Tenis para Entrenar UA HOVR™ Apex 2 para Hombre

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  • La tecnología UA HOVR™ proporciona una “sensación de gravedad cero” para permitir la recuperación de energía, lo que ayuda a reducir el impacto paso tras paso
  • La espuma UA HOVR™ está contenida con una entresuela de goma EVA para brindar un equilibrio perfecto entre comodidad y rendimiento
  • La parte superior de malla con impresiones 3D brinda protección y resistencia sin precedentes
  • La confección del talón proporciona un soporte superior, lo cual libera el movimiento y estabiliza del antepié
  • UA TriBase™ maximiza el contacto con el suelo, promueve el movimiento natural y proporciona flexibilidad para un mejor agarre durante los levantamientos
  • Compensación: 8 mm
  • Peso: 375 g
  • Importado

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Tore at top eyelet

The problem was in the quality and design of the UA HOVR Apex 2. The shoe string tore through the top eyelet and would hold the shoe string in the tear. I have never experienced a quality issue with any of my Under Armour shoes.

Very comfortable but the top eyelets ripped.

I love the shoes they are great for cross training and lifting but the eyelets at the top ripped maybe 2 weeks after I got them. I wish they didn’t because I really like them but now I have to get new shoes.

Great fit, comfortable, but mechanical falwa

Shoes fit great and give support during training. I’ve had mine since sept 16 and the eyelets have already ripped and fraying the lace. The need some short of reinforcement

Great fit and solid material for a good pounding

As appealing the design is these are not for running but ideal for training. Exceptional balance and flexability.

Better UA Shoes available

These shoes are very supportive, more than my liking. The added support makes them a little on the heavy side and there is a break-in period. I like them more now than when first purchases, but I'm not crazy about them like some other UA Shoes I've purchased. Good tread and adequate cushion for very short runs that I like to included with a workout. A good shoe, I just won't be buying them again.

Great Lifting Shoe

Finally a GREAT lifting shoe. While there has been way too much focus on running and other movement type workouts, this shoe has every feature needed for ALL types of athletic activity. As I primarily weight train in a body building and power lifting discipline, this shoe has the support of a good raised heel power lifting shoe and has been absolutely perfect for me. I can still run on the treadmill and get my conditioning movements in as well. I highly recommend this shoe for serious gym goers!!!