Tenis para Correr UA HOVR™ Infinite Mojave para Mujer

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Cuando empezamos a diseñar los mejores zapatos de running neutro, les preguntamos a los corredores profesionales qué necesitaban.Su respuesta fue: amortiguación, rebote, durabilidad y eficacia. A partir de eso creamos UA HOVR™ Infinite. Perfecto para todas las actividades, desde largas carreras hasta establecer una distancia base, e incluso días de recuperación. Tan pronto como te las pongas, sentirás que puedes correr para siempre.
  • NEUTRO: Para atletas que necesitan flexibilidad, amortiguación y versatilidad
  • CONEXIÓN CON UA MAPMYRUN™: rastrea, analiza y almacena tus métricas de las carreras para ayudarte a ser mejor
  • La tecnología UA HOVR™ proporciona una “sensación de gravedad cero” para permitir el retorno de energía, lo que ayuda a reducir el impacto paso a paso
  • La malla de compresión Energy Web contiene y moldea la espuma UA HOVR™ para devolverte la energía que liberas
  • La capellada de malla especialmente diseñada es extremadamente ligera y transpirable con soporte estratégico en las zonas donde más se necesitan
  • La plantilla ergonómica de goma EVA se amolda específicamente a la forma del pie de las mujeres para evitar el deslizamiento y brindar una comodidad ideal debajo del pie
  • La entresuela de goma EVA proporciona amortiguación excelente y una sensación de eficacia
  • Las ranuras flexibles ubicadas anatómicamente ofrecen flexibilidad en zonas clave
  • La suela de goma sólida cubre las zonas de alto impacto para brindar mayor durabilidad con menos peso
  • Las almohadillas de tracción de goma de carbono ubicadas estratégicamente debajo del talón en la suela brindan excelente tracción y durabilidad en las zonas de alto impacto
  • La reflectancia de 360° mejora la visibilidad durante carreras con poca iluminación
  • Drop: 8 mm
  • Peso: 249 g
  • De importación

Resumen De Opinión

52 Reseñas

love it

This is my second pair! If you suffer from shin splints this is the shoe for you! Highly recommend.

Miles Logging feature!

I absolutely love these running shoes because they keep track of the miles I’m running! When paired with the Under Armour App, it lets me know my cadence, average pace, and so much more!

So light and comfy

I’m not a runner but these are great for walking. This is my 2nd pair of these shoes and they seem to be holding up just fine.

Not just a game changer, they're life changing.

I am new to the running game and let me tell you, I never understood a good fitting shoe first of all. I have large, wide feet, with normal arches. Not flat. I have a history of getting pains and shin splints. I took a huge leap of faith on this sneak and am so glad I did my research and picked this one. The only part that was difficult was getting myself to order a size up. Because they DO run small and your feet do swell. These are like running on air and I have had no back or leg pains. I've been wearing them at work and I make it all day without feeling foot tired or sore. BIG fan. Now for the run coaching. Thank you - I needed this in my life. As someome who is too stubborn to ask for help, but have that inner desire to be better, this was the solution to my problem. I have (had) no idea what I'm doing prior to as a "runner". I'd throw on my sweats, strap on some other brand sneaker and just hit the road. Water in tow, ready to be the next Forest Gump. Every time, I'd be pained, hurting, hating. I'd give up after a couple tries because, well, it was hard. I had no idea if I was helping or hurting myself. NOW I KNOW. The coaching while running was hard to understand the first couple of prompts because I had music going too, so I suggest forgoing music on your first run. But after I got moving, they started telling me what to do. i.e. shorten your stride and increase your steps. Once I did as directed, my breathing improved immediately, my legs felt like they were just moving themselves. It truly does know and work. Before I knew it, I ran a mile, non-ptop practically. It felt like a breeze. Putting 2 in easily I knew, this in fact, was the best choice. 10/10 would do again.

Some running

LOVE. good heel padding and roomy toe room. I have big flat feet and they feel amazing

Bad insoles

These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I have a heel spur and I have struggled to find a pair of shoes that doesn't hurt just wearing them. These shoes are perfect. I don't have to wear any inserts with them. They are perfectly comfortable all on their own. However the insole that comes with these shoes is junk. Its like the foam inside just starts crumbling away. This was my 2nd pair of these shoes and on both of them the insole has come apart. On the first pair it took a few months but this pair it is already coming apart and I haven't even worn them a dozen times. I love these shoes but they need to fix this problem.

Fantastic shoes

Love my new shoes. Super comfortable, did not needed to "break into them", they were comfortable from the very beginning.

I'm hooked

This was my first UA shoe purchase. I am extremely picky when it comes to my shoes, because most days I'm literally on my feet atleast 10 hours. So far they are holding up and I'm hooked on the comfort!! Just ordered a second pair in a different color.

Bluetooth tracking

bluetooth is fun and easy to use.the app gives you a lot of info.

Morning run

Love them...this is my 2nd pair of same kind. I run early mornings and white helps so traffic can see me.