Pantalones de Entrenamiento UA Rival Graphic para Hombre

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Altura: Talla: Ajuste: Loose
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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Loose
Pantalones de Entrenamiento UA Rival Graphic para Hombre

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  • Loose: Corte completo para una comodidad total.
  • Tela resistente de mezcla de algodón similar a la tela de jersey para una mayor comodidad y durabilidad
  • El material absorbe el sudor y se seca muy rápido
  • Pretina elástica recubierta con cordón de ajuste externo
  • Bolsillos laterales con bolsillo interno para teléfono en el lado derecho
  • Ajuste ceñido de piernas con puños acanalados
  • Tiro: 77 cm
  • 57% Algodón/38% Poliéster/5% Elasteno⏎Importado

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Precio muy alta para tan poco.

En general el producto es bueno, es cómodo pero la calidad y el confort no representan su precio, he comprado otros productos de Under Armour, como guantes o playeras de entrenamiento, siempre en tiendas, eso me motivo a animarme a probar los pantalones de entrenamiento de ellos, por este mismo precio otras marcas venden productos de mayor elasticidad y comodidad, para levantamiento de pesas o entrenamientos de resistencia, solo recomendaría adquirirlo si esta en oferta, el precio regular es muy elevado para lo que ofrecen al menos en este modelo.


les informo que las calcamonias se les desprenden bien rápido y en lo personal a mi es lo que me gusta ya me paso con calcetas,sports y se ve q este pants se le va a caer rápido también. Ojalá tomen en cuenta esto porque si se caen ya no se puede presumir de manera visual que se gasta e invierte en esta marca

  • Aquí la prueba
  • Short
  • Pants

Nice Joggers

Fit was right on, nice style to them, really like the vertical graphics on the lower leg. If you are the kinda guy that doesn't skip leg day they do fit a little snug around the upper thigh/posterior area, but that just means you can let all the other kids know that you aren't the guy doing curls in the squat rack.

Great joggers

I absolutely love these joggers. They’re cold gear so they’ll still keep you warm in 30 degree weather. Not wind resistant so if it’s windy. You’ll feel it. They’re very comfy, I use them casually and at the gym. Not exaggeratedly tight or loose. It’s between fitted and loose which is perfect.

Lo q pasa q me lo puse y al 2 día se me rasgo y el color no es negro se ve como cenizo

Me salió mal el pans me lo puse 2 días y se rato y lo q no me gustó w no es negro e scomo cenizo

Second Try with UA Sweatpants

This is my second go around with buying UA sweatpants. Unfortunately they run small. I am 6’1 and got a large to which the waist feels a little snug and the pant leg itself just seems a tad tight but overall definitely run short. Have yet to work out in them solely because I don’t know how tight they are going to be once I start moving around in them. They are good for Lounging though.

Me gustó mucho

¡Me gustó mucho! Corte, ajuste, tela, diseño, todo súper. Aunque cabe destacar que para entrenar es muy caliente y te hace sudar mucho. Lo recomiendo para entrenamiento leve de tren superior. En tren inferior sudas muchísimo.

Great but short

These are a bit of a mixed bag. So comfortable, I love the way they feel and the snug fit up top. I'm 6'3" and a pretty athletic 200 pounds, and these in size large fit my waist perfectly. They're really short though - they bottom out about two inches above my ankles. The inseam measures 30 inches, which seems quite short for a large especially coming from an athlete-focused manufacturer where I'd expect to find the large sizes tailored more to guys with long legs. Anyway, like I said I love the way they feel and the fit elsewhere. I'll probably wind up turning them into shorts eventually because these fit my thighs great and I can't find the UA tapered shorts any more. Almost all athletic shorts for guys have such dreadfully enormous leg openings that make you look like you're 6 years old and have no idea how to dress. Quick thought: include actual waist, inseam, and leg opening measurements with product descriptions on the website.

Warm, snug sweats for the gym and around the house.

I have these in blue and grey. I'm 6'4" and about 215 lbs: they're a little short, but okay because they're tapered and I guess it's "the style" these days for tapered sweats to run a little short. I think they look fine. They're think and warm, perfect for the coming cold winter.

Runs Small, Tight and Short

Not sure where UA is going these recent days with their clothes. I used to purchase them because I was athletic and they had athletic fitting gear that lasted. Now, their clothes like these pants are too short, too tight and really restrict movement. The quality of the product seems much lower than before as well. The stitching on the seams feels weak and thin. I ended up giving these to my 5'9" 110lb wife for her to wear.