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Si eres un corredor de fondo, el UA HOVR® Sonic se sentirá como una nueva experiencia de carrera. Tan pronto como tu pie toque el pavimento, sabrás por qué la amortiguación UA HOVR es tan revolucionaria: este zapato te brinda una conducción ligera y receptiva, por kilómetro tras kilómetro tras kilómetro. El tejido de punto transpirable y estructurado en la parte superior bloquea el pie, mientras que una plantilla removible te permite personalizar tu plantilla.
  • La parte superior Microthread se seca rápidamente y proporciona un ajuste transpirable y similar a la compresión que brinda una fuerza direccional ligera y una comodidad inigualable para ayudarte a alcanzar la distancia.
  • El panel ventilado del mediopié aumenta la transpirabilidad.
  • La construcción de lengüeta única se une a la plantilla mediante alas de soporte estirable para mantener un ajuste perfecto en todo el pie.
  • El contrafuerte externo de TPU para soporte y estructura adicional.
  • La plantilla Ortholite® extraíble y antimicrobiana se amolda al pie para proporcionar comodidad y amortiguación personalizados.
  • La tecnología UA HOVR® brinda 'sensación de gravedad cero' para mantener el retorno de energía que ayuda a eliminar el impacto paso a paso.
  • Malla de compresión Energy Web contiene y moldea la espuma UA HOVR® para devolver la energía que pones.
  • La goma soplada debajo del antepié es liviana pero increíblemente sensible.
  • Caucho de alta abrasión colocado debajo del talón para ayudar a absorber el contacto con el suelo.
  • Desplazamiento: 8 mm
  • Peso: 9.95oz/282g
  • Importado
La malla de compresión Energy Web contiene y moldea la espuma UA HOVR® para devolverte la energía que liberas.
La confección de la parte superior transpirable es ligera y se seca con rapidez.
La tecnología UA HOVR® brinda la “sensación de gravedad cero”, manteniendo el retorno de energía que ayuda a eliminar el impacto en cada carrera.

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La tela es de muy baja calidad. La segunda ocasión que los use me resbalé y tropezé con el piso y se rompió el tenis. Ya no los puedo usar, porque se deshilo todo el tenis.

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Great running shoe

I’ve had these shoes for a few weeks now after switching from another big running shoe company. I could not be happier with my Hovr’s. Best shoe I have had, and I think they will last a long time.

Good Color Comfort

Good Color Comfort it is different from regular shoes good for Running and Training....

So Comfortable!!!!!

I started using the shoes for work. I walk at least 5miles a day at a min of 3 days a week. and I must say they have been the best shoes I have worn in a long while. The cushion is so comfortable and no break in time needed!!! Like it says in the description it is very breathable. I really like the green color way with a touch of gold on the heel. Looks wise dope expect one thing, in the inside there is a white strap that connects the tongue to the sole, I like the support but I don't like that you can see it through the knit would have been nice to be the same color as the shoe or even black.


I have rather large feet. (Size 17) It's difficult to find stylish, functional, and comfortable sports footwear. I wanted a pair of Under Armour shoes for some time. Finally, you're making models large enough to accommodate me comfortably. I'm glad the Hovr Sonics came along. They're light, roomy, and yet supportive. They're my new "go to" workout shoes.

Very Comfortable

I have worn other under armour shoes, but I have to say this is the best shoe they have ever made. It is an extremely comfortable shoe. I do a lot of standing during my work day. As a result, I started to develop significant tension in my legs and in particular my knees. I have tried several other shoes (from different brands) and did not see much improvement. However, after wearing this shoe all day, the tension I experienced in my knees and legs have drastically lessened.

Great Shoe

These are very light and have great support. Highly recommended.

Excellent running or casual shoe

Very comfortable when you first put them on and extremely comfortable once you break them in. Ran quite a few miles in them. I’ve tried working out in them also and they are not a good training shoe since the shoe is a mesh material, you will roll an ankle.

Loves these shoes!

I bought the Phantom and Sonic editions of Hovr and love them both. I use the Phantom for my long and easy runs and I use the sonic for my speed workouts (intervals and tempo runs). Over 100kms in both shoes and I am a fan. For the Sonic, they are lightweight, grip well in rain and adverse weather (I live in Newfoundland and Labrador) and are comfortable. I am 6'5, 220 pounds so I am continuously looking for a shoe that has comfort but is also lightweight - this is my shoe. Going to be using it in late May for a marathon and for all the 5km, 10km, half, and full marathons for this race season. I am not an elite athlete or pro by any means but I am working towards breaking some running goals this year and these are my shoes to do it. Yes, I am a fan of Under Armour but when it comes to running, I have tried many different shoes and I have settled on UA Hovr as they give me everything I am looking for. Note: I bought both sets of shoes myself and UA has not in any way contacted me to review these shoes (or ever contacted me at all! haha) If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them. Happy running!

Sonic Meets Expectations

I have had the Sonics for one month and I am very pleased with their performance. I mainly use them for longer runs and daily training. I have used them for speed work (1 miles sprints) and they performed well. Pros: A) Responsive. Good feel for the ground in spite of high stack height. (I mainly have used Slingshot and faster platforms) B) HOVR cushioning is on point. Very soft landing however it is firm for push off. I have used these for 3 runs of over 13 miles and I notice how comfortable they are even on mile 10 and above. Most shoes lose that fresh feeling after some miles however Sonic is still amazing after running for long distances. Cushioning is A+ and the energy return seems accurate. THIS IS BEST CHARACTERISTIC OF SONIC. C) Nice fit on upper. The materials are form fitting and provide good support. They are also very breathable. D) Traction is good. The small rubber tips were worn off within a couple of weeks although the overall grip is solid. I mainly run on pavement and have used them in some damp conditions. No concern with grip. Cons: A) The only con is a personal preference of a lower stack height for 5K / faster runs. I am used to the Slingshot and Slingwrap as they have less cushioning and more feel for the ground. I will still compete in a 5K in Sonic however not my 1st choice. My fit was TTS. The Sonic is a fantastic shoe at a great price.