Short de Compresión UA CoolSwitch para Hombre

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Short de Compresión UA CoolSwitch para Hombre

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Corte hecho con láser: Sonic perf
  • Compression: Corte ultra ajustado, de tipo segunda piel
  • UA CoolSwitch utiliza un exclusivo recubrimiento en el interior que atrapa el calor y lo elimina, lo que hace que te sientas fresco y que puedas estar más tiempo activo.
  • Manufactura elástica en 4 direcciones que te ofrece una libertad de movimiento mayor en todos los sentidos.
  • El sistema de distribución de humedad (Moisture Transport System) absorbe el sudor y se seca rápidamente.
  • Tecnología anti-olores evita la proliferación de microbios que causan el mal olor.
  • De construcción suave, libre de fricciones y de costuras planas.
  • 4.6 oz. Polyester/Elastane
  • Imported

Tecnología Destacada

Esto es lo que hace que nuestros productos sean más fuertes e inteligentes que cualquier otro.


La innovación original que nuestro fundador soñó mientras sudaba bajo el sol del verano. Esta tela súper transpirable que absorbe el sudor y regula la temperatura de tu cuerpo para que te sientas más fresco, más seco y más ligero que nunca.


UA CoolSwitch utiliza un exclusivo recubrimiento en el interior que atrapa el calor y lo elimina, lo que hace que te sientas fresco y que puedas estar más tiempo activo.

9 Reseñas

Good Short

Great shorts for running and lifting, got them in blue and red. They are actually thicker than the other coolswitch compression shorts they offer.


These shorts have a very nice design, look very nice, and I very much like the reflective "ARMOUR" logo that runs vertically down the left leg. But, in my view, these shorts have a few issues. They essentially provide no compression, as they are constructed with relatively light perforated material. A second problem with them is with using them as an outer layer. I was planning to wear these shorts as an outer layer; however, the material used to construct them makes that a bit problematic, because it is very nearly see-through while being worn. For that reason, wearing underwear beneath them is essentially a requirement. For me, that is not a problem, because I normally do so anyway. But, these shorts are so see-through that I have found myself being very strategic with what underwear a wear beneath them. If these shorts were of the same design, yet made with material that is not so see-through, they would likely provide actual compression, and be much more functional as an outer layer. If I knew these things prior to buying them, I would not have done so.

On behalf of my man

I got these for my husband. He reported that they weren't particularly cooling for workouts, wasn't impressed with them as shorts. Then wore them one day to work as underwear, and came home practically shouting about how f-ing comfortable he had been all day with them on, the most comfortable underwear he'd ever worn, such a difference from cotton, amazing, he loved them, they were wonderful. So, apparently, they are expensive but remarkably comfortable underwear, not cooling for workouts but good for a day at the office.

Great For Running

I have a pair of these in black that I use by themselves as running shorts. A word of caution, they have micro perforations and are not fully opaque. The web doesn't say wear them under other shorts, but the label on the shorts does suggest that. I ear them "as is". These are also thin and your body outline is going to be visible. I wear a skin suit for cycling and I am comfortable with that, but if you are modest, you might not be. If you have a lighter color, you probably would need to wear them under running shorts. Aside from that, these are AMAZINGLY comfortable running shorts. They are cool even in the hot Texas summer. I love them and have several pairs.


I have countless UA compression shorts, and consider myself a UA "junkie", so this is from experience Fit: Like the other reviewer, they do fit on the large side. Compression is light, but very comfortable. If you are looking for the "squeeze" then try a different fit (Core Shorts Pro or the Renegades). If you are close to a smaller size, then go down one. I bought my normal size, and they definitely don't squeeze Comfort: Light, airy and dry. With the current West Coast heat wave, I just had to try them and was pleasantly pleased. The fabric was cool and dry all day Performance: I love the UA Infrared line (for cold), so I had to try the CoolSwitch technology. While I was skeptical, I was surprised that they met the advertising. How they did it, I don't know, but they work. The fabric was cool to the touch on the hottest day (115+F) and kept me comfortable I plan to get more of them, but also size down for the squeeze that I am looking for UA - keep stretching the limits on what is possible, and I will stay loyal!

Love the feel of the material

If you work out in hot weather these are the compression shorts for you. How do you keep the feel the same and add more compression. I agree with another review, they're more like under ware than compression shorts. UA - why do you still use tags on your products?

Not Quite Compression Shorts

I just purchased three pairs of these compression shorts. Unfortunately, after first trying them on, it is clear that these shorts provide an insignificant level of compression. When I first tried on the shorts, it felt like I was wearing just a pair of boxer briefs, which is not what I am looking for when doing heavy squats and deadlifts in the gym. Over the years, I have owned several pairs of compression shorts from both UA as well as other brands which offer a high level of compression. Unfortunately, in recent years, UA has changed materials in their shorts from Nylon to Polyester. While Polyester might provide some additional benefits in terms of comfort, breathability or cost, it seems to also have a detrimental affect on the level of compression. I still own two pairs of UA compression shorts which have lasted me 5+ years! I have been looking to replace these pairs which have finally started to show some wear. Unfortunately, I have not had luck from UA in finding a pair which offers the same level of compression and quality. Last fall, I purchased three pairs of UA HeatGear ArmourVent shorts, but unfortunately their glued seams fell apart after a few months. At this point I might have to start looking at other brands.

As advertised

Excellent fit but legs slide up the legs when bicycling but no chafing. These are another great product from Under Armour

UA CoolSwitch Armour (White)

Nice feel and nice fit! Would definitely buy more.