Tenis de Básquetbol Curry 9 Unisex

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You've never felt shoes like these before. UA Flow is totally rubberless, making them light and ridiculously grippy. UA Warp upper works like mini seat belts locking you in. Together, you get stop and go speed + control.
  • La tecnología superior UA WARP proporciona mayor comodidad y control a lo largo de los movimientos dinámicos del básquetbol.
  • Lengüeta de malla transpirable con ojal para facilitar la entrada
  • Cuello moldeado integrado en la parte superior para máxima comodidad
  • Plantilla de mezcla de TPE con un conjunto de compresión más bajo para proporcionar un mayor retorno de energía
  • La tecnología de amortiguación UA Flow es superligera, elástica y proporciona un agarre increíble
  • La suela duradera UA Flow proporciona una mejor sensación en la cancha para que puedas cortar y detener / comenzar más rápido que nunca.
  • Estilo #: 3024248
  • Desplazamiento: 6 mm
  • Peso: 12 oz.
  • Importado
  • Haz que cada canasta cuente con los Curry Flow 9 y Sesame Street.

    “1... 2... 3... ¡Triple! Ja, ja, ja”.

  • Los Curry Flow 9 "Play Big" vienen de la mano de Stephen Curry y Sesame Street.

    Todo listo para el tiro decisivo. En cada momento.

  • Con los Curry Flow 9 meter canastas sea más fácil que contar hasta tres.

    "Count It" de la colección Curry y Sesame Street.

  • La nueva combinación de colores Curry Flow x Sesame Street vuel

    Es un lindo día para encestar triples

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Beautiful Shoe

I am in love with the aesthetic of the new curry flow 9 collection, especially that of the Street Pack. I have been looking for the Cookie Monster ones but they are so hard to find at a good price, so I have settled for the Elmo ones for now and I am not disappointed!

The Curry Flow 9 is an amazing shoe, but I would recommend avoiding the Elmo colorway. The shoe's "hot coral" color is not the same red in the picture. It is more of a washed out reddish orange. This was the first time I was very disappointed when I opened the box. It took me a couple days to decide on returning it because I like the Curry shoes and I was hoping to like this color later, but it sadly just never connected with me.

This shoe is too good

i think this one very fit to me, it help my drive more flexible and very fast to protect us from quick attack

The product is average

The durability is trash like trash, the traction is good but it picks up dust fast mid game I would start slipping I wish they would make a high version my ankle twisted like twice the rest of the shoe is perfect.

Superb design and Grip runs small

Super comfortable shoe the grip is insane Im slightly worried about how long the shoe will last as Ive only hopped in it a handful of times and the bottom is already showing significant signs of wear but I love the design of the show it reminds me of the old retro eight would definitely love for them to restock the counts as I bought my true size and it was too small leading me to miss out on the shoe all together so I had to get the Cookie Monster ones

Excelente calidad, muy cómodos. Dan un buen soporte al tobillo y el agarre de la suela es increíble. Muy recomendable para jugar en duela.

El diseño y los materiales son justo como la imagen. No hay nada que reprochar.

Beautiful but underwhelming

I am 38yo and have been playing bball 3 or more days per week since middle school. The Curry 2 is still the best shoe I have ever played in, but I can't find them anymore so enter the Curry Flow 9... Negatives: Furry thing on the tongue blocks your finger access to laces making it difficult to tighten them, which is imperative given that the shoe is a low. Way too much room and excess material in the toe box, same problem as the Curry 1. The extra room all around the toe box makes the shoe feel a bit clunky and slow to respond with my foot movement and is distracting. When I tighten the laces, the extra material seems to bunch up in the toe box area. Lock down to foot is okay but not nearly good as the Curry 2. It's simply not as stable and responsive when cutting and changing direction aggressively. It's not bad, but it could be better (and was with Curry 2, for example). I think this is mostly due to the large toe box design and the lacing system. Pros: Comfortable, good traction. Good court feel. Materials seem durable. Dear UA, the Curry 2 was amazing all around...just remake it with the Flow 9 materials and you have pure gold.

Fit great!!

The fit and traction are amazing! Fit my wide foot but for up half a size

It is the best basketball shoe out

It looks like a good shoe and it is. It’s the best shoe out right now. And it said it would take 5 or 7 days to get to my house, but it only took 1 day so not long shipping either.

Excellent Quality

Great shoes, instant classics. If you can, make sure you get them.