Tenis de Basquetbol UA SC 3ZER0 III para Hombre

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  • La capellada de cuero sintético duradero está perforada para mejorar la transpirabilidad
  • La confección de medio botín brinda comodidad y mayor firmeza en el interior
  • La amortiguación mejorada alrededor del cuello del tobillo proporciona mayor comodidad y estabilidad en el talón
  • La plantilla de goma EVA recortada proporciona amortiguación y soporte debajo del pie
  • La entresuela de espuma Micro G® convierte los aterrizajes acolchados en despegues explosivos
  • El enfranque interno en la parte media del pie proporciona soporte adicional para evitar que el pie se de vuelta
  • La suela de goma cuenta con un diseño de tracción de espiguilla para brindar máximo control y agarre en el suelo
  • Peso: 340 g
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Traction is overrated but not bad for price

I play only outdoor every day for many hours and the shoes is not bad for guards but the traction is not goy outdoors and needs improvements. I would not recommend this over other options.

Great features but...

The show overall is great and I love playing in it. The grip on dusty courts and clean courts is amazing. I had to get used to stopping on a dime with these compared to my last shoes. The look is really cool I think they look pretty steez. Anyway the only problem with these shoes for me is the comfort and padding on the inside. It kinda feels a little rough but you can help it feel better by tying your shoes really tight. This shoe would also probably be better for guards just because of the comfort and padding, but you do whatever you’re comfortable with. It has a microG cushion and so far it’s held up really well. Also make sure to wipe down the bottoms of your shoes after playing

Horrible. Looks great but not comfy at all for me

Looks great. Just after wearing for 20 minutes, my right feet, under baby finger turned red and pain. Going to be returned soon

If fits perfectly

I love it. The price was good and I feel confident wearing it.


I did my research online and they said this was a top 5 shoe ever performance wise it did not disappoint and for the price it’s ultimate value !

Great pair of shoes, sweet design. Recommended!

I'm not a basketball player so this isn't a basketball shoes review ;) I'm am Archer and I look for cushioning for long training hours in my shoes and UA SC III does the job. I too use them as casual shoes, running sometimes and mountain biking on flat pedals too. Serves my purpose well. The design is the best part of this pair. Build quality is fine too. Laces occasionally untie but for me it isn't much of an issue so far. Comfortable and beautiful. A proud owner and possible customer for future UA products.

Great All Around Basketball Shoe

I love the feel of the shoe on my foot and how it feels like it is apart of my feet. Great cushioning, I do a lot of jumping (alleys and rebounds). I was really surprised by the ankle support in this shoe. I play PG position most time and I do a lot of moving without the ball and this makes me feel like I can get the job done. Very light, with great grip. Would definitely recommend it.

Shoes feels great

I like the way the shoe fits and looks. They’re comfortable and honestly keep them on even in the house. You get great shoes for a low price with a good brand that is under armor. You would be dumb to pass these up.


Recomendados para PG o Guardias que necesiten mucha movilidad en su pie, puesto que son muy bajos. Eso sí excelente calidad, acabados y funcionalidad. Hay que jugar vendados pues el corte queda debajo del tobillo

Good basketball shoe

I love the look of this shoe. This sneaker looks great on the court. Have gotten several compliments while wearing these 3Zeros. For performance, they fit nice and are super comfortable. They are pretty light and soft, with decent traction. They are pretty sleek, so it's a good guard shoe. Overall, it's a really good looking, well performing basketball sneaker.