Botas Tácticas UA Valsetz RTS 1.5 Side Zip para Hombre

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These are men's tactical boots with zipper that have all the durability you need to get the job done, combined with the comfort of a running shoe. These are boots trusted by men and women in uniform all over the world.
  • Capellada de tela actualizada y cuero sintético ligero y duradero
  • El cierre en la parte central lateral permite ponerse el calzado con facilidad
  • El sistema de soporte en el tobillo UA ClutchFit™ se adapta y brinda soporte donde más lo necesitas
  • La puntera de TPU brinda protección adicional
  • La película de PU soldada rodea el perímetro de la bota para brindar resistencia a la abrasión
  • Plantilla Ortholite® moldeada y antimicrobiana
  • La plantilla de goma EVA Micro G™ sumamente ligera brinda comodidad durante todo el día
  • El enfranque de TPU ligero brinda soporte en la parte media del pie y la cantidad correcta de rigidez
  • La nueva suela de goma de alta tracción brinda agarre en una variedad de condiciones
  • Altura: 18 cm
  • Peso: 393 g
  • Imported

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Great Boots

I have worn these boots EVERY day for going on a year and some change. They’ve been fantastic. Some of the most comfortable, well made boots Iv ever owned. They’re incredible for the price. The only negative I can recall is they took a bit of time(a week or so) to break in. Once they were broken in, I never looked back. I prefer the comfort of these boots to even some of the running shoes from UA I own. I just wish they made various colors.

Light and confie

First time buying Under Armor. Glad I did. Boots fit great and are light. Thinking of buying another pair already.


Great price, product, and shipping. This is my third pair of the same boot. It last over a year. Comfortable and worth it!!!

Most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned!

This is my 2nd pair. They’re super comfortable, very sturdy and weigh almost nothing.

Outstanding performance

I enjoy the performance and the comfort and the style, I work for the US Post Office and I walk about 10 miles per day inside of a warehouse.

Comfort second to none.... Durability dead last

Underarmour...... You are completely on track with the comfort and look of this boot. However just like many reviews that I see the durability is horrible. I have had 2 pairs of this boots simply because of the comfort. Both sets of boots however have started falling apart on the corners of the toes cap, holes have developed at the hinge point of your toes as well. Laces are garbage as well. I have provided feedback when I returned my first pair because of the toe cap coming apart. Seems like a simple fix that I see you have done with your fancy red canvas version of these boots........ placing a double stitch!!!!!! It would make the boot last so much longer. I have not had the soles come apart on me and I wear these everyday 4 seasons. Add some more stitching in weak spots, better laces and address the sole separation. Do that and I think you may have an even better selling dependable boot for frontline workers.

Great for the price.

I’ve owned a few and usually get a solid year out of them. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and easy on and off. Not good in the rain but I got other boots for that.


They were really comfortable for about a week, until the insole was so flattened out that it became useless. I've had them for 2 months and they're ripped, laces didn't last 3 weeks. Not impressed for the price.

Good boots

These truly are very comfortable boots! I always described to people that it feels like a running shoe and that I could run for miles in them. I am a paramedic so I never needed to run in them but it was still nice. I just wish they had lasted longer. The bottoms have been flat for months and just recently the stitching has started to come apart. I have just been squeaking by. As I’m writing this I have been using them for about 1 year and 4 months. I do 24 hour shifts with 12 hour OT shifts on some of my days off. Like I said I just wish they had lasted longer. These boots don’t even hurt my feet yet so I’m sad to already replace them. I will still use them during the winter at home to do work outside however. These boots also kept my feet warm and dry.

Very comfortable, light weight

Best boot ever. The zipper is good but it could be stronger. I wear a leg brace and the zipper opens the boot up for easy on and off access. The zipper was the first thing to go after 10 months of everyday use.