Tenis Sportstyle UA Slingride 2 para Hombre

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Los zapatos Slingride están de vuelta, suaves como siempre.Actualizados con un diseño de patrón a rayas para brindar un estilo completamente nuevo, los zapatos Slingride 2 envuelven el pie con una parte superior de tejido suave y una entresuela Charged Cushioning® que proporciona amortiguación flexible durante todo el día.
  • La parte superior totalmente tejida brinda un ajuste transpirable similar a la compresión, que proporciona una fuerza direccional ligera
  • La talonera externa firme brinda soporte adicional que mantiene en su lugar la parte posterior del pie
  • La plantilla moldeada Micro G® se adapta a la forma del pie para brindar gran amortiguación
  • La entresuela combina Charged Cushioning® con espuma EVA ligera para permitir una pisada eficaz
  • La placa de TPU integrada en la suela permite que la puntera se mueva con mayor rapidez en cada pisada
  • La suela de goma sólida cubre las zonas de alto impacto para proporcionar una mayor durabilidad con menos peso
  • Plantilla no removible
  • Peso: 252 g
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Resumen De Opinión

10 Reseñas

great price for a very quality product

outstanding comfort, modern style & material is certainly impressive

Daily Comfort Choice

This is my first pair of Under-Armour. I usually have to purchase shoes and arch support regardless of the price. The arch in these shoes have provided the appropriate support without the extra cost. I am running up and down stairs and hallways, so I appreciate a shoe with good support. They have been comfortable and have reduced pressure on my hips and back helping me be more productive.


Most comfortable shoes that I have ever purchased.

Very comfortable.

Fits true to size and yes they are orange. These shoes were comfortable from the moment I tried them on. Very flexible and breathable shoe. Five ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Style and grace

Fit and comfort is excellent. Look and color is unique. Shoe weight is light and well made.

Great looking shoe. Horrible design flaw!

The shoe looks great, but the plastic tab on the back of the shoe digs in and hurts.

Great features

Very lightweight, very comfortable and love the Radio Red!

Back of shoe is uncomfortable

The hard plastic strips on the back of the shoe hurts the back of your ankle when you walk. The strips should have been made shorter or from a softer material. Unfortunately they hurt enough to keep me from being able to wear the shoes.

Good shoe, just caused problems

Amazingly comfortable shoe and they look so nice on foot. My only complaint is that they rubbed the back of my ankle raw since there is no collar padding. returned due to this. other than that, amazing shoe

light and soft

- fits normal size compared to all of my UA shoes - is a little "loose" of a fit vs. a "tight" fight and there is only so much ability to tighten it with the shoe laces - very soft and lots cushion! - I wear them as a kick around shoe vs. a true runner. your foot will slide around a bit side to side but are excellent to stand around in and extremely comfortable to walks and day to day wear