Leggings de Compresión UA CoolSwitch para Hombre

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Altura: Talla: Ajuste: Compression
Leggings de Compresión UA CoolSwitch para Hombre
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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Compression
Leggings de Compresión UA CoolSwitch para Hombre

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Corte hecho con láser: Sonic perf
  • Compression: Corte ultra ajustado, de tipo segunda piel
  • UA CoolSwitch utiliza un exclusivo recubrimiento en el interior que atrapa el calor y lo elimina, lo que hace que te sientas fresco y que puedas estar más tiempo activo.
  • Manufactura elástica en 4 direcciones que te ofrece una libertad de movimiento mayor en todos los sentidos.
  • El sistema de distribución de humedad (Moisture Transport System) absorbe el sudor y se seca rápidamente.
  • Tecnología anti-olores evita la proliferación de microbios que causan el mal olor.
  • De construcción suave, libre de fricciones y de costuras planas.
  • 4.6 oz. Polyester/Elastane
  • Imported

Tecnología Destacada

Esto es lo que hace que nuestros productos sean más fuertes e inteligentes que cualquier otro.


La innovación original que nuestro fundador soñó mientras sudaba bajo el sol del verano. Esta tela súper transpirable que absorbe el sudor y regula la temperatura de tu cuerpo para que te sientas más fresco, más seco y más ligero que nunca.


UA CoolSwitch utiliza un exclusivo recubrimiento en el interior que atrapa el calor y lo elimina, lo que hace que te sientas fresco y que puedas estar más tiempo activo.

11 Reseñas

Great for warmer weather

These are perfect for warmer weather workouts, great fit, light wight and stay stay cool. I wear compression or leggins for every workout and these are right there as for performance and comfort.

they not only feel great they look cool.

i had an injury to my calf muscle and the compression helped with the healing, training, and recovery.

not true compression leggings

I would not call them compression leggings. They are too loose to be in the compression category. They do a good job at keeping you cool put if you are looking for true compression leggings this is not for you.

Be mindful... but great...

I own a bunch of pairs of tights... first time I had the chance to try out my new red coolswith tights I did.... they were cooler then the heat gear tights but their one bonus (venting holes) also caused a bit of a problem... after doing a couple of leg lifts... I started to notice the hair on my legs poking out of the tights... now I am not that hairy but it was kinda funny... overall a nice addition to my collection...

Product lives up to its standards

As a first time owner of any sort of leggings, this product has amazed me with its cool switch feature. I was very undetermined if these were the right choice for me. But no matter what your doing whether you work out at the gym, running or riding a bike, it cools down the muscles so that you can perform at a higher rate than normal. In my personal opinion, it is worth every penny. Very pleased with these.

Under Armor Label is not sticking to Leggings

Hi, I recently purchase the Men's UA CoolSwitch Armour Compression Leggings. I haven't washed it yet and I used it one time. Before putting it in the washing I noticed the "U" from the Under Amour is not sticking any longer to the legging. I never encounter this problem before on all the UnderArmor product.

Flimsy and Self Conscious

I was excited to workout in my cool switch gear until I performed my first squat. Within the first 6 reps, the compression pants began becoming super transparent. I had to stop my workout and laugh at myself from sweating from embarassment! Not the best leg day to date. Furthermore, the material caught onto dirt so quickly! Oh man - talk about putting on a show. It could have been a faulty pair or that white is definitely not my color. I now have a pair of compression pants I'm not sure I can put on anymore.

Great but color-dependent

I bought the navy ones and really liked them, so I also bought the white. The blue are great. There is a pattern on the inside, which isn't visible on the outside of the blue (and I assume other dark colors). The white are another story. First, a lot of skin can be seen through the white ones. They MUST be worn with something over them. Alone, this isn't a problem; they are vented to be cool, so it's not necessarily a bad thing. Unfortunately, the star pattern in the white can be seen through them. With the visible skin and the pattern, they have the unfortunate appearance of women's lingerie (sorry... that's the only thing that comes to mind when I wore them). The fit is still great, and the dark colors are likely all good.

Great tights

I train at the gym or run 5-6 times a week but have never been into tights despite how popular they have become. I do own some cold gear tights for underneath in the winter but these are totally different. I have quickly become a big fan of wearing these under shorts to run or to go to the gym and I can easily tell the difference between the cool switch line and the cold gear line - these are meant to keep you cool and they do just that. They are much thinner and ventilated, perfect for an indoor training session to keep your muscles warm or a run outside in cool to warm weather. I would not recommend them for really cold runs though, the wind will get to your legs. Overall I am very impressed with these tights, I bought black originally and came back to order another pair in combat green. I normally wear Large for loose gear, so upsized to XL for the compression tights. I am 5'10" and the length is good, a tad long, but with tights, it doesnt really matter since u can just pull them up.

New fav's

LOVE the new CoolSwitch compression gear, the fabric is mesh so it feels light and breathes much better than the regular compression fabric. Perfect for the gym. I don't have anything negative to say about them. Would love to have these in 3/4 length.