Botella de Agua UA Sidelinede 1,9 litros

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Botella de Agua UA Sidelinede 1,9 litros
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Botella de Agua UA Sidelinede 1,9 litros

ADN del producto

Como todo atleta serio sabe, la hidratación no es ninguna broma. Lista para todo, desde dos entrenamientos al día hasta torneos, esta botella aguanta 2 impresionantes litros. El aislamiento confiable mantiene tu bebida fresca y en buen estado, mientras que la tapa abatible de fácil acceso hace fluidos tus descansos para tomar agua.
  • Mango de transporte plegable con ganchos integrados
  • Aislante de espuma doble
  • Tapa abatible con seguro que se puede cerrar con solo apretar el botón
  • Libre de BPA
  • Fabricada por Thermos®, patente exclusiva de Under Armour®
  • ACTUALIZACIÓN DEL PRODUCTO: Según los comentarios de los atletas, mejoramos el diseño de esta botella de agua, de modo que sea aún más práctica. Cuéntanos qué te parece enviándonos una reseña
  • Todos los lentes de rendimiento Under Armour® bloquean el 100 % de los rayos UVA, UVB y UVC
  • El material absorbe el sudor y se seca rápidamente
  • Número de estilo: 1261299
  • Capacidad: 1,9 litrosDe importación
  • Patillas: 123 mm
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  • Ajuste recomendado: LG-XL
  • Ajuste: mediano-grande
  • Ajuste: mediano-grande
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Resumen De Opinión

121 Reseñas

Keeps water cold but mold issue

Keeps water cold but having the same issue as others with mold on the silicone stopper. I have scrubbed at it and it does not come off.


My son need a bigger jug so I went with this. Good name, good quality, I was wrong. First use and it leaked. What a disappointment

Lid leaks

Seems that the lid only tightens to a certain spot and is not tight enough to where it starts to leak when you start to drink out of it. It looks like this was done so that the mouth hole would be positioned in between the handle arms, which doesn’t allow the lid to be tightened enough for proper seal. I wish I had kept the receipt so I could have returned it. Or if there was a way to send back to Under Armour for a better replacement.

Mold issues

My whole family are athletes, and we love the product, but the only issue is the mold build up that it forms at the silicone part. No matter many times wash with bleach, mr. clean sponge and other products to sanitize, and clean it won’t come off. Do parts sell separately?

I love it!!!! Is there a straw that works??

Absolutely love this product! Wonder if there is a straw system for it, like would a camelback tube work???

Great except for the lid!

This water bottle started off amazing. Keeps water cold and secure and was just overall great!. Then mold started to build up under the lid on the silicon stopper. Washed it and it got semi clean. A week later and there was even more mold that can't be washed off, rendering this water bottle useless now! If the mold issue was fixed, this would be a 5 star watter bottle.

poor quality- fell apart

I purchased this water bottle two weeks ago for my daughter for camp. While she was standing in the line for camp the outer plastic layer of the bottle just slid off and fell to the ground. Very disappointing!

Water leaks out

First time I used this thermos in my golf cart, all the water leaked out. The spout was locked and closed and the cover was snuggly closed. Very disappointed.

Very Durable! Perfect for Football Team

Keeps the ice from melting. Keeps gulp slot covered so it stays sanitary during outdoor high school football practice. Very sturdy. Holds enough water for the grueling Kentucky football practice! A+ Will but again!

mold on silicon seal

The silicon seal became moldy. I tried to remove it with bleach, but I was unsuccessful. I would love to be able to purchase a replacement seal.