Guantes de Fútbol Americano UA F5 para Hombre

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Guantes de Fútbol Americano UA F5 para Hombre

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  • Cumple con los estándares NFHS/NCAA/NOCSAE.
  • Tejido HeatGear® mantiene tus manos frescas, secas y ligeras.
  • Diseñado para brindar flexibilidad máxima, transpirabilidad y sistema de distribución de humedad.
  • Sistema de cierre con ajuste personalizado
  • Super pegajosa Armour® GrabTack para una máxima capturabilidad
  • Palma en una sola pieza y sin costuras.
  • Importado
8 Reseñas

Great gloves

Great gloves, but the grip wore off quick. Also by the end of the season, both gloves had a tear down the side of the glove.

Great grip doesn't last

Great grip but wears off quick. Also tear easy you are an aggressive player but overall really good gloves.

Perfect fit and excellent performance

Gloves are a perfect fit as per the size chart and are super tacky. Work very great! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Amazing overall!!

Woooah man excellent! i got 2 pair, and i just have to say AMAZING! thanks under amour team!

Loved them a .

I loved these gloves a lot for JV football but it feels when they get wet they lose their stickiness and feel strict for catching and nothing else. These gloves also tear and the designs on the front of the gloves peel off but overall have great performance and comfort for a god price.

Great Gloves

All you got to do is take care of them and they will be durable enoguh to last you a whole season at least. I really love these gloves, really sticky, and true to size. You've just got to clean the rubber with some cold water every so often and they will be as sticky as if you just got them.

Tears easily

I wore them for two 7 on 7s and three football games, they already have two tears and they lose grip easily. I constantly spit on them.

They're Nice

Im a Freshman and i play DB, so i needed some good gloves and these are great ! They're very sticky so they get dirt and dust on them easily so when you need to clean them just put them on and wash the gloves like your washing your hands except with cold water and dishwasher soap is recommended then air dry them. When they're dry they will be stickier than when you first got them too !