UA Heart Rate

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UA Heart Rate

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Entrena de la manera más inteligente utilizando la banda de pecho mientras te ejercitas para controlar tu ritmo cardíaco. Compruébalo en tiempo real cuando lo utilices con la UA Band. Úsala en CADA ENTRENAMIENTO.
  • La banda de pecho mide directamente el impulso eléctrico de tus latidos durante los entrenamientos, proporcionando el análisis del ritmo cardíaco más preciso.
  • Mide el ritmo cardíaco, la zona de ritmo cardíaco y la intensidad del entrenamiento.
  • Compatible con Bluetooth Smart, conexión con UA Record™ y otros aplicaciones como MapMyFitness.
21 Reseñas

First Day of Using

it's the first day i am using it, it's nice, comfy, and accurate however, does not work on your body unless you put some water on each sensor, then continue working fine, ease of connection to UA Apps. like MapMyFitness & Record, even i have an upgraded Apps. (Premium) but i am not getting the analyses for the hear beats, only showing during workout overall, it's nice gadget, and very usefull


Bought 3 of these for myself and others in the family. Worked great at first but all three of us now how issues. The other two gave up pretty easy because they could not get it to sync when they wanted to start a workout. I have just given up today as mine started off by keeping my HR at 44 even though it was about 130 then caught up for a bit and got me in the right zone then dropped back down to the 40 for the rest of the workout. I have tried everything but its getting to be to much.

Worked Great For 1 Month, Then Went Crazy

Loved using this for the first month, then all of a sudden it went crazy and started telling me my RHR was 250bpm. Became a hassle during workouts to try and get it to function correctly so I've stopped using it. Will be contacting UA about a replacement.


I love my UA Heart Rate monitor! It's one of the best fitness products I've ever boughten to be honest. It is comfortable, accurate, and sleek. I won't workout without it on. The only reason I don't give it five stars is due wear and tear. I've had it about a year and the strap is starting to rip. I've tried to contact customer service but haven't had any luck getting anybody to help me get it replaced. Overall, I am glad that I bought it and love using it. Connecting it was really easy, and I use it with my iWatch and the iPhone UA app.

Great when it works

Often I just strap it on, start up MapMyRun and it just works. (It never works with UA Record - in fact UA Record crashes every time I try to use it). Other times I have a hard time getting it to link. I'll restart the app, restart the phone and usually I eventually get it to link. Often it will loose linkage after awhile, maybe 40 - 50 minutes into a run. Some times it goes up to high heart rates that I am sure are not right. For example today I was running and for about 40 minutes it registered what I expected say 135 BPM, up to 155 for intervals. Then suddenly it started going way up, eventually over 190. Then it stopped registering all together. I wasn't particularly stressed so I am sure it was wrong. I was running in hot, humid Houston weather - perhaps extreme sweating had something to do with it?

So far I love it

I have used my new heart rate monitor a few times now and so far I love it. I love that I don't have to wear a seperate band with it as it connects right to my phone and UA band. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great device

Easy to connect to MapMyRun and it's real nice to have the lady tell me my heart rate during every split. Great buy. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Excellent monitor

I've never written reviews about products in my life. However, I have to share my opinion about this heart rate monitor. First, it is the most comfortable monitor I've worn. I barely notice it's there. I wear it for all of my training (not just running) and compared to my old polar it is very accurate. Unlike the polar, it gives CLEAR AND CONCISE readings and measurements of which zone I'm working out in due to the fact that it uses colored lights to show the range (when worn with my UA band). No guessing...if the band shows blue or green I need to step it up....if it's red I need step down a bit. This is an excellent feature for times when your training is too intense to process numbers. Great product. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great monitor

Overall i like what this heart rate monitor does in conjunction with the UA record app. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great Investment

Wasn't sure I wanted to spend the money on this, but it was worth the money. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]