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Cuando los funcionarios de salud dijeron que las personas sanas deberían usar mascarillas, comenzamos a construir prototipos hasta que hicimos el perfecto para los atletas. Tiene el flujo de aire que necesita, la calidez y el mejor ajuste para correr o entrenar.
  • Fabricado con materiales UA de alto rendimiento, diseñado para usarse en el frío y cuando se practican deportes de invierno.
  • El diseño estructurado se levanta de la cara y los labios para mayor comodidad y transpirabilidad.
  • Capa exterior de forro polar suave y cepillado con estiramiento en 4 direcciones para brindar calidez y comodidad
  • Tratamiento antimicrobiano en la capa interior para ayudar a mantener fresca la mascarilla
  • La espuma de poliuretano de celda abierta deja pasar el aire pero dificulta el paso de la humedad y el sudor
  • La tela UA Iso-Chill en el forro interior de la máscara se siente fresca al tacto mientras la use
  • La tela es suave y lisa para la comodidad del rostro y mueve la humedad de la boca a la capa de inserción.
  • Se puede usar como máscara o polaina para el cuello con cordones ajustables para un ajuste seguro y personalizado y para bloquear el calor
  • Estilo #: 1369735
  • Etiqueta de taquilla interior para marcar su nombre o número
  • Exterior: 50% Poliéster / 43% Nailon / 7% Elastano | Inserto: 100% poliuretano | Forro: 77% nailon / 23% elastano
  • Importado
  • Diseñado para uso diario y uso en deportes por personas sanas.
  • Mascarilla no médica y no quirúrgica, no protege contra virus
  • Si se siente incómodo mientras lo usa: deje de hacer ejercicio, quítese la mascarilla y, si es necesario, busque atención médica
  • Todas las ventas finales
  • Puente nasal suave y ajustable para ayudar a asegurarlo en la cara
  • Circunferencia SM / MD: 18.6 "(arriba) | 15.5" (abajo)
  • Longitud SM / MD: 5.5 "
  • Circunferencia LG / XL: 21 "(arriba) | 17,7" (abajo)
  • Longitud LG / XL: 6.5 "
  • Lavar a mano (recomendado) o lavar a máquina con agua fría en ciclo suave / delicado y secar en plano
  • Devolución no disponible para este producto

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Excelente para hacer ejercicio y cuidarte al mismo tiempo, tiene excelente ventilación

Neck Part

The neck part is a bit too short so it would be great to add more length to it please and thank you

good product

the product is awesome hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi h

I wanted to like it so much.....

I wanted to like it so much, but this gaiter is terrible. It doesn't fit at all. I have a larger than average head, and this gaiter falls off in seconds. I have several gaiters and have never encountered this issue. The odd shape of the built in mask part prevents the gaiter from fitting snuggly to my face. The whole shape and fit of this product is strange, and because of that it will not stay on my face.

Works well but ....

The gaiter looks amazing and fits very well. I have worn it three times since I received it and it performs well. My glasses did not fog up as much as it does with other masks/gaiters, which was a pleasant surprise. The gaiter is also quite warm which comes in really handy here in Seattle. My only and biggest complaint is durability. As stated, I have only worn this gaiter three times since I received it and only for about 20 minutes at a time. It has not yet been washed and already the front has shown significant fraying and a worn out appearance. Very disappointing considering the price. Based on this, I cannot recommend this gaiter. If it already looks this bad with minimal wear, I'd hate to see it after a single wash.

Bizarre fit and ineffective

Cons The loose fit causes you to breathe through the giant opening at the bottom of the gaiter making it about as useful as a plastic face shield. I measure to be a size Large but the circumference of the middle and lower part of the gaiter tube are far too large. It should have multiple drawstrings or be made stretchy and much narrower. If you wear it over the bottom of your ears the front of the mask digs into your lower eyelids. If you wear it below your ears it opens up the bottom-front of the gaiter to let air in. I was looking for a higher level of protection than a folded Buff and I am completely disappointed. Save your money and just fold a Buff over a few times - it seems to feel like it's actually providing some filtration and fits way tighter - as the CDC recommends. The fleece this is made of is very thick. If you're exercising in this then consider finding a lighter material, this fleece is better suited to slow bike commuting or downhill skiing. Running outside in Boston winter I find this way too warm. Pros The structure of the mouth/nose area is nice in preventing that waterboarding effect when wet with condensation and the wire nose piece is great. Material is wicking and soft.

Way too thick and hot

This may work for you if you are planning to hike Mt Everest in the dead of winter. If you plan to use it while running, you will regret it. There is no need for this thing to be made with such thick fleece. While wearing this for a short run on the treadmill, I felt like I had one of my UA Storm hoodies wrapped around my face. It breathes better than any mask I have tried because it does not get sucked into your mouth, but it does create a lot of heat that stays in your face.

Perfect for Skiing

Stays in place over my nose, doesn't interfere with my goggles or helmet. I like that the structure holds the mask away from my nose and mouth so I can breath and talk more easily. And, it keeps me warm! Works better than just pulling my neck gaitor over my mouth and nose. I'm 5'7, 135 lbs and s/m worked perfectly.

Excellent for cold weather activities

I bought one for myself, my husband, and my son. It's our go-to mask for winter activities and excursions, It fits nicely across my nose with the drawstring and the metal nose clip (although it still fogs up my glasses). I will wear this even after the pandemic is over to keep my face warm.

Size difference

I have 3 same size labelled ( L/XL) masks, but all of those are with different measurements.