Leggings UA Armour Fly Fast para Mujer

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Leggings UA Armour Fly Fast para Mujer
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Leggings UA Armour Fly Fast para Mujer

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Estos son los leggings para correr que agarrarás primero—te dan la comodidad, el soporte y la cobertura que necesitas, además de características adicionales, como cierres en los tobillos para que los deslices fácilmente y un bolsillo seguro para llaves.
  • Compression: Corte ultra ajustado, de tipo segunda piel
  • Tela superligera HeatGear® que proporciona soporte y cobertura superiores sin que su peso te agobie
  • El material absorbe el sudor y se seca muy rápido
  • Tecnología antiolores que evita la proliferación de microbios que causan el mal olor
  • Paneles de malla integrados que eliminan el exceso de calor sin añadir puntadas ni costuras
  • Pretina plana y amplia con cordón de ajuste interno que brinda un ajuste perfecto y fijo
  • Bolsillos seguros de almacenamiento con cierre con espacio para tu teléfono
  • Logotipos reflectantes para las carreras con poca iluminación
  • Cierres de 15 cm en los tobillos que permiten poner y quitarse la prenda fácilmente
  • Tiro: 70 cm
  • 87% Poliéster/13% Elastano
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One of the best purchase

It is my first Under Armour product, and I must tell u, one of the best I ever had. I ll always prefer UA products for active wear. Cant wait to try more

I love the idea, but the quality is really disappointing

I was very excited about these leggings when I first got them. They fit great and the performance was solid. But less than three months after receiving them, they're already falling apart. I wear these about once or twice a week, and try to hand-wash as much as possible, but still find snags and loose pieces of fabric all over (especially around the zipper at the bottom of the legs). Really disappointing -- I'm usually a big fan of UA products, so I'm surprised by the poor quality of what's supposed to be one of their main product lines.

My favorite!

I love these pants. They are comfy. They look great. The tie up waist makes it easy to run in them. My only complaint is that I’m losing weight and they are starting not to fit as well!!! I’ll be buying a second pair for sure.

Great performance and super cute!

I absolutely love these! I will be buying more because they have become my go to pants for spin and Pilates. They breathe well, are nice and tight, stay up well- all around, they are great.

Will be buying more!

Love these leggings! I am 6’0 and weigh about 160 lbs. I bought a medium and they fit me perfectly! I love the draw string so my pants don’t slide down while I’m running on the treadmill. The length for me was perfect not too short hits me a little above my ankle bone. Also love the side pocket. Will be buying another pair!

Comfortable but needs better pockets

These leggings are excellent fit and very comfortable. The material is comfy and dries fast, the waistband is wide and comfy and stays up, the drawstring is a nice addition, and the zips at the ankles are useful. My only complaint is the pocket: it is so small, it is basically useless. Women want pockets!! I want to be able to run with my phone! Please make these exact leggings with side zippered pockets (on each side) large enough to hold a phone - they will be the perfect leggings.

Great Running Leggings

I have the Fly Fast capris and these in multiple colors. I love the zippered ankles; they maintain the tightness without getting stretched out like in the others. They stay put and last. I do wish they'd go back to a true gray. The flint and the downpour turn fully lavender and blue in light. Not what most want when they get gray. Neither color goes with much.

Pocket Too Small but Good Pants

The whole reason I bought these is because I have a similar pair from a past year with the side zipper pocket. The zipper pocket in this pair is in the same placement but is a little bit smaller, unfortunately. Meaning: I cannot fit my phone in the new pocket. Outside a good pair of pants but seriously give women functional pockets people.

Very comfortable leggings!

Most of the leggings I have worn have a waistband that rolls over, but these don’t do that. The zippers at the ankles make removal easier, too. My only complaint is that there is no pocket where I can put my gym locker key, so I have to pin it to the waistband.

Running Leggings

Even though the material seems to be too thin, it compresses the muscles and keeps everything tight. I like the pocket and the zippers. Definitely would recommend it.