Tenis para Correr UA HOVR™ Machina para Hombre

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Te da la velocidad de una placa de propulsión Pebax® y el retorno de energía suave de UA HOVR™, pero este tenis también es tu entrenador de carreras.Conecta tu tenis a UA MapMyRun™ para registrar la longitud de la pisada, la cadencia y el paso, y, luego, dejar que te guíe en tiempo real.Correr ahora es un poco más fácil.
  • NEUTRO: para los atletas que necesitan un equilibrio entre flexibilidad y amortiguación
  • CONEXIÓN CON UA MAPMYRUN™: rastrea, analiza y almacena las métricas de las carreras para ayudarte a ser mejor
  • La tecnología UA HOVR™ proporciona una “sensación de gravedad cero” para permitir el retorno de energía y reducir los impactos
  • La malla de compresión Energy Web contiene y moldea la espuma UA HOVR™ para devolverte la energía que liberas
  • La parte superior diseñada de malla es extremadamente ligera y transpirable para proporcionar lo máximo en velocidad
  • La talonera externa agrega estabilidad y una sensación de firmeza
  • La placa de velocidad Pebax® inspirada en clavos de carrera aumenta el retorno de energía y proporciona impulsos más potentes
  • La suela de goma sólida cubre las zonas de alto impacto para brindar mayor durabilidad con menos peso
  • Las almohadillas de goma de carbono debajo del talón brindan excelente tracción y durabilidad en las zonas de alto impacto
  • Detalles reflectantes
  • Compensación: 8 mm
  • Peso: 305 g
  • Importado


Conecta tus tenis a UA MapMyRun™ para registrar datos y seguir un entrenamiento físico personal mientras corres.
Pueden ayudarte a reducir el riesgo de lesiones y hacerte sentir que correr es más fácil.

MÁS VELOCIDAD, MÁS POTENCIA El diseño liviano y la placa de propulsión Pebax® de dos piezas te ofrecen una transición suave y una pisada más rápida y enérgica.
MÁS ENERGÍA La flexibilidad y la suavidad de la espuma UA HOVR™ + la red de malla de energía te devuelven la energía que pones en cada paso.

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Simply put-- these shoes are ridiculous. Insane. They're light enough to be used for speed training, and supportive enough to be used for long-distance runs. Personally I'll be using them as my long distance and marathon shoe, but I am impressed just how versatile they are.The propulsion plate does just that, and returns an incredible amount of energy back into each stride. The propulsion plate also discourages any nasty heel strikes you may want to do once exhaustion sets in, but you can't really feel the plate so much as you can in other shoes. This shoe begs you to spring forward and challenges you to go faster. Great fit, good toe box, and a nice cushioned upper and heel. Well done UA, well done. Now please fix MapMyRun to be able to mirror to your Apple Watch and I'll be set. And for what it's worth the Beta Red is immaculate. Glad UA finally made a shoe that looks as good as it feels.

Great running shoe but noisy

I have put about 30 miles on the hovr machinas and so far I am impressed with the performance. There was virtually no break in period. I was able to put them on and go. Plenty of cushion in all the right places. However I feel the machinas run a bit larger then all my other under armour running shoes. I've 3 pairs of Sonics which are my favorite under armour shoe and 2 pairs of phantoms. They are all in 9.5 and fit perfect. I notice my foot has too much space to move around in the toe box. Now for the thing that bugs me to most, the machinas are very Nosiy. I can't walk around in the shoe without a squeak with every step I take. I am not able to where them for everyday use which is disappointing. Not sure if its because I bought about a week or 2 after they came out and some of the kinks weren't worked out yet with the propulsion plate. I really enjoy running in the shoe just wish I could where them more and not make so much noise.

Drill sergeant review

These shoes fit like a sock they hug my foot perfectly. They’re the perfect blend of a light shoe that is durable. They have so much energy return it almost feels like they spring me into my next stride. Love these shoes will definitely buy again

Solid Shoe

A very good shoe, but after a couple runs I still find it a little uncomfortable. I don;t see myself going for long runs in these shoes. Its a very stiff shoe and doesnt have much give/bounce

Unique Shoe

Pros: Great grip and traction Unique shoe that has outstanding comfort however still feels very responsive! Can feel the plate propelling you forward. Stylish and good color ways. Good toe room and fit runs true to size. Laces are secure. Cons: Shoe does not feel heavy however would have given 5 stars if slightly less weight. I understand it’s difficult to balance cushioning and weight. Awesome racing shoe for 8 miles+ and longer distances. Great daily trainer as well for shorter distances. Really like the fit, feel and responsiveness. UA is on the right track.

Excellent sneakers - Love it

Great sneakers, fits perfect, very comfortable, performs as described, love it.

Great Shoes!

I love these shoes!! They fit perfectly & feel great. What I like the most about the run coaching from the shoes & the MapMyRun app. I've learned to shorten my stride & increase my cadence. My speed, distance & endurance has increased with better running form. Still kinda weird to think about updating the firmware in my shoes... and... it all works. I'm loving it!

Great look



UA has really stepped their game up with the Machina's! Couldn't be more please and excited for them to be my 2020 race shoe! The carbon propulsion adds the extra spring you need to your stride all while keeping your stride natural, smooth and efficient which for me is the key. Another great thing about this carbon plate shoes the differs it from other carbon plated shoes is it's durability... which is something that we can appreciate! Thank you Under Armour for sending me a pair of HOVR Machina!!

Great shoes. Super comfy and helpful coaching tips.

I've been running faster since the first wear. The tips have been helping me adjust my cadence and stride to achieve some of the best times I've had. Legs and feet feel great after running. Size 11 fit great, like my last several pairs of UA shoes.