Botas Tácticas UA Valsetz RTS 1.5 Side Zip para Hombre

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Estas son las botas tácticas con cierre para hombre que tienen toda la durabilidad que necesitas para hacer tu trabajo, combinadas con la comodidad de los tenis para correr.Estas botas las usa hombres y mujeres uniformados de todo el mundo.
  • durabilidad ligera
  • El protector de dedos de TPU es resistente y flexible para brindar mayor protección
  • El protector de dedos de TPU es resistente y flexible para brindar mayor protección
  • El protector de dedos de TPU es resistente y flexible para brindar mayor protección
  • La película de PU soldada rodea el perímetro de la bota para brindar resistencia a la abrasión
  • Plantilla Ortholite® moldeada y antimicrobiana
  • La entresuela de goma EVA Micro G™ sumamente ligera brinda comodidad durante todo el día
  • La nueva suela de goma de alta tracción brinda agarre en una variedad de condiciones
  • Número de estilo:
  • Compensación: 7 mm
  • Altura: 20 cm
  • Peso: 975 g
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Internet live far away from

I am having problems with the zippers fix one problem now there is another these are expensive on fixed income will be looking for different brand somewhere else

Excellent Product

Great product boots are very comfortable and durable.

Too big

This show runs way too big.. had to order (2) sizes smaller than normal.


Bought this as a gift for someone who is always on his feet. He states they are lightweight with great ankle support.

On the fence... not impressed...

I was hesitant to buy these due to some of the other reviews. A lot of people talk about the lack of durability. I had been wearing the same pair of generic 5.11 boots for the past 4 years. Anyway, I had looked at these boots for over a year and finally bit the bullet, because my 5.11 boots were done. My immediate first impression of the Valsetz is that they look nice and are lightweight, but not the most comfortable. They have a very tactical look/feel as compared to my heavy 5.11 boots, which is what I wanted. My 5.11 boots severely hampered my running speed and I wanted something faster, hence the Valsetz. I've only worn them for a week, so I can't comment on durability, but they aren't super comfortable. Maybe they will be after another week or 2 of breaking in. My 5.11 boots were always comfortable. On a positive note, the boots fit perfect. I typically wear a 12 or 13 depending on the company. Most of the time, I go with a 13, because a lot of places don't offer the sweet spot of 12.5. Well, the Valsetz come in a 12.5 and fit perfect. However, they are narrow. I don't have a wide foot, but if these were any narrower, I would have needed the wide version. My biggest gripe is that the side zipper is all but useless. The whole point of a side zipper is so that you can keep your boots laced up tight, but then take them on/off with ease. No need to untie the laces every time. Unfortunately, this is not the case with these boots. The zipper is almost pointless and I have to tie the boots super loose in order to put them on and take them off. Otherwise, I literally cannot get my foot into the boot.... I could keep my 5.11 boots laced very tight, but then could easily take them on/off due to the zipper. No need to untie the laces. I can't do that with the Valsetz. Honestly, I will probably just use the Valsetz during training scenarios and look elsewhere for duty boots.

Not inclusive to women

Very upset to see they don’t make this version in women’s sizes. I had the original women’s valsetz 1.5 that I loved but I can’t buy this version with the side zipper because they don’t have my size. Disappointing.

Valsetz 1.5 side zip boot

I am a firefighter emt I wear these boots for station boots they wear great and are very comfortable. I wish they had bigger sizes though i wear a 14 and 1/2 15 .

Light and confortable

I see the negative reviews and have to disagree. I have had probably 6 pair of these (multiple versions) and swear by them. I wear them constantly at the fire dept and teaching at the academy. Very light and comfortable and I haven’t had the issues of them not holding up. Do they wear out, sure. But not prematurely in my opinion. Introduced these to dept and many others wear them now also. Great shoe. They may not hold up like a leather work boot but that’s not what they are made for. Definitely don’t feel like one either. Thanks UA

Comfort, nothing else

These boots are very comfortable, however they only lasted 8 months. I wanted another pair, but refused to spend the money for boots that might last 8 months again. I wish they would have held up.

Good overall

I first bought these to use as EMS work boots which they were great for. Since leaving EMS entirely, I've been using these as my primary hiking boots. I've taken them with me on years of backpacking and hiking trips, through multiple countries, and in all weather conditions and they have held up perfectly. The only con they have is the lack of waterproofing above the rubber sole, which I knew when I bought them, but still would've liked.