Botas Tácticas UA Valsetz RTS para Hombre

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The UA Valsetz is our longest-running tactical boot—just check out the reviews if you want to know why. All the durability and power, with the cushioning and comfort of a training shoe.
  • Tecnología UA ClutchFit™ que envuelve tu tobillo en una ligera "segunda piel" para brindar un soporte poderoso y una sensación increíble
  • Chasis de piel sintética y textil con un revestimiento soldado resistente a la abrasión alrededor del perímetro del pie
  • Espuma Micro G® todo a lo largo que convierte aterrizajes amortiguados en despegues explosivos
  • Cambrillón de TPU ligero para dar soporte al pie medio y la cantidad de rigidez justa
  • Plantilla Ortholite® moldeada diseñada con una espuma con memoria en la parte superior y PU en la base
  • Suela con taqueado de caucho de bajo perfil
  • Puntera de TPU
  • Altura: 20 cm
  • Importado

Tecnología Destacada

Esto es lo que hace que nuestros productos sean más fuertes e inteligentes que cualquier otro.


AllSeasonGear® está hecho con tejidos radicales que se adaptan a condiciones climáticas cambiantes. Está diseñado con nuestro sistema de transporte de humedad para ofrecer regulación de temperatura del núcleo y máxima transpirabilidad.


El estratégico patrón en forma de reloj de arena se expande y contrae según el contorno de tu cuerpo tanto en reposo como en movimiento. Esto significa que no sólo se ajusta a tí... se ajusta a cómo te mueves.


Más ligera y más delgada que las espumas tradicionales, la amortiguación UA Micro G ofrece un mejor rendimiento ultra-receptivo, con la estabilidad natural y confort.

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Great all around boot!

I prefer light weight boots in almost all my hunts. This boot requires no break in and are super light with surprisingly good support. I have already wore it in rugged desert sheep country, high country mule deer, and desert mule deer country. Great boot!

No issues...

Not sure what every one else is doing in their boots but mine have held up fine. I'm a patrol Officer in a very active area and have had these for a few months with no issues. I have worn through kyber tactical research and bates boots faster than these. You can't beat the comfort these bring. I will buy these again.


I usually love UA products but purchasing these boots was a huge mistake. First of all, they are not water proof or even water resistant. Second, within three months they were falling apart. You are better off buying any other brand. Do not buy.

Comfortable, not durable

To start, these boots have a one of a kind fit. The boots hug the ankle perfectly for a comfy and secure fit. They are light weight with great traction. The positives end there. When it comes to keeping your feet dry, good luck. These boots absorb moisture rather than repel it (I know these boots aren’t listed to repel moisture but there is little to admire with water repellent with these boots). The fabric fell apart within the first month. The toe leather detached from the material and the ankle support was little to none. In conclusion: these boots were comfy and light when dry BUT these boots are not meant for the any elements or any wear and tear.

I took a shot on a new duty boot

So the good, these boots are extremely comfortable and light. They are like wearing slippers. They tie tight and stay tight. Now for the bad, they are very slippery when wet, I've had them for 3 months and they are coming apart at the side of the toe caps. Both boots let go at the same time. The laces are fraying and coming apart. The boots do NOT breathe well and feet stay wet and hot all day. It's really too bad actually. This is my first experience with UA duty boots and I hate to say it, it will be my last. I need my boots to perform and these just didnt cut it.

Lasted 4 months

Already coming apart at the seams. Very comfortable to wear but not a practical work boot.

Very Disappointed

Boots are very light and comfortable. However after only having them less than a year the uppers are separating from the soles on both the left and right boots. I'm a patrol Sgt. so I don't put as much wear and tear on them as I did other boots so they should have lasted much longer. Disappointed because they still feel good,

So disappointed

I’m a die hard Under Armour fan, I’ve loved and been with UA for 15 years and never been disappointed not once. But I purchased these boots at my local Big 5 and was beyond excited. A hour into my shift, I could feel the metal shank digging into the bottom of my foot, the Ankle Support rubbing against my ankle and fore foot and even with constant adjustments I just couldn’t get them to work out. It’s ridiculous but I was sad returning these. Literally sad because I was so excited for these.

Only boots I wear...

Absolutely love these boots for light/medium duty. I’m on my feet 8-10 hours everyday and the valsetz is the most comfortable boot I’ve ever worn. This is my 3rd pair and the only boots I will wear. I've had 2 pairs of black and my current pair is ridge reaper.

What are you expecting,...

Don't understand most of these reviews, long do you think a pair of boots suppose to last,... but that's besides the point,...I've had mines for almost 2 yrs, problems,...normal wear and tear,... So for all the split toe reviews,and and other bad reviews,...maybe they are the type that just can't take care of a pair of shoes,...we know that they are out there,... So stop kicking rocks and just wear the boots,...they will only treat you well if you treat them well,...maybe they may have to come with some instructions for the ones with problems,...