Botella de Agua UA Playmaker Squeezede 950 ml

Estilo # 1364836
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    • Color: Azul (400)
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Botella de Agua UA Playmaker Squeezede 950 ml

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ADN del producto

La botella para esos momentos en los que no tienes las dos manos libres.La boquilla patentada se puede abrir rápidamente con los dientes y tiene una tapa que se gira en un instante para prevenir que gotee y evitar que le entre suciedad y gérmenes.
  • La tapa resistente a los derrames también ayuda a mantener la boquilla limpia
  • La boquilla patentada se puede abrir rápidamente y se puede quitar para limpiarla fácilmente
  • La correa te permite llevarla fácilmente
  • Puedes usarla con una mano para hidratarte donde sea
  • Esta marcada con onzas y mililitros para medir fácilmente
  • La zona lateral antideslizante permite sujetarla de forma cómoda y segura
  • Estilo n.º: 1364836
  • Capacidad: 950 ml
  • Libre de BPA y plomo
  • Fabricada por USB, patente exclusiva de Under Armour®
  • Se puede lavar en lavavajillas (solo en la rejilla superior)
  • La tapa se drena sola y ayuda a prevenir que se acumule agua del lavavajillas

Resumen De Opinión

21 Reseñas
81% de las personas recomiendan

Liked the size and grip on the bottle. The mouth piece and cover are great. Unfortunately after two weeks of use the "Carry loop" broke off making it less easy to transport.

Please bring back the Undeniable water bottle

These new versions don’t even compare and you can’t find anymore Undeniable water bottles anywhere. The new ones are too hard to squeeze.

No leak and dirt!

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I really enjoyed the squeeze feature and lid for the nozzle. This ensures that if the bottle tips/falls it will not leak. Additionally, I like that the nozzle is protected so germs stay away. It is also skinny enough to fit in most cupholders.

Perfect for on the go

We love our new playmaker squeeze bottle. Very portable, doesn’t leak and looks great. We have both the squeeze bottle and the jug for tournaments. Bottle makes it easy to use with a helmet on and Jug keeps water cool and makes refilling the squeeze bottle super easy!

Great for our 3 boys!

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Our boys love this water bottle, it’s perfect for our crazy life! It’s light weight, holds 32 oz of fluid, has a cover for the nozzle to keep the dirt off, and the leak proof pull nozzle allows for sharing and no “germs” between kids. :) The one finger carry tab is convenient with all the extra stuff we need to take with us and 3 boys.

The color is perfect and light

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Bottle is light and perfect for during working out.

Worth the money!!!!

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have a few bottles from Under Armour and this one is the best! Worth every penny!

Lightweight and durable water bottle

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] First time using a squeeze bottle so it took me a minute to get used to it. Once I figured out the bottle must be tilted up so liquid is at the top to squirt out, I was good. I like how light weight and easy to clean it is. The rubber grips on the side helped keep it in place; I used it during a cycle class and placed it in the cup holder area where a regular water bottle can be knocked right out and fall…this one stayed put. I also really like the convenient loop carry handle on the top; I’m able to carry it with one finger and free up my hands to carry other stuff. Overall great water bottle.

Playmaker squeeze bottle

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Easy to hold and carry, I like the design shape, but it didn't keep the beverage cold long enough.

This is the most convenient on the go water bottle

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This bottle is so comfortable! I love it for when I go on my morning walk or run because it's lightweight yet holds 32oz! The fit is perfect for a one handed grip and the squeeze bottle feature is great if you want to get more water out. The spout is perfect for when I have the bottle in my car and it falls on the ground because the water doesn't leak out! Great bottle for someone on the go like me!