Sujetador Deportivo UA Infinity High Heather para Mujer

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Altura: Talla: Ajuste: Fitted
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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Fitted
Sujetador Deportivo UA Infinity High Heather para Mujer

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Desechamos las reglas de confección tradicionales e inyectamos el relleno en un patrón con forma de 8 para brindar un ajuste más aerodinámico y una sensación más ligera.La prenda está estratégicamente perforada para brindar frescura localizada y cuenta con un relleno de secado rápido sin precedentes que brinda comodidad.
  • Fitted: Pegado a la piel, pero sin apretar
  • Brinda un soporte estratégico que está diseñado para actividades de soporte alto, como las carreras, los deportes de cancha, los deportes de campo y los ejercicios aeróbicos
  • El acolchado de una pieza, moldeado e inyectado con PU brinda lo máximo en comodidad y cobertura adicional
  • Los paneles de malla brindan transpirabilidad adicional
  • La banda suave absorbe el sudor y cuenta con un cierre de gancho para poder ponerse y quitarse la prenda con facilidad
  • Las correas ajustables con detalle de la marca proporcionan un ajuste personalizado
  • La tela con tecnología HeatGear® brinda una increíble sensación de segunda piel
  • El material absorbe el sudor y se seca rápidamente
  • 87% Poliéster/13% Elastano
  • Importado

Resumen De Opinión

16 Reseñas
63% de las personas recomiendan

Great purchase

As a woman with real boobs and how they move differently than fake ones. This bra keeps em up high and out of the way. I am a 34-36 C, I got a M and fits perfectly a L will probably do also. Keeps my boobs out of the way and in my vest at work. Keeps em against my chest incase I have to run. The only thing moving when I run is my vest. I absolutely love the cross adjustable straps. Makes this bra last twice as long. Considering these bras are all I wear. The rib strap should be wider around 3 inches, the 1 inch bends and I don't like that. If all the bras had 3 inch rib strap and adjustable cross straps I would buy all of them. I hope they always keep these cross adjustable strap bras in stock.

Love this bra.

I got this sports bra and just ran a 5k. Nothing moved. I have a large chest and it was amazing. Very comfortable and supportive. Will be buying more.


I've been wearing UA bras for years - but this one knocks it out the park! As someone who teaches HIIT classes, I appreciate its breathability, comfort, and support (and that it's not too tight around my rib cage!). I'm also a sucka for a cute sports bra and - its got my cute vote!

An addiction

Once you've worn this bra, you'll never look at impactful activities the same! i perform so well with the Infinity Bra because it can be adjusted and provides flattering coverage and support. I'm not distracted or shifting and i feel free to move <3

Comfort & Style

This sports bras offer the trifecta of support, comfort and looks good through tough training sessions.

Best bra ever!

This bra is awesomely designed! It’s super supportive yet feels as though you’re wearing almost nothing!


These leggings are amazing. The high waist and soft fabric make them awesome for working out and lounging. I'd love to see these with a "no pocket" option, too.

Most supportive bra I've ever worn

This bra is a game changer, I suggest and have pushed all my members at BASH with larger chest - that do explosive HIIT workouts that they NEED this product. The MID support works best for me and my size, but I absolutely love this product. It's a true game changer.


After hearing great feedback on the Infinity Bra, I decided to pull the trigger and purchase one for myself and I'm really happy that I did. I'm a busty woman with triple D boobs and not only did this bra keep the girls nice and cradled, it didn't give me that uni-boob look that most sports bras tend too. You will not be disappointed!

Fits great and holds great!

Love it! The fit is perfect. It holds better than any other sports bra I’ve tried! Definitely recommend this bra!