Tenis de Básquetbol Curry Flow 8 Unisex

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Nunca has sentido unos tenis como estos.UA Flow es totalmente libre de goma, por lo que es más ligero y tiene un agarre ridículamente bueno.Te da una mejor sensación en la cancha, te permite empezar y detenerte en un instante y despegar del suelo más rápido.
  • La parte superior ligera y transpirable de UA IntelliKnit con revestimientos sintéticos brinda soporte estratégico
  • La confección de cubrecalzado proporciona un ajuste ceñido similar al de un calcetín
  • La nueva tecnología de amortiguación UA Flow es sumamente ligera, elástica y proporciona un agarre increíble
  • La placa flexible de Pebax® agrega soporte y estabilidad a cada movimiento
  • La suela duradera con UA Flow proporciona una mejor sensación en la cancha para que puedas cortar, comenzar y terminar más rápido que nunca
  • Estilo n.º: 3024422
  • Peso: 326 gDe importación

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Gran calidad

Muy buena calidad de materiales, tanto interior como exterior, la suela ofrece soporte, estabilidad y amortiguación, con un diseño muy atractivo y cómodo.

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Soles have already ripped apart after 2 months

This shoe had a lot going for it but longevity is clearly not one of them. Only had these for a couple months and soles have already torn apart

RUNS SMALL - great shoe but get .5 size up

I always wore size 10 Curry shoes with no problem. I got the Curry 8 size 10 and it runs small. My right toenail is about to fall off! It is all purple and gross. I need to order a new one 10.5.

Bottoms of shoe ripped after 2 months of bball

Son used for 2 months playing b-ball, shoes only work on court, both ripping in center of shoe

Sizing is way way off

What in the world were they thinking with the sizing I have tried 3 different shoes going a half size up each time and they are still running small !

Fell apart

These are the worst basketball shoes ever! They didn't even last a month. The sole broke apart and a piece came off. These shoes were worn strictly on the gym floor.

Top tier traction . . . while it lasted. The traction was almost too good when I first got them. But they eventually smooth out on the high wear areas. And if you euro step they might not hold up on you. They also stretch out over time. Wish I would've gone a half size down considering how much they stretched out.

Quality Defect in Design/Manufacturing

Great concept with foam flexible bottoms; and they are light and comfortable. However, the there is a design/quality flaw with the center design of the sole...Part of the foam/sole is come apart after about 10 games played in a professional grade indoor gym. In my opinion, the manufacturing quality process and overall sole/bottom area should be covered 100% foam on the bottom for durability and better traction (no need for a AU black logo open space that has no foam)--I really like the concept of this shoe, so hopefully the next General can be improved and released soon. Best!

Defective shoe

Purchased 2 pairs in April and May and within 4 months both pairs, bottoms are ripped off . The foam loiks cheaply made.

Bad Fit

These shoes are too narrow, I don’t have wide feet/never have needed to buy a wide shoe but these are way too tight. I’ve been wearing the same size (9.5 M) for years now, and I’m not sure if I needed to get a bigger size because these ran small? But I wore these once for a hooping session and my feet hurt so bad. I had blisters for a couple days after.