Morral UA Expandible

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Morral UA Expandible
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Morral UA Expandible

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  • La tecnología UA Storm proporciona un acabado altamente resistente al agua que combate los elementos
  • Abertura principal con cremallera para un almacenamiento sencillo
  • Bolsillo interior de malla con cremallera para una organización segura
  • Correas para los hombros de malla transpirable
  • Los refuerzos laterales con cremallera añaden volumen cuando está abierta
  • Trabillas en el panel frontal para añadir puntos de fijación
  • Dimensiones: 35 cm x 50 cm x 10 cm
  • Volumen: 25 L
  • Poliéster

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As described

I am starting a new trend. The not to rate things low simply because I don't like something. I don't really like the bag. I think it is because giving a bag shoulder straps also gives a person a certain expectation. I added a change of clothing and because there is no structure - the form the shape of clothes which pushes into my back. I also don't like how the shoulder straps fit on my shoulders. It is simply odd and uncomfortable. Maybe that is how the item is supposed to fit. Oddly around the shoulders and gym items/clothes push up against your back in an uncomfortable manner. I doubt that was the intention. I would not have expected the same experience if the bag did NOT have shoulder straps like a back pack. If this was a sack or a across the torso bag - the lack of structure would be fine. I'll rate it a 4: You can easily carry your shower items, gym and spare clothes for the day. Material itself is good. I like the look of it. I simply don't care for the bag for the above reasons. Which is why it is short a star. I am considering returning the bag for a shoulder strap gym bag or doubling my work bag for the gym.

Great, but needs additional pockets

I cycle to the gym in the morning, carry my workout gear, water bottle, post work drink bottle and bike lock in my bag, When I get ready to workout I put my bike helmet in my bag. The good, it holds everything I mentioned. The wider straps are easier on my shoulders when riding from the weight. The Bad, it needs more pockets or a lager one to hold wallet, ear buds, keys, etc.

Al principio se ve un poco frágil el.material, pero si es resistente el cierre que es para expandir se ahora un poco, hay que tener cuidado con. Eso

Muy ligera, y práctica mochila no aguanta mucho pesos es para llevar cosas no de sobre peso, bonita mochila

Morral útil

Es un morral útil para ir al gimnasio. Caben un par de tenis, pants, 2 playeras, una botella de agua, una faja y un shacker. el problema es que no tiene soporte, es pura tela no conviene llevar cosas pesadas (como la botella con agua) por que todo se va hacia el fondo y se deforma. Por otro lado, el material es de calidad, así como los cierres. Un buen producto con respecto al costo.

le faltan compartimientos

pense que tenia mas compartimientos para separara cosas y poner agua etc

Comfortable Alternative to Drawstring Bag

Very comfortable bag with cushioning for your neck. Size is a great middle ground between traditional book bag and a drawstring bag. First a change of clothes, shoes and a couple water bottles.

I like that you can expand it for more stuff

It was bigger than I thought it would be but I can make it work. Really like that it expands.

These products have great results

Anytime I’ve looked for the right fit holding in a shoe or athletic wear, other brands haven’t done the best as far as fit, Especially when I come Or leave for. workout. But products like the duffle back pack have done wonders. More space and more room for my shoes and workout gear.


The Sandpack is Ok, Cannot fit many things in it, but for carrying a few items, it does the trick.

Red sackpack

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The bag is cool and comfy and stylish color. Very light too