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Te escuchamos y nuestra UA SPORTSMASK de segunda generación toma todo lo que los atletas adoraban de la original, pero la hicimos un 40 % más ligera, más elegante y más cómoda, especialmente para un entrenamiento más intenso y el calor.
  • No se aceptan devoluciones ni cambios como precaución de salud y seguridad
  • Fabricada con materiales de alto rendimiento de UA, diseñada para usarse todo el día y cuando se practica deporte
  • La tela tejida ligera y transpirable en la parte exterior es resistente al agua
  • La espuma ligera de celda abierta permite el paso del aire, pero inhibe el paso de la humedad y la transpiración
  • La tela UA Iso-Chill en el forro interno y los elásticos sujetadores se sienten frescos al tacto durante todo el tiempo que la uses
  • La tela es suave y lisa para que se sienta cómoda sobre el rostro, y lleva la humedad de la boca a la capa interna.
  • Protección solar FPS 50+ incorporada
  • Su diseño estructurado que no se pega a la cara y los labios brinda comodidad y transpirabilidad adicional
  • Puente nasal suave y ajustable con material antideslizante similar a la gamuza para asegurarla en la cara
  • Número de estilo: 1372228
  • Capa exterior: 100 % nailon| Interior: 100 % poliuretano| Interiores/elásticos sujetadores: 77 % nailon/23 % Spandex
  • Importado
  • Diseñada para ser usada a diario por personas sanas y en la práctica de deportes
  • No es médica ni quirúrgica, no protege contra los virus
  • Si sientes incomodidad mientras la usas: deja de hacer ejercicios, retira la máscara y, si es necesario, busca atención médica
  • Todas las ventas son finales
  • Confección actualizada, sin costuras y forma moldeada para un ajuste más cómodo y anatómico
  • Elásticos sujetadores con tela duradera diseñada para reducir la tensión en la oreja y evitar roces
  • ENCUENTRA TU TALLA: desplázate hacia abajo para obtener más información sobre tallas y cómo medir
  • Lavar a máquina con agua fría en un ciclo suave y se deja extendida para secarla
  • La máscara no es para niños menores de 2 años (visita para obtener más orientación)
  • Devolución no disponible para este producto

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Do not leave in a hot car

Started off great, then I stopped wearing it for a few months and left it in my car in case I needed it again. Now it is really loose. The heat seems to have killed the elastic.

XXL in light blue runs small

This color runs small. We've tried the gray and it is true to size.

Great for low impact exercise and daily use

I've been exercising in public places since the beginning of the pandemic and find that UA's masks are the best so far. This particular mask feels amazing, like you're not wearing anything. However, if you are someone like me who sweats profusely when running or in Orange Theory class, it will pool with sweat and linger at the bottom of the mask, the mask does not wick. On my first try wearing to my OTF class I literally was able to pour the sweat out of my mask when class was over. It also felt hotter than the original model. I use it for pilate classes, in less croweded locations and at the office. Though the older version is bulkier and heavier, however I find that it wicks sooooo much better, feels cooler and maintains its shape/air pocket when I'm breathing and sweating like a beast. I have 5 pairs of the original model and will continue to stick with it for strenious workouts until UA comes up with a better version.


[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I absolutely loved my underarmour workout mask. Light, comfortable, very affective.

This product was perfect for exercising

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought these masks to use during coaching figure skating. They were perfect . I was comfortable and felt safe while wearing them

This mask is effective and comfortable to wear

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The under armour mask is very comfortable to wear and fits securely. Under armour advises it is a triple layer mask and I find the material to be soft and stretchy, it’s fits smoothly to the cheeks and chin. It also has a Jose wire that feels comfortable and can be squeezed to fit around the nose. The colour choices match what is seen online.

Best Reusable Mask

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This mask is one of the best reusable masks I've ever used. I wear these masks for both the gym and regular day to day use. I have a large head/face and many masks, both reusable and single use, don't fit me very well since they are one size fits most. The different sizing of these masks made it easy to find a mask that fits my face. The design allows me to get a really good seal around my mouth and nose, which makes me feel that I'm protected. As a glasses wearer, this mask is pretty good about not fogging up my glasses, as long as I get a tight "seal". On the flip side, I do find my face and mouth region getting pretty sweaty from active or extended wear. Aesthetic wise, while its clearly an athletic looking mask, I find the black colorway to be suitable for most situations. My one critique is that it would be great if they made a version where the UA logo was black as well, so that it could be a bit more stealth and not standout especially if you are wearing this mask in a business type setting. Compared with the first generation Sportmask, this one is leaps and bounds better. The first generation mask is pretty thick compared with this version and it makes you feel like you're wearing a diaper on your face. This version feels much better, especially for extended wear, though its possible that given its thinness, its not as protective as the first generation. I find that this mask feels more sturdy than the first generation, which is something I prefer. Regardless of the version of the SportMask that you purchase, they all do have a noticeable chemically "smell" during the first several wears. The first generation version definitely had a much stronger smell than this version. I initially found the smell off putting, but as time went on, it either dissipated or I got used to it. Those who are extremely sensitive to smells might find this mask uncomfortable

Excellent Product

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Much better than the original sportsmask. Light and very breathable in both warm and cold conditions

Great fit and functionality

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Great fit and easy to work out in. I expected more chill after trying the first version and thinking it had more noticeable chill, but would still recommend.

great mask

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This mask is lightweight and I use it all the time when I workout. It is highly breathable and I am planning to buy more in the short term.