Playera de Compresión Under Armour® Alter Ego Batman para Hombre

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Altura: Talla: Ajuste: Compression
Playera de Compresión Under Armour® Alter Ego Batman para Hombre
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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Compression
Playera de Compresión Under Armour® Alter Ego Batman para Hombre

ADN del producto

  • Compression: Corte ultra ajustado, de tipo segunda piel
  • Tela HeatGear®, que cuenta con todas las ventajas de la compresión UA, tan cómoda que la puedes portar durante todo el día.
  • El factor UPF 3+ protege tu piel de los dañinos rayos solares.
  • Manufactura elástica en 4 direcciones que te ofrece una libertad de movimiento mayor en todas direcciones.
  • El sistema de distribución de humedad (Moisture Transport System) absorbe el sudor y se seca rápidamente.
  • Tecnología anti-olores evita la proliferación de microbios que causan el mal olor.
  • Poliéster/Elastano
  • Importado
  • Batman es propiedad de ©DC Comics

Tecnología Destacada

Esto es lo que hace que nuestros productos sean más fuertes e inteligentes que cualquier otro.


La innovación original que nuestro fundador soñó mientras sudaba bajo el sol del verano. Esta tela súper transpirable que absorbe el sudor y regula la temperatura de tu cuerpo para que te sientas más fresco, más seco y más ligero que nunca.

13 Reseñas

best batman shirt

best batman shirt ever mine is the heat gear version and it works like a charm in el paso heat and summer nights

Great stretchy fabric.

I usually wear a medium but could see it seemed tight in picture so ordered large. i would have preferred extra large. Unless you have PERFECT six pack abs you will want two sizes larger than your usual. .

Bat of Gotham

I have always been a big fan of Batman, and am glad UA made this line. The fit and details of the shirt are excellent, though the fake abs, and pecs seem unnecessary. On someone like me who is notably leaner than the model in the picture it looks somewhat disproportionate. Still this is an fantastic product.

Great but look is misleading

I think I'm pretty fit myself, but unless you have to be as ripped as the model is, The shirt lacks the same color as shown in this picture display. Other than that, It fits and feels great! As a fellow Baltimorian, I'll be continuing to buy and sport Under Armour Gear!

Very nice. Very very nice

This is the first ever alter ego style of compressed shirt or any Under Armour shirt period. It was Batman and the Frank Miller inspired insignia and style. Putting it on for the first time took some getting used to, but after a little while it felt natural. I liked it so much that since then I have purchased 10 other styles and characters and as long as their being made I will continue to buy. Thank you Under Armour.

Great detail/Slightly tighter than the original Alter Ego line

I purchased the black/silver Superman compression shirt back when UA first released the Alter Ego line. In comparing this Batman shirt to the original line, UA has improved the material, fit, and design. The material is stronger, the fit is tighter (but not in an uncomfortable way), and the details on the shirt are well designed. On the performance side, this is a basic compression UA shirt which does the job of evaporating sweat more quickly than cotton. If you're looking for a higher performance compression shirt, UA has others that do a better job. But we're buying Alter Ego shirts for the fun actor anyway and not so much top of the line performance. I also own the Avengers: Age of Ultron Iron Man undershirt that they used in the movie. I would love it if they made more Alter Ego shirts using that fabric.


The attention to detail is amazing, love the design and the fit. I agree with the comment below about removing the belt design, would've made it more cleaner. But a slight negative compared to how awesome this shirt is! Thank You UA

Super Quality and Detailed Design..

Just bought this shirt in anticipation of the movie, believe it or not, I'm going to wear it opening night :-)...It just arrived, and I've been wearing it for the past two hours while doing chores and running errands, can't wait for the gym tonight!. Amazing comfort, feels like you're wearing nothing, and the attention to muscle contour is impeccable. One things for sure, you have to be somewhat fit in order for this shirt to look amazing on you. For me, the body imaging fits perfectly with my body type and shape. The only hiccup is that the torso part of the shirt is a bit elongated. So any upward movement (shoulder press, etc.) will crumple the torso area, so you have to keep pulling the shirt down. Im going to wait and see if this is a permanent issue, if it is, I will return for a size up...But, WOW, great job Under Armor. Happy that you represent Batman, and Michael Phelps!!

Love it but wish they removed the belt portion. It would look better

Love this shirt but there isnt any need for the belt. The Superman version doesnt include his belt, and this should have followed the same way. Oh well. Its still amazing!

better performance and design

having bought the first line of AE gear i can tell UA has gotten a lot better at prints since then. their attention to detail and these graphics are excellent. something to mention is the material they've been using. i haven't bought a compression shirt in a while since their gear lasts so long. this is my first shirt in about a year or 2. the material they used for this compression feels smoother and thinner. FEELS like it. actually comparing it to their old stuff, they're the same thickness, but the new shirt does feel smoother. the fit is something else i should mention. at first it didn't feel like it compressed as well as the old ones. after switching shirts i noticed that the new one stretched better giving me a full range of motion. i wear these for basketball so i need that mobility. i wore it for basketball today and i played for 3 hours in a nice 70 degree bay area weather. at the end of the game, my shirt was dry. well the neck area was wet because i was using it to wipe my face but it did dry quickly. just like my try on, the shirt did give me full mobility without it feeling like it was holding me back on the shoulders and the shirt stayed tucked mostly when i did raise my arms. it was like magic how the shirt can stay down and not bunch up towards the stomach. if i wasn't using it to wipe my face, i forgot i even had it on. literally felt like second skin for me. everyone complimented the shirt and those abs shadings made me look tough. haha. overall, i have to say this is another step up. The function of the shirt has improved and the overall design, and quality has improved as well. how about an updated release of the AE line? or at least a flash shirt? i'd love to see more AE stuff.