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  • Woven upper provides a lightweight, sock-like fit, with woven-in TPU coated yarns for zonal stability & support
  • Full-length bootie construction with molded ankle collar for greater structure, extended support & a snug, comfortable fit
  • TPU heel unit & coating on toe box for enhanced protection & durability
  • High rebound SuperFoam® insole provides optimal shock absorption & comfort
  • Ultra-lightweight speed plate combines BZM & TPU for incredible stability & strength
  • Strategically placed mixture of bladed & conical studs for improved braking ability, quick multi-directional movements & razor sharp cuts
  • Secondary cleats engage to provide an added bite for razor sharp cuts & explosive acceleration
  • Weight: 8.5 oz.
  • Imported

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Opened the box up, yesterday. Tried to stick my foot in and was VERY DIFFICULT! Size 11 is normally decent for me, but these run small due to the HARD PLASTIC! This plastic doesnt bend which means all that pressure goes to bones and muscles. A lot of people complain about the ankle scrubbing, but because i wear the thick socks, didnt have that issue. Also, wear leggings, which go down to my ankles so that’s more ankle protection! I didnt have ankle chaffing, but my upper toes got some slight blistering. I wore these for 30 minutes. Wearing them, they’re okay. I say okay because MAYBE after they break in, they’ll be better! But wow! These are hard! You think 80 year old German leather military boots are difficult to get into, these are hard, too! I needed Some cleats to sprint in because i wasnt getting much traction with my Sprinting shoes. I guess bigger cleats, better traction. Sprinting spikes have small spikes. So, trying to find football or even soccer cleats on here that had Great reviews was IMPOSSIBLE! Why do all football and soccer cleats on here have bad reviews? Why do all the shoes seem to have bad construction, cheap quality materials for the cost? I was almost angry when i tried these shoes on, as they felt so hard on my heel and ankle putting them on, i thought they’d be painful to run in. I wore them on turf. Not grass. Turf usage was okay. Seemed slightly better than my sprinting spikes. Maybe ill try them on grass to see if traction is better. After minimal use, yesterday, the gold paint is already starting to come off. I was on turf for 20 minutes of total use. Not even grass. I know pain doesnt last, but i liked the gold paint. Hopefully these will break in and wont be so hard on my feet. Maybe the extreme heat outside will soften them up. I gave average rating because they COULD be decent over time, if they break in, and the design COULD’VE been better if not for the hard plastic and the sock sleeve. Sticking my foot into this narrow shoe through the sock sleeve is tedious and takes way more effort than it should. It took about 2-minutes to put these on. How is that good? Wastes time putting on/removing. Comfort is below average. Performance is okay.

Missing part of my heel

Kept telling myself They would get warm in and it’s a month later and I’m still at square one. Do not ever buy this shoe.

terrible blisters

wore them for 1 practice and completely shredded my heel, now I cannot run in my old cleats or nearly as fast without being in agonizing pain

Blisters Beware!

Like all previous reviewers, after one wear, blisters developed on the heel/Achilles. Although I took preventative measures and taped the area, you also need to pad the area because I believe it's the stitching that causes the blisters. It's a good shoe, nice looking. A little extra attention to design details like this is the difference between an average cleat to a great cleat.

Worst Blisters ever

Wore these to practice and while running sprints I felt them tear both of my heels, had to finish in socks

Stop complaining

Ok so you probably read the 1 star review and opted out of buying but you must remember the sport your playing FOOTBALL this game is about toughness and not winning about blisters when my dad was growing up he played in horrible cleats because he was poor he still made it D1 that was the sixteys he sucked it up went out there and went undefeated all years of high school he was on varsity as a freshman if the shoes give you blisters maybe you should have read the reviews if you didn’t and your upset go to your sports place but some athletic tape and wrap it up and go out there and play this is football not soccer go be a man yes the shoe hurts when I run but I clench my mouth guard build the pain into energy and ring the quarterbacks bell and when the game is over I put on some cream go to bed and remember the quarterbacks face not the blisters so you guys need to suck it up be a man and go play football underarmour great performance but you should make the cleats more comfortable for the youth so they won’t complaine thanks for listening to my essay.

Horrible shoe

I have only been using these cleats for about 2 weeks and they already ripped on the side and the gold color is peeling off. On top of that the heel is extremely uncomfortable and gave me really big blisters. Don’t buy these.

Horrible on heels

Tried them on at store, very comfy but had to go size up due to them being very narrow. First day of practice, my heels were almost bleeding. Second day, taped up and bandaged heels well, still shredded heels. Today, same scenario. I want a refund so badly on these. Highly recommend not purchasing these cleats. Any other under armour ones I’ve had have been amazing for me.

Están padrisimos

La verdad están bien bonitos, pero si son muy limpios. Están cómodos

Choose another cleat.

They don't fit like any other cleat i've worn. They're too small, narrow, and uncomfortable. They have a piece in the heel that rubs and causes uncomfortable blisters. They fit terribly and my feet have never hurt more even after 3 weeks of everyday use. I've never had blisters or pain like this when breaking in/wearing cleats. Do NOT recommend.