Visor de fútbol americano gris con espejo

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Visor de fútbol americano gris con espejo

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  • Visor de fútbol americano, es tan fuerte como lo necesites, gracias a su exclusivo lente con material ArmourSight®.
  • Lente liviano de policabronato proporciona mayor protección sin agregarte peso.
  • Recubrimiento antiempañante y anti rayones te proporciona una visión clara del campo sin importar lo que la Madre Naturaleza decida el día del juego.
  • Equipado con stickers del logo en multiple colores y números para combinar con tu jersey.
3 Reseñas

Sick looking visor

UA hands down makes the best football gear in the game!!! Gloves and cleats are killing all competition!! The grey mirrored visor follows suit. It's going to make any uniform look sick!! I have both the grey and the reflective rainbow visor and they do not disappoint in the swag category!! Assembly: it's pretty simple to put on and with the no tool needed quick tabs, any one can do it. It rained at my kids game and he was able to take his off himself at halftime, so even a 13y.o. can remove it. Tint: the grey mirror is about 60% tint and you really can't see through it. But amazingly you can see fine at night. it's awesome on those sunny days when the suns right in your face. Fit: both me and my son have the visor ( he's 13 and has the clear one) I have a Ridell and he uses a Schutt and the visor fits perfectly on both. I have teammates who have bought them for their kids and have never had problems fitting helmets, so I think it pretty much fits them all, or at least the more popular ones. Approval: I play semi pro and arena ball and its approved. However my kid plays middle school ball and he can't have tint off any kind. Also D1,2,3 college rules won't allow tint. I suggest the clear visor. Overall: if you're allowed to wear it, the grey tint is the coolest looking visor out except for the UA reflective mirrored visor (which I also have) it's killing them all!!! I will say if you're unsure, talk to your coach, but if you can't get tint then go with the clear! Visors do more than just look cool, they protect your eyes.

Just bought another one

I love this visor. Works great looks even better. Can't wait till my new one arrives. Very durable. Must buy..


Kind of hard to put it in after 1 hour got it. Looks sharp after it's in