Botella para Agua UA Sideline 2 l

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Botella para Agua UA Sideline 2 l
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Botella para Agua UA Sideline 2 l

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Como todo atleta serio sabe, la hidratación no es ninguna broma. Lista para todo, desde dos entrenamientos al día hasta torneos, esta botella aguanta 2 impresionantes litros. El aislamiento confiable mantiene tu bebida fresca y en buen estado, mientras que la tapa abatible de fácil acceso hace fluidos tus descansos para tomar agua.
  • Agarradera plegable para cargarla, con ganchos integrados
  • Aislamiento de doble pared de espuma
  • Tapa abatible con seguro que se puede cerrar con solo apretar el botón
  • Libre de BPA
  • Fabricada por Thermos®, patente exclusiva de Under Armour®
  • Capacidad: 2 l
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Resumen De Opinión

112 Reseñas

mold on silicon seal

The silicon seal became moldy. I tried to remove it with bleach, but I was unsuccessful. I would love to be able to purchase a replacement seal.

Breaks way too easily

After ONE DAY a tiny piece broke off the clear lip of the lid and now the bottle will only stay closed if you use the metal clip!

Use everyday

Great product and design. Needs available replacement seals. Please make the seals available. Have 4 unusable due to ruined seals.

Nice but break VERY easliy

My son works in warehouse and this is perfect for him to carry his water in to stay hydrated. But after having for only 2 weeks the jug accidently fell off of his cart (2 ft from the ground) and the lid broke 2/3 of the way around the top. Now I have to go buy another water bottle. I was hoping that this would be the one because of its big size and easy to drink top.

Great Water bottles but break easy when using for sports

Have had two of these and they both broke. First one fell in the grass from 1-2 feet off a bottom bleacher at a soccer field and cracked the entire top - yes, it’s heavy when full. Second one just the lid broke off and not even sure how. Took it out of the cabinet to fill and noticed it was broken. Otherwise, great bottle and love how much water and ice it holds!

mold under the cap

We are having the same issues with mold under the cap, we really like the product but currently aren't using it because of the mold would love to be able to purchase a new silicone seal but don't know where to.

The silicone cap starting to mold

After a few months of use, I noticed the silicone cap on the lid is yellowing. No amount of washing helps.

Spout gasket replacement

Both my kids love this jug. I agree with prior reviews. There is a mold issue with the spit gasket/ cover. Are there replacements for purchase? Thank you!

Mildew under the silcone

Mildew is growing under the silicone in the cap and it's not possible to remove. I see several comments about this, I don't understand why I can't purchase a replacement for it. My daughter has used this, with great success for dance for more than a year. There's nothing wrong with the water bottle but if I can't FIX the problem I have to throw it away, and honestly how responsible to add another item to a landfill because of such a small issue?


Great product. Unfortunately the lid gasket is getting mold, and I am unable to find a replacement. Will have to dispose of soon. Other than than, I loved it.