Playera Manga Corta UA Tech™ para Hombre

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Altura: Talla: Ajuste: Loose
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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Loose
Playera Manga Corta UA Tech™ para Hombre

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UA Tech™ es nuestra tecnología de entrenamiento original: suelto, liviano y te mantiene fresco. Es todo lo que necesitas.
  • Loose: Corte completo para una comodidad total.
  • La tela UA Tech™ se seca rápidamente, es extremadamente suave y tiene una sensación más natural
  • El material absorbe el sudor y se seca muy rápido
  • La tecnología antiolores evita la proliferación de los microbios que causan el mal olor
  • Nuevo ajuste más ceñido y dobladillo con forma
  • 100 % Poliéster
  • Importado

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Best shirt out there

The fit is just right not too big and not too small. I don't really understand the situation some may have for the material, but it feels soft enough and breathable to be a regular tee and dry to be a workout tee. I Honestly have started switching my workout brand to UA. Money well spent in my opinion. I have been loving their products these past 11 months. I need joggers and shorts to go with the shirts!

Almost Perfect

This is my go-to shirt for comfort during exercise in the south Texas heat or just surviving quarantine in general. One thing that bugs me about the shirt however and hence, the 4 star rating and not 5 star. It takes longer to dry from my exercise than any other shirt of this type that I own. Other than that, I love this shirt. So, I have decided to order a couple more so I don't have to do mid-week washes.

Leave Well enough Alone

Without long detail, the fit, seams and fabric haave changed since my last purchase. They are not as loose, and the see through fabric shows that UA is looking to appeal to the younger generation. i have been wearing these for nearly 20,years. .I got 3 shirts the other day on sale from a retail department store, and they went back that morning. TIME TO LOOK FOR SOMETHING NEW AFTER ALmOST 20 YEARS

Great template. Keeps me motivated.

Great product for a young adult workout. I am glad to have found a good sale.

Great shirt

Really comfortable! Love the material! Feels like I’m not wearing anything at all


I owned the older tech shirts and these new ones are way too long. I ordered a small and am 5'6" and these go a good 8 inches past my waits.

Snags very easily

I caught a snag in the shirt after wearing it three times. I admit i had to clip my nails but I'm not an eagle. Overall i wear it for biking and jogging and it is very comfortable. Just wear with kids gloves is all I'm trying to say.

where are the tall sizes

athletes come in all sizes including tall I am 6'6 and unless I buy XL the large which i should be buying fall short on me. Please consider plugging Tall into your size charts.

the perfect basic t

Simple. Basic. Great quality. Great shirt. Great colors.

Good shirt

Lightweight and comfy. Great to wear for everyday activities and especially on hot days