Bra de Impacto Medio UA HeatGear® Armour 7" (18 cm)

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Altura: Talla: Ajuste: Compression
    • Color: Black (001)
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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Compression
Bra de Impacto Medio UA HeatGear® Armour 7" (18 cm) para Mujer

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ADN del producto

  • Compression: Corte ultra ajustado, de tipo segunda piel
  • Creado para soportar impactos medios para que te mantengas en forma y concentrada.
  • Tela súper suave, de doble capa HeatGear® te da una sensación de comodidad superior sobre la piel.
  • El sistema de distribución de humedad (Moisture Transport System) absorbe el sudor y te mantiene seca y ligera.
  • La ligera construcción de 4 direcciones ajustada mejora la movilidad y mantiene su forma.
  • Estilo de pullover clásico con diseño de espalda de nadador para mejorar el rango de movimientos.
  • La banda elástica de jaquard súper suave proporciona un ajuste fijo y personalizado.
  • Mejor para las copas A a la C.
  • Poliéster/Elastano
  • Importado
31 Reseñas

Size up

I ordered a small, 115lbs & 32C and it's still too tight on me. Maybe some ladies like that kind of compression but it wasn't for me so I'm exchanging for a medium.


If you have a 36D and up like me, this is not a sports bra to wear on medium or high impact. It's perfect like for walking or yoga, but don't expect your sisters to stay in place if you plan on wearing it while running lol. Will be perfect to wear on vacation or on the week-end

Returning :(

This looked super cute online but after i tried it at home, it was too tight, difficult to put on, and you can also see the outline of your nipples. I barely have any breasts so maybe this might be better for women with larger breasts to keep them tight, but i don't really have much of that issue and it just felt too tight and uncomfortable. I'm returning right after I trying it on..

Good for lighter workouts

Perfect for when I do lighter workouts, not great for running. I am a 36D, I need a little more support. I would purchase another one

Great support

This was my very first UA bra, and I definitely know that I will be buying all my bras from UA from now on. The material is comfortable, helps keep you dry, and offers great support (doing burpees has become much easier!). I was also surprised by how accommodating the band was as I barely noticed in during my workouts. I only wish that these and the Shape bras were available in the X-ray yellow colour!


AMAZING it is very sore and easy to wash, the fabric is soft and causes no rashes. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Best Bra Ever!

I'm a long distance runner, and the struggle to find the right bra is very, very real. I've shelled out hundreds of dollars trying to find one that keeps everything in place comfortably, and this one is the best and very fairly priced. I'm very well endowed, and I've tried tons and tons of sports of bras, but this one is literally the best I've found! Everything stays in place and the straps are thick enough to support everything without being too bulky or thick. Theres no pinching anywhere and the seam is super sturdy. It dries quickly and the band stays in place mile after mile. I love this bra and I recommend it all the time!

Seams Finished Poorly

I have been wearing this sports bra for years without any issues. I loved it, but not anymore. The last few pairs that I have purchased are being poorly finished at the vertical seam where it meets the bottom of the bra. This started to become an issue over a year ago and has gotten worse with each new bra I've purchased. It feels like pieces of wire are poking you. Incredibly uncomfortable. The bottom edge below it is also very rough. In addition, I've found they aren't holding up as long as my older ones. Despite hand washing in cold water I find that the spandex stretches in about 4 months to the point that I start to feel like the bra is too big.

My Go To Sports Bra For Training

This has been my go-to sports bra for years. I have several different variations of these bras. The reason I continue to buy them is that they have stretchy, nylon/spandex type material and that they do NOT contain those annoying foam inserts like most sports bras. They are also, as it were, resistant to stink in a way that cotton simply isn’t. I train in a full-length uniform (it might as well be a sweat suit) in a hot climate in the summer, and these take much longer to acquire smell than other sports bras. As a practitioner of a fast-paced, rigorous martial art, I can say that these bras have been put to the test over the last few years. I also wear them at home for workouts (like Insanity, T-25, Max-30, treadmill, lifting, etc.). I am a 38D-40D normally, and I wear an XL here. But, I have to say, I do wear two bras when I know I’ll be doing a lot of jumping… mostly because there is no sports bra out there that can handle a D all on its own. I still have my original sports bra of this type. It’s about 4 or 5 years old. I must say no damage. No stitching coming out, no holes, nothing.

Lock-tite Bra

I wasn't sure which bra to order: so I ordered a number of them - all out of the MID category because I'm a 32B (leaning towards C these days) so I don't need the heavy duty bras but more than the light stuff. I play hockey - both ice hockey and floor hockey - and I work out in a gym. My biggest complaint with bras is the pinch in the side-boob area - which I think is combination of maximum compression, and too much material on the sides/under armpits. This review will cover the bra you're looking at, but it will also mention the others, too, since I compare them to one another. The 'Women’s Armour Mid Sports Bra' is probably the best bra I have for locking down the girls. It compresses and supports at the same time. BUT! if I wear it for too long: I start to feel the pinch as I find the material under the arms is a bit higher on this bra than compared to others, especially the Breathe sports bra. If I was going to recommend this to any of my friends: it would be the ones who wear two sports bras. I feel like this bra tries to encompass the purpose of wearing two: the lift and support, and the sucking in to keep the girls close. Nothing worse than runaway boobs, am-i-right? One of the other bras I purchased, The Crossback Mid, gives me the support and compression I need - without the pinch. This bra does not compress so much that you feel that pinch. That being said: I couldn't wear this bra all day long. This is definitely the type of bra you put on for your sport, then take off after. I have definitely had back-to-back games where it has stood up wonderfully (no sagging or loosening from repeated heating/sweating). But I was glad to take it off in the end. It does give me cleavage since it does not compress as much as other bras - but the support is lock-tite. I also ordered the 'Women’s Armour® Breathe Sports Bra': if you want even LESS compression, but still the support you come to expect from UnderArmour: highly recommend. Definitely outside the pinch zone but still supportive. Tends towards the cleavagy side. If I am going to be doing a lot of running (floor hockey) I will reach for the Mid Sports Bra or the Crossback Mid. If it happens to be the Breathe that I grab: it still performs admirably, I just have a lot of cleavage to contain. I will mention the Breathe has a bit of meshing to it that is an aesthetic touch moreso than a practical one - or at least I can't figure a 'reason' for it. Not to say I don't like it: I think it looks cute. All three bras are made of similar materials (kind of slippery) and I have never had any issues sweating in any of them. If you are looking for a super comfortable bra that you can wear all day that still provides coverage: check out the Shape line in the Mid support section. I wear mine to lounge around, travel (in comfort) or for my athletic pursuits. It is a soft material, not slippery like the others. That being said, it has worn faster than my other UA bras. I do note that it has gone through the washer and dryer a number of times (my others are hang dry only) and since I live in the bra pretty much every weekend (and some weeknights) it shows. I will still buy another in my next order. Because even with the wear: it's like a hug for your boobs. And who doesn't want that? 5'5" 130 lbs 32B