Sujetador Deportivo UA Infinity High para Mujer

Estilo # 1351994
Altura: Talla: Ajuste: Fitted
    • Color: Negro (001)
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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Fitted
Women's UA Infinity High Sports Bra

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Desechamos nuestras reglas de confección tradicionales e inyectamos el acolchado en un patrón en forma de 8 para brindar un ajuste más aerodinámico y una sensación más ligera.Está perforada estratégicamente para proporcionar refrigeración por zonas y tiene un acabado con una tela de secado rápido que mantiene la comodidad.
  • Fitted: Pegado a la piel, pero sin apretar
  • Proporciona sujeción estratégica, adaptada para actividades que requieren más sujeción, como correr, los deportes de cancha, los deportes de campo y los ejercicios aeróbicos
  • El acolchado de una pieza, moldeado e inyectado con PU brinda lo máximo en comodidad y cobertura adicional
  • Los paneles de malla brindan transpirabilidad adicional
  • La banda suave absorbe el sudor y cuenta con un cierre de gancho para ponerse y quitarse la prenda con facilidad
  • Las correas ajustables entrelazadas con detalle de la marca proporcionan un ajuste personalizado
  • La tela HeatGear® proporciona una sensación superior como una segunda piel
  • El material absorbe el sudor y se seca muy rápido
  • 87% Polyester/13% Elastane
  • Imported

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Passes the horse riding test

I’m a 36D/DDand this is my go to bra for horse riding. It is uncomfortable when you first out it on, but feels fine after a few min. No more bouncing or pain. I love these bras. On here to buy another.

Excelente soporte!

Perfecto para entrenar HIIT , brinda excelente soporte y seguridad

the best bra ever

I never write reviews but I just had to because this is just the best bra ever in man kind. the straps are thick and they don't roll and them being adjustable makes it so they're not too tight or loose. the hook and eye clasps are super useful because almost always the bands in the bra are too tight and leave marks but these don't at all. the padding is the best part of this for the reason that it isn't squishy (like a sponge) and doesnt fall apart from two washes. the infinity part of it I think is a gimmick but it doesn't affect the integrity of the bra in any way that I've noticed. there's also it just being the fact that the pads are just there and no removable is such a great feature that should be a part of all bras. my boobs barely move in this either and this part was very important to me because I train with the other sex and it's very embarrassing to do jumping jacks and run while my boobs move with me xD (forgot to mention I'm a 34DD) this bra is just so comfortable though!!! I wear this literally all the time and could even sleep in it (I did once lol) it also doesn't smoosh my boobs either which is a huge plus with all the support it has and doesn't give me boobshelf either. please PLEASE get this bra it is worth the money!

Don't change this bra! LOVE IT!!

I’m a 34DD, super active (cyclist, runner, Pilates) mom (these gals have seen better days). I love Under Armour sports bras, but this one is in a new category of love for me. I purchased the medium. The chest band is comfortable, doesn’t fold and isn’t too tight. I do prefer a snug fit around my boobs to keep them in place, and this bra does that without smooshing them. I’ve worn it running and on the elliptical and there was no bounce or chafing. I’m buying one (maybe two) in every color. I always find that as soon as I find one I love, the style changes.

Magic bra

I have the HARDEST time finding a sports bra that fits me and feels supportive. I am 34DDD and it's difficult to find something that fits my cup and band size, but this one managed to do the trick. I wish I would've ordered one sooner and saved money on the bras that didn't fit!

Turned Hate to Love

When I first put this bra on, I hated it. It felt too tight, like it was squeezing in all the wrong places, and was obnoxious to try to to clip around the back. I didn’t feel like sizing up would help, so I decided to wing it and keep it. I’m a 36D/DD depending on the time one of the month. I went for a run today, and even with (TMI) tender menstrual boobs, I forgot anything on my chest even existed until 30 minutes after I was back in my house. I mean seriously. No movement. No pain. I set out to be conscious of how the bra felt, and it was SO good that I didn’t even think to review it in action! I’ll for sure be getting more. Also - it stopped feeling tight pretty instantly, I think it’s because I’m used to ill-fitting sports bras. I don’t think it’ll ever stop being annoying to clip, because I’m otherwise always a “front” clipper but all of the other pros make it worth it.

Awesome support!

This is the best run bra I have ever worn! A bit of a challenge to get on. Best support without an under wire. Extremely comfortable!

Excellent Fit & Support

The product is outstanding - 5 Stars - the delivery process, probably due to Covid-19, sucks a bit - I ordered this using the sizing guidelines on the website - it fits perfectly and holds and supports the girls well - thank you!

Best Sports Bra... EVER

I am large chested (34 DD) and have always struggled trying to find a sports bra that could do more than just provide support. This bra is IT. Not only do I feel 100% supported, but my ladies are also comfortable! To top it off, this bra comes in a color other than black and completely nude and doesn't completely engulf my entire chest (more fun colors please). My friend and I always chat about our inability to find great sports bras and as soon as I tested this bra out on a run, I let her know and she purchased one ASAP.

My favorite running bra

Best sports bra I own. Plenty of support while running. I used to wear TWO sports bras while running to get enough support and it was so uncomfortable. Not anymore. Wore this bad boy for a 70.3 half Ironman triathlon. Swam 1.2 miles, biked 56, ran 13.3. It dried well after the swim while I was riding. No chaffing. Just bought another one. Literally no complaints.