Tenis para Correr UA HOVR™ Sonic 3 para Hombre

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Casi tan ligero como un tenis tempo, pero con más amortiguación, el tenis UA HOVR™ Sonic ha sido uno de los favoritos de los corredores que adoran la distancia, pero quieren más flexibilidad.
  • NEUTRO: para los atletas que necesitan flexibilidad, amortiguación y versatilidad
  • La tecnología UA HOVR™ proporciona una “sensación de gravedad cero” para permitir el retorno de energía y reducir los impactos
  • La malla de compresión Energy Web contiene y moldea la espuma UA HOVR™ para devolverte la energía que liberas
  • CONEXIÓN CON UA MAPMYRUN™: rastrea, analiza y almacena las métricas de las carreras para ayudarte a ser mejor
  • La parte superior de Microthread se seca rápidamente y proporciona un ajuste transpirable similar a la compresión para brindar fuerza con poco peso
  • La lengüeta va fijada a la plantilla mediante alas elásticas de soporte para mantener un ajuste ceñido en todo el pie
  • La talonera de TPU externa ofrece mayor soporte y estructura
  • La plantilla Ortholite® antimicrobiana y extraíble se amolda al pie para brindar comodidad y amortiguación personalizadas
  • La goma soplada bajo el antepié y la goma de alta abrasión bajo el talón ayudan a absorber el contacto con el suelo
  • Compensación: 8 mm
  • Peso: 289 g
  • Importado

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Great running shoe

Fit great and provide good comfort during my runs and they look great!


I have worn both the Hovr 1 and Hovr 2 model shoes, both in red. I ordered two pairs of the Hovr 3 in red and got neon pink/orange. Didn't even try them on. Pictures on website do not match actual product. See picture of the difference between my H1, H2 and whatever color the H3 is.

New UA sneakers

This is my ( 4th ) pair of UA sneakers. All of them, including these new ones, are the most comfortable sneakers I've worn.

My 2nd pair.

This is the second pair I've purchased. Extremely comfortableand lightweight. Air blows right through them and keeps your feet cool and dry. My favorite shoes to wear.

Still a solid trainer well worth the price

The Sonic 3 stacks up well to it's origins. Not as breathable as the 1, but decent air flow. Underfoot feel falls toward the firmer end of the modern spectrum, but it feels stable, responsive, and like it will hold up for 300+ miles. Only issue I have is that I had to 1/2 size up to reduce pressure on top of my big toe, and the padding around the achilles is a big firm. It took a few hours of wear before it broke in and didn't bother me. This shoe is well worth your money considering that it has UA's premium cushioning platform, and an accelerometer that measures cadence, stride length, foot strike angle, ground contact time, distance, and pace. Would love to see UA do a super breathable version for the heat.


I have had a difficult time finding shoes that provide me with decent cushioning and that fit me well due to having narrow feet. These shoes are my favorite and have been a welcome addition to my collection of shoes. Under Armour has been great for me overall, and while tried the Infinite Series and Machina, the Sonic 3 works great. They fit snug, yet super comfortable ...without having to pull so tight the eyelet on each side almost touch. I have lots of room left to tighten as they stretch. I was going to wait to write a review...as I only have about 50 miles in with them so far, mostly interval workout miles but I feel after putting over 400 miles on UA Infinites and trying Machina...I am confident that these are gonna hold up. Love the coaching using the MapMyRun app as well(have been using for over a year now and has really helped me) - Will be buying more of these. I have also tried Brooks Ghost 12, Brooks Levitate, Brooks Glycerin, and ON Cloudventure. UA SONIC 3 for me are the way to go. Thanks UA!!

connection issues

I've been trying to become a runner for two years, and it isn't working. I love tech though, and I love the idea of extra data and live coaching from a connected shoe. These are very comfortable and they fit right. No issues first run with the normal shoe issues - no pain, no rubbing, no odd soreness afterward... My white/red shoes loaded up, funny enough, as white/black, but whatever, right? I've had a few runs in them though, and I have a lot of connection issues with UA MapMyRun - despite the latest app version saying the only update is improving connectivity. Almost every time, I have to quit the app and hope they connect the 2nd time I load it up. On my last run, they dropped connection after about a mile. I stopped and could not get them to reconnect. They keep track and can load data even without a phone, so I continued, hoping they would upload later. Without the connection, I lost my real time coaching telling me my fat feet weren't going fast enough, and after the run, the stats didn't finish updating. Running data shown in attached photo. My running plan wanted me to do an easy 12-minute mile pace (super complicated by the marching band mini step pace and stride length). If they can't get the connection right, I'd rather send them back and use my normal brand - but I can't because they're supposed to be in original condition

Helpful data. Tight width .

Set the UA app to periodically give you a stride /gait analysis, seems helpful so far in preventing my recurring hip muscle injury . (I felt great after my first run with them, and they did tell me to shorten my stride mid run) I've only ran once so far with them, but seem quite comfortable. They run quite a bit narrower in the mid foot than my past under armour shoes of the same size. Had I tried them on in store, rather than bought via delivery, I likely would have gone up a half size. The insoles are a bit thicker than my others, so maybe when they compress a bit they'll fit better ?

Excellent shoe!

These shoes are seconded to none. Great fit and support. Thank you Under Armour.

Great shoe

I really like the locked in fit of this shoe. I have purchased the earlier model and do think this one has a little more cushioning. I love the bright color , I’m always trying to safe while running on the roads. Wish more models had the bright colors. I have taken several runs in this shoe and find it comfortable. I don’t think it would be good for toe runners who land on the balls of their feet . I don’t think there is enough of cushion there. But I’m a heel striker so it’s good for me. The other reviews about the laces, they do loosen up some but I always tuck my laces in anyway because I don’t like them rubbing on my ankles. I don’t think they loosen enough to be a issue. Overall I am very happy with this shoe and will buy another pair. I’m a 15-20 mile a week runner.