Tenis para Correr UA HOVR™ Infinite 2 para Hombre

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Los corredores profesionales nos dijeron que necesitan tres cosas en un tenis para distancias largas: amortiguación, rebote y eficiencia.Con eso creamos la pisada suave y fluida de UA HOVR™ Infinite.Pero no es solo el mejor tenis lo que los hace de élite; también tienen un entrenador de carreras.Ahora, tú puedes hacer lo mismo.Conecta tu tenis a UA MapMyRun™ y desbloquea a tu entrenador para que te ayude a perfeccionar tu postura en tiempo real.
  • NEUTRO: para los atletas que necesitan flexibilidad, amortiguación y versatilidad
  • La tecnología UA HOVR™ proporciona una “sensación de gravedad cero” para permitir el retorno de energía y reducir los impactos
  • La malla de compresión Energy Web contiene y moldea la espuma UA HOVR™ para devolverte la energía que liberas
  • CONEXIÓN CON UA MAPMYRUN™: rastrea, analiza y almacena las métricas de las carreras para ayudarte a ser mejor
  • La parte superior de malla especialmente diseñada es extremadamente ligera y transpirable con soporte estratégico en las zonas donde más se necesita
  • La talonera externa brinda soporte adicional que mantiene la parte posterior del pie en su lugar
  • La plantilla troquelada de goma EVA de largo completo se amolda a la forma del pie y evita el deslizamiento para proporcionar la comodidad ideal en la planta del pie
  • Las ranuras flexibles profundas ubicadas anatómicamente ofrecen flexibilidad en zonas clave
  • La suela de goma sólida y las almohadillas de tracción de goma de carbono brindan una mayor tracción y durabilidad en las zonas de alto impacto
  • Compensación: 8 mm
  • Peso: 306 g
  • Importado

Resumen De Opinión

18 Reseñas

Nice shoe

Works well with the App MapMyFitness. Lasts about 200 miles before change is needed.


Very comfortable shoes. I only use them for work in the hospital however I ran once with them and they were very good while running

New shoes

After breaking them in, the shoes feel just right. They have also helped improve my running since the soles are intact unlike my old running shoes.

Great Walking, Running, and all around shoe

These were purchased as my previous Infinite's were worn out. These shoes exceeded expectation. As a large guy who lifts, runs, and bikes, these shoes fit as expected and provide good cushion during runs. They are durable, comfortable, and need just a little break in. Walked the equivalent of a few miles when I received them and felt they were breaking in well, so I started my runs. No issues of hot spots whatsoever-high comfort. I also use the UA Run App. Initially, I did not think I'd like the app or find it necessary; however, the app is easy to use and provides all the specs I need for walks, runs, and bikes. Highly recommend these shoes!

Great running shoes

Great running shoes specially when you’re on your feet for 10 hours.

Great fit, comfortable to run in

Infinite2 running shoes fit great right from the start with no problems with having to break them in

More narrow than the original Infinite

Wanted to love them but to narrow. Originals were better for me and my wife.

Feels lighter than they look, new favorite

I enjoy running in these shoes. I ordered the sonic, machina, and infinite during the covid lockdown, and I'm keeping these. I may also keep the sonics. I don't know what it is about these shoes, they feel much lighter than they are, they seem to have a much more natural forward drive than any shoe I've worn in the past, and my first run in them was 7 miles and I had no hot spots. Obviously this is totally subjective. Objectively, the shoes pair easily to my galaxy watch active 2, and the data is nice to help improve my form.

Under Armor now makes legit running shoes.

The feedback from being coached and the data that is kept on mapmyrun is top notch so I'll start with that as the best thing about the shoe. It keeps track of steps and mileage so you know exactly how far the shoe has been. I don't know that the stride length is completely accurate, it seems like it is a little over estimated and most runs the distance as a whole is a little over estimated. The other good thing about the shoe is the energy return that I get. I think UA did a good job engineering the shoe to give a lot of energy back and keep the legs feeling decent during runs. Now the bad, the shoes are very stiff, perhaps that helps the performance but comfort is definitely sacrificed here. I went true to size but the front of the shoe is not overly roomy. If you have the chance to try them on, I would. I ordered mine so it was a bit of a guess. The padding in the heel is stiff as well, but doesn't create hot spots. I like the look of the shoe, would be nicer if it was a little lighter though. This shoe is a daily trainer, built for miles, but does have some nice energy return. Room left for improvement but much better than what I expected from UA.

  • Infinite 2 unboxing

Good stability and cushion

Great for walking and general wear. Very happy with the quality and looks of the shoe.