Zapatos de Basketball UA Curry 4

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Zapatos de Basketball UA Curry 4

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Mejor tracción, mayor comfort, más control. Presentando las nuevas Curry 4, diseñadas para los más exigentes.
  • El tejido interno se ajusta alrededor del cuello y la puntera y ofrece una sensación de rendimiento amplificado.
  • El panel sintético de microfibra está unido al material tejido y aporta el equilibrio ideal de apoyo con un peso reducido.
  • El sello dinámico de las costuras fusiona el recubrimiento tejido y el panel sintético sin provocar picor.
  • La plantilla de velocidad, que controla la estructura y el rendimiento de la parte inferior del pie, está diseñada para soportar movimientos explosivos.
  • El patrón de tracción céntrico transversal está diseñado para optimizar la tracción al talón y ofrecer un agarre increíble en cualquier pista .
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The Best Shoe I Have Ever Owned

Has great comfort and is breathable. Great in game time. I would buy theses for everyday life too. The need time to be broken in a little but after that they are GREAT!

I love them but...

I have worn these shoes 2-3 a week for a good month. I did not play a single game in these but wore them casusally day to day. I notiched that the knit area next to the crease started to fray and tear apart. I love the this shoe but cannot purchase anymore pairs because of this. The durability of the knit looks "weak" and cannot take the day to day abuse. I guess with a couple more wears the knit will completely tear and I will have one giant hole in my shoe :( If anyone else has this problem please let me know!

This curry is by far the best yet i am not really A fan of curry but this shoe is great

This shoe is great because it gives you good traction, A wide footbed and helps with my shooting form I have been shooting better in these and they have great traction even better than the Jordan 32 lows that I wore to basketball practice last week plus I love the royal blue colorway.

Excelente producto

Excelente producto de mis favoritos de under volveria a comprar solo les falta un poco de soporte para el tobillo

Be Willing To Break Them In; They'll Be Your Fave

For all of Y'All with complaints about material stiffness. Shoes often require break-in time. I’m not sure why consumers nowadays are unwilling to break in shoes. The shoes are not custom built around your foot shape so why would they feel like they were after a single wear for two hours? I, currently, own 24 pairs of Currys and the 4s are unlike any other. They are a "fitted shoe" and definitely require breaking in. My first 2 pairs of Curry 4s felt tight and claustrophobic at first. But, after a couple of days, they began to mold to my foot. My other Curry 4s presented an additional challenge; the left one needing additional stretching. So, those, I took to my fave cobbler, who stretched them where needed and, I use good wooden shoe trees on them when not in use. Now, if you choose to go up half size on the Curry 4 because you have wide feet and wish to not break-in your shoe then you will compromise the fit and overall support. If you do this you may injure yourself because you’ve made it so the shoe’s design no longer works as intended. Not every shoe was made for every person. Find a shoe that was made for you, or break in one, and you’ll be surprised at how awesome it is. For me, the Curry 4s are the finest styling, to date and, while require breaking in, once they are, they're fabulous! ...Easily my favorite Currys, so far.

A+ Performance

I usually write extremely detailed reviews, however, the Curry 4 is just a simple explanation. It's simply the best performing shoe on the market right now. On the down side, the shoe feels extremely tight on the foot, which actually causes (tolerant) discomfort. I still think the Curry 2 is the best basketball shoe ever made. I believe UA needs to show the colorways they plan on dropping in advanced, because a popular shoe like this is not properly covered through shoe media outlets and UA itself.

Curry 4 has the best design among other kicks !

Excellent Design and very Comfortable definitely worth the money !!!

curry 4 "more buckets"

the Curry 4 "more buckets" basketball shoe has really been a great shoe, it out performs the curry 2 and 3, the grip is great, the cushioning is a bit iffy, but does provide protection from bruising on the foot. The lacing system is great, just wear thicker basketball socks in case you do get blisters (like me), and the shoe feels like there is nothing there, and the design is great. i will be looking to get another pair thanks Under Armour, keep up the great work!

Awesome On-Court Performance

Amazing design, however, they run just a tad bit small so bump your normal size up 1/2"; overall this shoe has great "stop on a dime grip! " The Curry 4's are the perfect recipe for "cookin'… on the court! Definitely a smart investment if you are a gym rat, I'm looking forward to purchasing another pair of Curry 4's in the near future.

People complaining about FAKE Curry 4s !!

This is the best shoe on planet earth right now.. most these people complaining don't realize they're complaining about fake knockoff versions of Curry 4! When you're complaining about a color that hasnt even dropped yet, that should tell you something.