these for low tops only. Considering they are meant for golf shoes.