Tenis para Entrenar UA TriBase™ Reign para Mujer

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When you hit the gym, you need to feel as connected with the floor as possible. Every lift, rep, and WOD starts from the ground up. UA TriBase™ technology maximizes ground control with three points of contact for a low, stable base that still allows natural foot flexibility.
  • Diseñado para entrenamientos intensos con un material ripstop resistente y una malla duradera para brindar soporte ligero y resistencia a la abrasión en todas las superficies
  • La tecnología UA TriBase™ en la suela maximiza el contacto con el suelo donde el pie más lo necesita, lo que ofrece flexibilidad superior hacia delante para promover el movimiento natural y flexibilidad hacia atrás a fin de brindar agarre al suelo durante saltos
  • La talonera externa brinda mayor estabilidad y ajuste en el talón
  • La entresuela de espuma Micro G® de largo completo brinda máxima amortiguación eficaz
  • La suela de goma completa envuelve la parte lateral y media para brindar mayor durabilidad y resistencia a la abrasión con una cinta de agarre en la parte media
  • La goma estratégica ubicada debajo de la puntera otorga un mejor agarre al suelo
  • La confección cerca del suelo permite obtener una mejor sensación y una transferencia potente
  • Plantilla no extraíble
  • Drop: 2 mm
  • Peso: 235 g
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Me encantaron

¡Hola! Me encantó, aparte del diseño que es muy bonito, están muy cómodos.

Best gym shoes ever!

I've finally found my top gym shoe!! This is it. So much rigid support for heavy lift confidence with enough flex for everything else. I love the low to ground feel and built in arch support. Keep making this shoe forever please UA!

Solid Platform

These are great for spinning ,aerobics, and weights in the gym. Sure footed, no slipping on slick floors. My foot is slightly wider than medium, but these fit perfectly. I wear an 8.5 and length is right as well. Seem to be well made.

Great for lifting/squat NOT cardio!

Tribase is great for squats and lifting! Definitely improved my technique from leaning forward on the balls of my feet during lifting to placement of weight on my heels. Thus lessening stress on the knees. Ladies...this is NOT meant for running!!! This shoe has no cushioning which makes for better stabilization during lifting. I recommend going a half size up with any training shoe, this shoe especially!

strength great, cardio take a pass

tried this shoe out for a cardio HIIT class (think tuck jumps, burpees, lateral leaps, jumping lunges, squat jumps, mountain climbers, etc) and it is just not that good for these types of moves. i like the 2mm offset for the shoe as i can feel closer to the ground. the grip on the shoe is actually kind of bad. if the room you are in gets slightly humid and even if the floor appears dry, the shoe's grip slips on the floor. i have been in roms with different shoes that get slick due to humidity from people sweating, etc and grip was fine. this shoe however is super slippery. After the cardio HIIT class, i then did some lifting. the shoe was great for lifting. i felt very connected to the floor and felt very stable. since i was not moving around while lifting like i would for a cardio class, the grip was not a problem. while UA says this is a great shoe for HIIT workouts, i am not sure what type of hiit they are talking about because the type of HIIT i do, this shoe is not good for it. will probably keep the shoe for my strength workouts, but will be looking for something else for cardio workouts.


These support my foot well and feel great even when I am on my feet all day working with clients.

They gave me blisters

I was very excited to try these shoes. I love my UA running shoes. I’ve had them for years and they still feel great! I was hoping to find the same love for these as my new shoe for CrossFit. The first time I wore them they gave me blisters in the heel. I’ve worn them a few more time thinking they just needed to be worn in, but I get the same blisters each time so I’ve stopped wearing them. Aside from the heel/blisters the shoe feels comfortable and like it would be great for lifting and CrossFit but because of the heels I can’t wear them.

Soporte confiable y alta calidad.

Excelente diseño, se siente un soporte confiable sobre todo al cargar peso. Es cómodo y mantiene el pie fresco, protegido y flexible. Solo en la parte trasera es un poco rígido y al hacer algún desplante puede ocasionar algo de incomodidad. La suela se adapta fácilmente a cualquier superficie y en todo momento te sientes lista para lo que sea. Además su diseño es muy bonito y causa sensación!

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Sturdy shoe for strength training

The shoes fit true to size. The structure of the shoe is significantly more supportive for strength training activities than other shoes I’ve tried. However, because they’re so good at providing solid footing, they’re not comfortable for cardio-type activities (I had some rubbing on my heel while walking on the treadmill). I love them (especially think they shine for activities like squats and kettlebell swings) and would purchase again. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

This product did not hold up

I was very excited to try these shoes. I was disappointed when I had only worn them two days and had not even worked out in them yet when they began to fall apart. Also, they are very narrow at the pad of the foot and were very uncomfortable for me. Wish there was more reviews on these before I purchased! They are cute shoes though that is one plus.