Playera Manga Larga UA Recover Sleepwear para Mujer

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Altura: Talla: Ajuste: Loose
Playera Manga Larga UA Recover Sleepwear para Mujer
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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Loose
Playera Manga Larga UA Recover Sleepwear para Mujer

ADN del producto

Recupérate más rápido, mejora más rápido.La tela infundida con minerales recibe la energía que liberas en todo momento y la refleja de vuelta a los músculos, por lo que sientes menos fatiga y los músculos se recuperan más rápido.
  • Loose: Corte completo para una comodidad total
  • Creamos un sistema avanzado para dormir que te permite descansar y recuperarte de mejor manera
  • La tela con minerales devuelve la energía infrarroja al cuerpo para que los músculos se recuperen más rápido
  • La tela tejida suave es ligera y cómoda
  • La confección elástica en 4 direcciones permite moverse mejor en cualquier dirección
  • El material absorbe el sudor y se seca muy rápido
  • Mangas raglán
  • Dobladillo con forma de cola de pez y detalle recortado en la espalda
  • Con tecnología Celliant
  • 75 % Poliéster/19 % Modal/6 % Elastano
  • De importación

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Recover Sleepwear a MUST BUY!

I have all of the versions of the Recovery Sleepwear (tops, pants, shorts, tanks). They all fit TTS. I wear a small in all, 5'8", 135 lbs. They are so comfortable. Per other reviewers the Ultra line, which was first offered, is more luxe than this Women's UA RECOVER Sleepwear Long Sleeve. However, this rivals close enough when you want to purchase multiples (I wear these every night) or want to give it a try for less money. I like the vent in the back of these shirts as well. I feel that Recovery Sleepwear helps w overall muscle soreness. I also feel that I get a better night's rest when wearing them. I am beginning to get some of the hot sweats at night due to age & these regulate those better & make me more comfortable.

What Sort of Sorcery Is This?!?

After reading the description and checking out the reviews I thought I'd give it a try to take advantage of the science. Well, I'm not sure what, but something is certainly at work here. But there's a pretty big caveat with this. I can't stay asleep while I wear these without adjusting the ambient temperature to be suitable for freezing meat. I keep a rigorous functional fitness regimen so I'm usually sore everywhere by the end of the day. My issue, though, is that my body temp becomes elevated at night as I recover. This is why I've always resorted to sleeping in a very light t-shirt and silkies or nothing at all. Problem is, my family doesn't share this biological trait with me so I'm sort of stuck. There is no question about the level of comfort the top and bottoms offer. They are the lightest I've ever owned. And the luxurious feel makes them amazing for lounging around on those few days I'm afforded that luxury. Unfortunately, their magic powers keep me up at night and interferes with recovery. So, for me it's counterproductive. This is so unfortunate, because they're that comfortable. What to do? The trick for me is to change into these early in the evening to kick start the recovery process before getting into bed. Hopefully, the next evolution of these come with a thermostat.

Good but sleeves are too short

The recovery part is great but those 3/4 sleeves seem cheap to me (especially given the price tag.). RA gives me aches in wrists and hands s well as shoulder and spine—would like a long sleeved shirt that I could pull over them. May buy the men’s version instead —but since they have no XS it will certainly be far too big. Also didn’t like the neck for the same reason—I’m purchasing these items in order to be enveloped by the recovery fabric so a vee neckline with a cutout in the back just makes me feel that you are trying to skimp on the fabric. Long sleeves and /or true unisex sizing! Won’t buy another like this. (The pajama bottoms are great despite the colors —lose the pink.)

Great sleep shirt

Fits great, works to keep muscles feeling better. I have pants too.

Really comfortable

I bought these to force myself to take days off and not sleep in work out clothes so I would get up and run! These are so comfortable and really retain body heat so it does help with muscle recovery!

Buen producto aunke no es tan loose la taya como se menciona al pie de la imagen.

Se adkirió en color Purple, bien en gral., solo la particularidad de la taya mencionado en el titulo de la reseña.

A bit itchy, but effective. Worth it!

I find both the long-sleeved top and pajama bottoms to be a bit itchy — and, yes, I have washed them twice. That being said, (1) I truly think the mineral-infused fabric helps with muscle recovery, and (2) I am SUPER sensitive to the itch-factor, such as wool or tags of any kind.

Bad sizing

I am 5’4 - fit and usually have issues with a Small not fitting around my back and shoulder (fit girl issue) so I ordered a small and a medium to see which fit. Small was right around shoulder/back to the point of uncomfortable. But the medium is more like and XL. Slit in the front hangs to the bottom of my rib cage and I swim in it. Way too big!!! I also have noticed no effect after wearing the set several times. Pants are comfy tho but medium shirt is enormous

Great product

Bought this for my wife and she loves the feel of the shirt.

Highly recommend

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The most comfortable recovery wear you'll ever have. Would highly recommend. I buy for my family every year for Christmas they love this line so much.