Zapatos de Basketbal UA Curry 6 para Hombre

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ORIGINAL.NUEVO.INNOVADOR.REVOLUCIONARIO.Positivo, ¿cierto?Eso es lo que la gente decía de Stephen cuando pisó la cancha por primera vez hace 10 años.Cambiar las reglas del juego no es fácil y en poco tiempo, los detractores salieron a la luz.Pero eso es lo que pasa cuando logras que la gente piense, juegue y sueñe el juego de una forma… diferente.Si eso es arruinar el juego, entonces él solo debe seguir haciéndolo.NO PIDO DISCULPAS.SOLO CARIÑO.DEDICACIÓN COMPLETA.
  • La parte superior totalmente tejida brinda un ajuste transpirable similar a la compresión, que proporciona una fuerza direccional ligera
  • Amortiguación UA HOVR™ completa para proporcionar sensación de ingravidez y retorno de energía explosivo
  • La talonera externa brinda mayor estabilidad y soporte
  • La placa para velocidad de todo el largo del pie te mantiene en forma para derribar a los defensas
  • El diseño de suela dividida aumenta el contacto con la cancha para lograr una mayor tracción
  • El diseño exclusivo de la suela brinda mayor tracción y flexibilidad en la planta del pie
  • Peso: 340 g
  • Importado


ENERGÍA ILIMITADA Amortiguación UA HOVRTM completa para proporcionar sensación de gravedad cero y retorno de energía explosivo.
VELOCIDAD IMPARABLE La placa para velocidad te mantiene en forma para derribar a los defensas.
CORTES ARRASADORES El diseño de suela dividida aumenta el contacto con la cancha para lograr una mayor tracción.

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Wonderful basketball shoe!

This shoe is designed to play ball in! It does that very effectively! This shoe was NOT designed for comfort so do not buy it for that! These are stiff and are designed for max grip on the courts! The shoes slip on easily and are very quality looking! The laces stay tight like they should! The navy and green color way is amazing and I highly recommend it! Shoes fits your size right in my opinion! I am an 11 1/2 and the shoe fit perfectly!

C6 greatness

I have multiple colorways of the Curry6 and haven't had any failures... always comfortable, always gripping the court.


Best curry signature shoe! It is the best looking but at the same time delivers great performance.

Product was great until the rubber on the traction rubbed off

My Currys were great I loved them until the rubber in the bottom ripped off. I kept sliding after that and couldn’t play the same. (Under Armor if you’re reading this fix this and bring back some of the older shoes like Curry 4 and 5 size 10)

1st Pair of U/A’s

First Pair I’ve owned and sorry I’d waited so long to get on board with U/A! Happy with the look and overall fit, quality is worth the price. My complaint: the inner footbed is not removable; I wear a thin very ridged orthopedic insert. Luckily, there’s enough room for both, but would be nice to put the device underneath.

Curry 6

When I wore these on court I received so many compliments from the color an just overall style of the shoe. I was very excited to hoop in them because they feel so light an comfy. But sadly I had the same issue just happened to me like everyone else, the bottom of the sole came apart. I was very disappointed because I barely even had these for a month an only wore them for my indoor leagues which I only played 3 games in.

Bad quality!!!!

Bottom of shoes are peeling off!! Very bad experience for my first pair of Curry’s! Won’t buy again!


I felt uncomfortable running and playing, also they cause skin on my feet to peel. That is a red flag for me. There are basketball shoes I’d rather use. Don’t waste 130$ dollars on them it isn’t smart whatsoever.

This product is awesome, amazing and I’m very very happy.

Under Armour is the best, the product are high quality, high performance and high level. I’m so happy with then.

Best basketball shoe ever

Did a great job of providing energy back when running the court.