Cleats de Americano UA Highlight MC para Hombre

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Cleats de Americano UA Highlight MC para Hombre
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Cleats de Americano UA Highlight MC para Hombre

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  • La parte superior UA ClutchFit™ envuelve a tu pie con una "segunda piel" para darte la ventaje de un poderoso soporte y una sensación increíble.
  • Material ligero de innovación se adapta al contorno de tu pies, ayudando a tus articulacions y músculos a brindando una mejor sensación, ajuste y soporte.
  • Lengua MPZ® personalizada moldeada 3D se adapata a la forma de tu pie y ofrece protección extra.
  • Recortes extendidos para mayor facilidad de entrada y una flexibilidad superior.
  • Plantilla Foam ® moldeada 4D se adapta a la forma exacta de tu pie, eliminando el deslizamiento y la reducción de la presión.
  • Placas UA PlasmaX da fuerza al movimiento natural de tu pie para mayor tracción y estabilidad.
  • La tecnología V56 en el antepié está diseñada para ayudar a la hiperextensión del dedo del pie.
  • Peso: 11.2 oz. (318 g)
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Tecnología Destacada

Esto es lo que hace que nuestros productos sean más fuertes e inteligentes que cualquier otro.


El estratégico patrón en forma de reloj de arena se expande y contrae según el contorno de tu cuerpo tanto en reposo como en movimiento. Esto significa que no sólo se ajusta a tí... se ajusta a cómo te mueves.

28 Reseñas

Amazing cleats!!!

I've used the UA Highlight cleats since my freshman year and they are amazing. Its a really light weight and after a while it feels like your wearing nothing at all. The only problem I found with these cleats is that there hard to clean. Other than that, Amazing cleats.

Great cleat. I love it

I love these cleats. I use them for lacrosse and have had no problems. I play middie so there is alot of running up and down the field and i have had no problems with these cleats. They do not get dull fast at all. Mine have lasted two full seasons and are still sharp considering been used for that long. They are so comfortable. When i have used any other cleat even from UA my ankles and heels start to hurt, but when i tried these out they were great! my heels and ankles never ached after practice or games and tournaments. Even after having them for two seasons i am planning on using the same pair for this next season coming up. The performance is awesome. I have never had another cleat play this well. When you are planting your foot i've never rolled my ankle or slipped they have great traction and one of my games i played in was very wet and slippery. My teamates who had on different cleats were slipping. But i never did these cleats are great over all



Great Cleat

I love these cleats a lot and are very comfortable. The only problem I had with them was keeping them clean, but other than that are great. They look good, but seemed to be structured for all defensive positions except the secondary and can be used for O-line and TE positions also but no other offensive positions.The F5 UA gloves match perfectly with these cleats.

Traction is great.

Traction was amazing, comfort was amazing, everything about this cleat is all around amazing by far best cleat I've ever worn and they lasted me through summer and all the way through the season. Definitely 10/10 recommend

Very good cleats while they last

Have owned two pairs of these cleats, one pair lasted me one whole season, but then I have had the same problem with both cleats. After lots of use, the mesh touching the heel of your foot scrapes away exposing a plate that starts grinding against your heel, making them unusable for any sort of play. my second pair lasted me a summer, fall and halfway into the spring season is when the same problem happened again. I do love the performance of these cleats and are some of my favorites I've ever owned, but the same problems has happened to me twice within a year and a half.

Comfort is on point

This cleat is good. Its comfort is good, performance is great.

Men's UA Highlight MC Football Cleats

I have had these cleats for about a month now and they are amazing. I could'nt have asked for a pair of better cleats.

Did not go the distance

Soles separated at the seams and side blew out entirely on one foot. Had to play the last 3 weeks with athletic tape wrapped around his cleats to hold them together. For the price I would expect them to at least last an entire football season. He loved how light they were and the comfortable fit. He wants another pair next year but I will definitely shop other brands with similar styles before paying this much again if you can't expect to get an entire season of use out of them.

No Go if you have feet issues!

I have achilles tenditis in both feet & these shoes have practically zero cushioning. Feels like your feet are literaly on a hard plastic plate, but they did seem to grip the ground well & was fine when getting into 3 & 4 point stances. Lack of comfort is a big factor for me so if you don't mind, then try them out.