Zapato para correr reflectante UA SpeedForm® Apollo 2 para hombre

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Zapato para correr reflectante UA SpeedForm® Apollo 2 para hombre

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ADN del producto

  • La innovadora tecnología UA SpeedForm™ no permite distracción alguna al correr
  • La espuma inyectada en el talón proporciona una mejor fijación y una acolchonada comodidad
  • Suave costura fija ultrasónica con cinta de marca Bemis para un soporte y comodidad al contacto
  • Chasis reflectante perforado con sello ultrasónico para una transpiración durable y visibilidad de 360°
  • Construcción con refuerzo en el arco para un ajuste preciso y para guiar el pie
  • Plantilla integrada con una cavidad para más amortiguación, y absorción de la humedad y la comodidad de no contar con costuras
  • Una suela media de doble capa combina Charged Cushioning con espuma Micro G® para la mezcla definitiva de soporte amortiguado y una respuesta explosiva
  • Suela de caucho exterior anatómica para una durabilidad y flexibilidad natural
  • Offset: 8 mm
  • Peso: 8.0 oz (227 gr)
  • Importado

Tecnología Destacada

Esto es lo que hace que nuestros productos sean más fuertes e inteligentes que cualquier otro.


Solución de alta visibilidad para corridas antes del amanecer y después del anochecer.


Apenas sientas el Charged Cushioning debajo de tus pies, vas a querer correr. Es el último avance en energía, absorbiendo el impacto de tu pisada y convirtiéndolo en un nivel de confort receptivo que nunca antes has sentido.


El revolucionario moldeado de taloneras sin costuras ofrece confort y rendimiento incomparable gracias a un ajuste de precisión sin precedentes.

19 Reseñas

Tournament Angler

I fish multiple bass fishing tournaments here in Alabama. I had exclusively worn another brand of shoes for the last 10 years. I had surgery a couple of years ago and another angler friend bought me some UA Scorpios when I returned home. Needless to say, this shoe has been my first UA purchase and will be my go to fishing shoe from here on out. Super light, comfy to stand in all day on the deck of the boat, fashionably great. What more can you ask for? Thanks UA for putting out a great product!!

Apollo 2 Reflective.

This is my first ever purchase from Under Armour for shoes and I couldn't be any happier! Lightning fast shipping which makes the customer a very happy person. I'm loving the shoes so far they fit exactly as they should and feel really comfortable with the added comfort and cushion they have in them! Would definitely recommend anyone to purchase these!

Old guy rocking the shoes

I'm in my mid-50's and have not run in over 25 years after I was side lined by an injury. As I got older my diabetes and blood pressure were getting out of control. I knew it was time to get in shape. Started with walking and then decided I could run again. I knew that to protect these old bones I needed a good pair of running shoes. These shoes are GREAT. Light weight, no slipping and no rubbing. After reading reviews I ordered a 1/2 size smaller than I usually wear. These shoes fit like they were custom made for me. Just started running one month ago, I am running 2 miles every other day at a 10 min/mile pace. No foot pain, no shin splints, no problems! After a run my feet don't even feel like I have run at all. If I had a pair of shoes like this 25 years ago I probably wouldn't have stopped running!

10K Out of the Box

These shoes are great for running. I put a lot of miles on my shoes and go through them often. These were perfect out of the box and super light. Some reviews mentioned rubbing on back of foot but I havent experienced that. Sizing is 1/2 size small but that's normal for UA shoes. Besides the feel they look awesome. I got the black reflective and couldn't be happier with their appearance. I highly recommend!

Great all around gym shoe

These are the perfect all around gym shoe, not to soft not to hard and can handle just about all your workout needs. I purchased the red and black, size 11, they have excellent foot room and just feel good. These are the pair I pack for working out when I travel.

Not As Good As My Previous UA Shoes

My previous pair of running shoes were Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo and I had run for almost over 350 miles in one year. They were EXTREMELY comfortable and light!!! With that experience, I thought to buy another UA running shoes. So I bought Apollo 2 expecting the same comfort and durability! Boy, it is Heavier and much less Comfortable. I couldn't really run with these in the last month that I had the shoes so I decided to make them WALKING shoes. Today, after a few miles WALK my left achilles heel started hurting (no, it's not small because I bought the same size as my previous Apollo)! NOT happy with these shoes. I expected a much better experience from UA. Because I like UA, I'm leaving this comment so UA can improve. Cheers.

I'm Apollo 2 IN

I try hard not to buy anymore UA shoes however UA is #UNDENIABLE. I love the look and design as these are very impressive in every aspect of shoe engineering, so I picked these up size 11.5 in Red&Green and I can't be any happier with my shoes. Perfect fitting for my feet which are extremely delicate and only UA shoes seem to satisfy my toes and soles. Just the right amount of space ensuring comfortable all day wear when out of the gym and super peformance when in the gym. Paired with the right pair of UA socks and no sweating, arch chaffing, blisters, toe crunching, etc. Great traction, Great support, and extremely durable giving me energy from my feet throughout my entire body. I pound these Apollo2's hard as I'm 6'3 230 so they definitely support my efforts in and out of the gym. Shoes are just #DYNAMITE and beautiful in design being able to worn with joggers, shorts, jeans, etc. These Apollo2's also give off the best reflection when in the nightlight which is just #RIDICULOUS. The design is spot on, these Apollo2's are absolute money. Best of all I have never had a pair of Under Armour shoes fail me by either ripping or busting, these shoes are built to last #FOREVER #UA4LIFE, #GOUA, #IWILL, #PROTECTTHISHOUSE, #HARDWORKWORK, #BETHEBEST


I'm flat footed and was dissapointed when I heard they didn't have removable insoles. I've liked under armour but have never tried their products. I decided to give them a try and I was amazed as this shoe zoomed past my expectations. I didn't feel any pain or discomfort with the soles. I love the gel on them. They look amazing from the outside, especially with the reflective stuff on it. Thanks UA!

Break them in beforehand

I work at a gym and have to stand all day. These are technically running shoes, but are great for working. These are my first tennis shoes that aren't Nike. And so far I love them. Worth the price, and very supportive, without feeling like you're wearing boats for shoes. The back of the shoes that rub your Achilles is a little rough. But I'm sure that'll go away after they're broken in.

Comfy Shoes

Bought these for my 13 yr. old son. He LOVES them!! He says it feels like he is walking on a couple of pillows!!