Bolso para Gimnasio Project Rock

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    • Color: Purple (569)
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Debido a cantidades limitadas, solo se permite 70 por cliente.
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Women's Project Rock Gym Bag

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  • La tecnología UA Storm proporciona un acabado sumamente resistente al agua y las condiciones climáticas
  • Compartimento principal grande con cierre completo
  • Correa de cuerpo cruzada ajustable y extraíble
  • Múltiples bolsillos internos con y sin cierre para una mayor organización
  • Bolsillo interior para botellas de agua
  • El bolsillo tradicional frontal te permite acceder fácilmente a los objetos que necesites
  • La hilera de presillas en la parte frontal brinda puntos de enganche
  • Dimensiones cuando está lleno: 24 cm (ancho) x 39 cm (alto) x 53 cm (largo)
  • Volumen: 42 L
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported

The Project Rock collection isn't about a name or a logo

It's about the gear you need to put in the work and overcome any obstacle.

Resumen De Opinión

6 Reseñas

Very cute

I love this bag, the size is perfect, and I love the color.


Bought that for trips with my 5-year-old, spacious, fashionable and functional, the bag is exactly what I have been looking for. Recommend!

Gym bag

Overall I really like this gym bag. It can hold a lo of gear. I like the straps and can easily throw it on my shoulder and go! I do wish that it had more pockets on the inside to seperate gear and personal items.

Wish they embroidered

The bag itself is nice. Spacious. But I feel they cheaped out. Especially compared to the Rock Project 60 which is almost the same price but they clearly put more love into producing. I was surprised and disappointed they didn’t embroider the logos on this bag. The screen print makes the bag look cheap.

Love this bag!

I needed to order a new gym bag to tote my padded bar wrap and leg bands on leg day, cycle shoes if spinning and my yoga mat. Please note, the cycle shoes I put in the mess pockets on the outside and it will allow me to fit my leg day stuff or my yoga mat inside the bag. I cannot fit my leg day stuff and yoga mat together. The straps are really comfortable. I am short so I normally do not use the shoulder strap preferred the side straps. Plus I like to throw in over my shoulder like a purse or carry it. It it big enough however not super big that it dwarfs me when carrying it. I love the fabric and have already put it through gaunlent with use. It has 2 nice deep pockets on the outside and 1 zippered pocket on the inside. If there were more pockets I would not remember where I put what. I also like the style of the bag. It has a more feminine look that most duffle bags.

Great Weekend Bag

This bag is the perfect size with all the pockets for a weekend trip. You will be bale to hold everything you need to. The straps are long enough so it's not awkward hold on your shoulder or to use the longer strap. Great bag!!