Tenis de Entrenamiento UA TriBase™ Reign 3 para Hombre

Estilo # 3023698
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Cada levantamiento, repetición y entrenamiento comienza desde el piso hacia arriba.La tecnología UA TriBase™ maximiza el contacto con el suelo con una base triangular baja que permite que tu pie se doble naturalmente.
  • La parte superior de malla especialmente diseñada con confección tipo cubrecalzado y revestimientos brinda más durabilidad y resistencia a la abrasión
  • La talonera externa agrega estabilidad con una confección tipo cresta que brinda tracción para las flexiones verticales
  • La elasticidad localizada especialmente diseñada y la tracción en el antepié proporciona mayor movilidad y mejor agarre
  • La entresuela con espuma Micro G® de largo completo brinda lo máximo en amortiguación receptiva
  • UA TriBase™ maximiza el contacto con el suelo, promueve el movimiento natural y proporciona flexibilidad para un mejor agarre durante los levantamientos
  • La suela de goma completa envuelve los costados del pie para proporcionar una mayor durabilidad y agregar resistencia a la abrasión con agarre de cuerdas en la parte media
  • La confección estratégica de goma bajo el protector de dedos permite un agarre más poderoso en el suelo
  • La confección baja brinda una mejor sensación y transferencia de potencia
  • Estilo n.º: 3023698
  • Compensación: 2 mm
  • Peso: 307 g
  • De importación

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I can not believe that I pay to get this shoes faster and I have to return them now because they looks worse than my used shoes. This is my second bad experience with Under Armor. This brand use to be my favorite and I have not idea what are they doing now?

This product is a decent training shoe

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The base of the shoe is great, like a flat surface to multi-directional training. I did not like how soft the shoe was covering my foot, felt like a sock and I prefer a harder cover. Feet would slide inside the shoes and I’m wearing UA training socks too

Great fit, feel, and comfort

Have these in black. Wore the crap out of my Reign 2.0’s and got these as a replacement. Super comfortable and have a great fit. Have used them for a couple of workouts but primarily use them as my everyday shoes.

Good show

Shoe runs large. I am normally a size 9 but had to get a size 8.5. Shoe laces are ridiculously long. Overall the shoe is comfortable but there is a little breaking in to be done.

Best kept secret in CrossFit

If you liked the reign 2’s you will love the 3’s, comfortable running, lifting and now handstand walking. Absolutely fantastic product!

The 2s were great, the 3s are better!

I've worn it all. Inov8, Metcons, Nano, and once I got the Reign 2s I was hooked. I have been anticipating the 3s for months and have not been disappointed. Great traction Comfortable, yet solid Can run, jump, lift and climb Highly recommend!

My new favourite lifting and training shoes!

This shoe is absolutely amazing and it is definitely not hard to write a review on it. Coming from someone who is so versatile and functional in training, I needed a shoe that is super comfortable, does not hurt my feet, maximizes my ground contact, keeps my feet stable and gives me the grip that is needed whether I am performing heavy compound moves such as a squat or a deadlift or if I am pushing the sled on the turf. This shoe definitely gave me the bare foot feeling where I am so close to the ground with a flat sole that it allows me to push through all that heavy weight with power. Would definitely recommend this shoe to anyone that wants to take their training and performance to the next level. A training session is not complete without a good shoe equipped! Thank you Under Armour for sending me a pair of Tribase Reign 3 Training Shoes