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Botas UA Valsetz RTS 1.5 Tactical para Hombre

Estilo # 3021034
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Estas son las botas tácticas con cierre para hombre que cuentan con la durabilidad que necesitas para hacer tu trabajo, combinadas con la comodidad de los tenis para correr.Estas botas las usa hombres y mujeres uniformados de todo el mundo.
  • Parte superior de tela ligera actualizada y de cuero sintético duradero.
  • El sistema de soporte de tobillo de UA ClutchFit™ moldea y brinda soporte donde más lo necesitas.
  • El protector de dedos TPU es duradero pero flexible y proporciona una protección adicional.
  • La película de PU soldada rodea el perímetro de la bota para brindar resistencia a la abrasión.
  • Plantilla Ortholite® moldeada y antimicrobiana.
  • La plantilla de goma EVA Micro G™ sumamente ligera brinda comodidad durante todo el día.
  • La estructura ligera de TPU brinda soporte de medio pie y la proporción correcta de rigidez.
  • La nueva suela de goma de alta tracción brinda agarre en diversas condiciones.
  • Número de estilo: 3021034.
  • Altura: 18 cm.
  • Peso: 385 g.

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Mínimo Máximo

Left boot is taboot

I have tried these boots for 1 full hunting season and the left boot rubs the top of my foot raw with in 3 miles. The right one is great the left just plain sucks. I would have expected better quality for UA. If I could return them I would.

Poor quality

I bought these boots not even a month ago and they are already falling apart. I use these boots for outdoor activities i am very disappointed that I didn’t even get a month out of these boots. The boots are very appalling and comfortable but that means nothing when they are going to fall apart within a month of purchase. It’s only a matter of time before the boot is rendered useless.

Best boots I have bought

I work in the construction industry I typically work between eight to twelve hours a day and I have owned just about every brand of boots you can think of and these are the most comfortable I have ever worn

Poor Quality

I purchased these boots just 6 months ago. I wear them for my job, which is Security. I monitor cameras in my office and do moderate walking. I am retired law enforcement and have worn my share of boots. I would expect better quality for this boot. Under Armour isn't as good as they used to be. These are extremely poor quality and not worth half of what I paid for them. The company quoted their in writing "warranty" of 60 days and doesn't stand behind their product. Pitiful, just pitiful.

Lacking quality materials

Let me start off with, this is not a bashing session on UA, I absolutely love the brand, ALL of my tennis shoes are UA. Always a great fit, feel, always light-weight, and typically great quality. These boots specifically have great fitment, feel as casual as a tennis shoe, still with the upper ankle stability and protection, and theyre light!!!. I have had zero issue with moisture, the boots are seemingly more waterproof than product details/reviews lead on (not a bad thing). My complaint is not about fitment or wearability, its about the lack of quality in either material or craftsmanship. With that said, I work for my local fire department, I wear these boots once every 3 days, I wanted to get away from the standard leather duty boot style and go with a manufacturer that I trust for all of my other shoe needs. I purchases these boots right about 90days ago at this point, keeping in mind I only wear them approximately 1/3 of that time, for work only. They are just breaking down, the rubber toe coverings are beginning to separate from the material under it near the pinky/little toe area, while its a little frustrating, I can deal with that. The thing I'm really taking an issue with at this point is the material that lines where the rubber/foam part of the lower sole meets the upper sole area, this is supposed to be a little abrasive/tougher/protectant for the foot, this stuff is cracking everywhere. I did take pictures of both boots only at the worst parts, but do not mistake it is absolutely everywhere. I brought up the waterproof/resistant properties of the boot a little earlier, when they were newer I stepped through puddles without even knowing, now because of these cracking points any and all moisture gets into the boot at these spots, and that is just irritating.. All of this said, I still love the brand. For the price I expected more of a quality product from a company that this has never been in question before.

Love these boots

I have worn out several pair of these. I work on concrete all day. They hold up well, and are super light. They really shine when you get them on a trail. Wish they were still available in colors other than black.

Easy to break in, easily breaks apart.

Have been wearing this specific pair of boots on patrol for barely ten months and the sides on both shoes are cracked like as if they were 3 years old. I admit they are super comfortable but lacks a huge durability issue. I have been a first responder for almost 16 years and I personally couldn't be paid to advocate these boots.

Muy cómodas y ligeras aunque dudo que aguanten en condiciones extremas ya que la suela viene pegada

Muy cómodas y ligeras, la suela deja mucho que desear y solo viene pegada no cocida, dudo sean óptimas en condiciones extremas

Sun exposure

The Sun exposure actually turned the mesh brown on my foots and the color doesn’t come back on my black boots.

No sirven se rompen muy rápido me decepcionaron mejoren en botas porque no sirven sus botas

No sirven se rompen rápido no duran nada están bien chafas