Botella para Agua UA Sideline 2 l

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Botella para Agua UA Sideline 2 l

ADN del producto

Como todo atleta serio sabe, la hidratación no es ninguna broma. Lista para todo, desde dos entrenamientos al día hasta torneos, esta botella aguanta 2 impresionantes litros. El aislamiento confiable mantiene tu bebida fresca y en buen estado, mientras que la tapa abatible de fácil acceso hace fluidos tus descansos para tomar agua.
  • Agarradera plegable para cargarla, con ganchos integrados
  • Aislamiento de doble pared de espuma
  • Tapa abatible con seguro que se puede cerrar con solo apretar el botón
  • Libre de BPA
  • Fabricada por Thermos®, patente exclusiva de Under Armour®
  • Capacidad: 2 l
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Resumen De Opinión

104 Reseñas

Mildew under the silcone

Mildew is growing under the silicone in the cap and it's not possible to remove. I see several comments about this, I don't understand why I can't purchase a replacement for it. My daughter has used this, with great success for dance for more than a year. There's nothing wrong with the water bottle but if I can't FIX the problem I have to throw it away, and honestly how responsible to add another item to a landfill because of such a small issue?


Great product. Unfortunately the lid gasket is getting mold, and I am unable to find a replacement. Will have to dispose of soon. Other than than, I loved it.

Seals comes off lid

My daughter loves her bottle and we bought another for a gift for another girl on her soccer team. The problem is the seal comes off the lid and then leaks all over the place. If you have a colored drink you get stains where it spills, beware. They need to sell replacement seals for the bottles because they last about 3 months then come off. The bottles themselves are great, good handle, keeps things cold, and holds a lot. Hope they start to sell replacement seals.

Love it!

This is great for my son's soccer practices and games. Holds enough for even the hotter days. I usually refrigerate overnight and it stays cold enough for his entire gameday. Only complaint I have, and I'd be nitpicking, is the rubber gasket on the top doesn't clean easily, and holds on to mold, so make sure you clean frequently. Would love to be able to buy just a few gaskets to replace it with...

top seal is leaking

I have had the bottle for about 1 month & the top seal is leaking when I drink from it

Loved but couldnt hold up to average usage/wear and tear

My daughter loved this but I had the same problem with mold on the spout, bleach soak and mildew remover did not solve the is still there. The kicker was that the handle broke off, she's an all year athlete, so it's been used daily since May. I would have hoped that would have lasted at least a year. No replacement available for the handle. Once the handle is gone, it's really hard to use and carry around. I loved that the handle hooked onto things, that was one of the best parts!

The plastic cap broke after one little fall

I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing this. After the cap broke and there are no replacement lids or caps the bottle is now useless for travel.

Mold on Silicone Seal

I have 3 of these. They are a great size and the kids love them except all 3 have mold on the silicone seal that I can not get out even with bleach. So we can't even use them anymore unless we take the the field and fill there. Very disappointed that they don't just sell a replacement silicone seal.

Daughter loves it.

This has seen a lot of soccer games. Most of the team has them now. Good product..

Another review about the mold issue

I really like this jug but the mold issue on the silicon seal. Really hope there's replacement seals because it's gross. Even after scrubbing and bleaching it stays and even gets worse.