Boxerjock® UA Original Series 6" (15 cm) para Hombre

Estilo # 1277238
Altura: Talla: Ajuste: Fitted
    • Color: Black (001)
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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Fitted
Boxerjock® UA Original Series 6" (15 cm) para Hombre

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Pregúntale a cualquiera que los haya usado, nada le gana a la ropa interior de UA. La serie Original de boxer trusa se ajusta, recupera, se queda en su lugar, absorbe la humedad y te mantiene fresco.
  • Fitted: Pegado a la piel, pero sin apretar
  • Tela ligera, suave HeatGear® y panel de malla articulado funcional
  • Fabricación elástica en 4 direcciones que ofrece una mayor libertad de movimiento en todas direcciones
  • El material absorbe el sudor y se seca muy rápido
  • Tecnología antiolores que evita la proliferación de microbios que causan el mal olor
  • Bragueta funcional
  • Tiro: 15 cm
  • 135 g Poliéster/Elastano
75 Reseñas

Great product, not so great tags

Great fit, very comfortable. Been buying these since the very first version, which I still use. But why the multiple encyclopedic tags? They're a waste, a pain in the butt (literally) and it's tough to remove the remnants where they're stitched.

They used to be great but they changed the fit for some reason!

I bought my first pair of these 3 years ago and bought many more pairs afterwards because I liked them so much. I've always worn Larges and they were great but the last couple of times I've ordered I've had to return because the Larges are too tight on my legs now. This last time I saw them in the Outlet I decided to buy a few Large and a few X-Large. I'm still returning all of them because the Larges are still too tight in the legs and while the X-Larges fit my legs, the waist is super loose. This is so frustrating because I've absolutely loved these since I found them but it looks like I'm going to have to find another brand as a replacement if there is one.

Great underwear but runs small

I'm a size 33 and according to their sizing chart I should wear a size medium (33 is borderline between medium and large) . For this particular model, medium fits a little tight. If you're a size 33, I would recommend going with size large. Other than that, I really love under armour underwear.

Get rid of tags

Great underwear, comfortable and cool. I hate the tags, when trimming them off I accidentally cut a small hole in the shorts, basically ruining them. Other companies have gone tag free it's time to fix this issue.

Ride Up and are Uncomfortable

I'm 6'4" and these boxer briefs have been very uncomfortable around the legs for me. They constantly ride up and I'm always readjusting for my comfort. Also, I noticed (since I have multiple pairs) that the different colors all feel different (i.e. stretchiness). The navy ones are so loose and ride up so much I can't even wear them anymore. I'm disappointed that I spent so much on underwear that is supposedly "the only underwear I'll ever wear again."

Very satisfied!

These boxerjocks are fantastic. The fit is snug, stays in place, and does not require re-adjusting. The length is perfect since they go half-way down your thigh, so they cover your upper thigh but aren't visible when you sit down wearing shorts. Best of all, they're incredibly comfortable. You will forget you're wearing them!

AMAZING Underwear

I have been wearing these for about 10 years (give or take) and I wear them 24/7/365. I am a full time, professional EMT for a 911 service in Central West Virginia where in the summer it is extremely hot & humid and in the winter it can be very cold and nasty. I have never had a problem wearing these, I have not chaffed or any other problems. I have also worn them hiking here in the mountains in WV as well with no problems. I also wear them doing CrossFit and never a problem. They hold their shape, their size and don't get stretched out. Even after wearing them for 24 hours and being busy with almost non-stop runs in some of the most rural parts of WV, they have been amazing! I have tried other UA underwear and came back to the originals. I started to look at other tech underwear and merino wool underwear & decided to stay with what has worked for me now for all these years.

It always squeezes

The pants always squeeze up at my groin,I have to pull them down many times "every hour"! And the juncture are not that soft,they almost scrape my skins and this is why I have to pull the pants down!

Use your hip measurement

Ordered 4 pair earlier this year, then ordered 4 more in the last month. Ordered extra-large on the first batch (6'-0, 210 lbs) and thought I wanted to go down to a large. However I did a hip measurement and stayed with the XL. Glad I did. Great product. Excellent product for traveling, especially overseas on long flights. Packs light and dries quickly if you need to wash and rinse in your hotel room.

Good, but has annoyances

This is the first pair of underwear that I have purchased from UA, but I do have a lot of other items. As I knew going into this before purchasing, there were tags in the back. They can be removed, but at the same time, compared to other brands, this is a negative as other brands do not have the tags, however it doesn't bother too much. Get rid of the tags, would have no issue with these!! Ended up purchasing about 4-5 pairs total and will get more in the future.