Zapatos de Entrenamiento UA Project Rock 1 para Hombre

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“Project Rock is not a brand, it’s a movement. It’s a core belief, that I 100% don’t care what color you are, how old you are, where you come from or what you do for a living. The only thing I care about is you and me, building the belief that regardless of whatever the odds, we can overcome and achieve—but it all starts with the work we’re willing to put in with our two hands."—Dwayne Johnson
  • La parte superior totalmente tejida brinda un ajuste transpirable similar a la compresión, que brinda una fuerza direccional ligera
  • El revestimiento sintético agrega soporte lateral y durabilidad
  • La confección de cubrecalzado se extiende sobre el tobillo para brindar un ajuste seguro y cómodo, y mayor soporte
  • El sistema de cordones ajustable y el trenzado en el antepié ofrecen un ajuste personalizable y seguro
  • La confección de TPU en el talón y la talonera exterior brindan mayor estabilidad cuando te elevas
  • La entresuela Micro G® de una pieza convierte los aterrizajes acolchados en despegues explosivos
  • La suela de goma completa cuenta con una textura nudosa única estratégicamente colocada para brindar mayor tracción y durabilidad
  • Compensación: 6mm
  • Peso: 339 g.
  • Imported
Capellada tejida para un ajuste ceñido sin sacrificar respirabilidad.
Refuero extra en el talón para mayor estabilidad cuando levantas pesas.
Suela con relieves para incrementar agarre y durabilidad.

Resumen De Opinión

15 Reseñas

Shoes too big

WARNING** Shoe collector of many brands of shoes. This shoe is guaranteed to run a FULL size too large. If you wear a 10.5 order a 9.5. I ordered a 10 and it is still too big. Really don’t understand why it is so hard to make a 10.5 fit a 10.5. Comfort is amazing but doesn’t really matter if the shoe doesn’t fit correctly. I hope others have had better luck with sizing. Not worth returning especially when they are all sold out. No options for me. Just stuck with these.

Project Rock One

I have the Project Rock Delta. Most comfortable shoe ever. Project One feels more like wearing old school converse. Great looking for sure, but performance I am struggling to see. They are still new. Worn 3 times so far to gym.

Toe Box too wide

Tried on and immediately noticed how wide the tow box is. Rest of the shoe fits fine but when you tighten the lases the toe gets all bunched up and looks terrible. Noticed some quality issues too like in the back of the show the bull head and the pull strap are not centered on one of my shoes. Disappointed. Have to return or sell them.

Great shoes... but too large.

Shoes are made for maximum comfort and control. Just order a half size down. Unfortunately, these are only in limited quantities. I’ll order in the next batch.

Quality control.

These shoes just arrived in the mail today and so I tried to leave my review fairly neutral except for what I experienced. When I got these shoes I immediately noticed that there were some issues with the build quality of them. There was stitching on the back that was already fraying for shoes that had never been worn. Also the adhesive that is used above the sole of the shoe was sloppy and visibly inconsistent all the way around. I would say these are minor issues except that no shoe I have ever purchased has had any of these issues. I expected more from shoes that cost this much and were such a signature product of Under Armour.

Great shoe

The size of these are on point fits just right, compared to the deltas which was very narrow and felt like it squeezed my foot. The durability on these feel a lot stronger than previous shoes I wore.

Best trainer I've ever owned

I find these shoes fascinating! The mesh upper really allows your foot to breathe during workouts.and I expected it to come at the expense of stability, but it doesn't at all. My feet feel stable and secure throughout the entire workout. Whether running, lifting or doing cross-training these shoes check all the boxes. My previous point is even more surprising considering how large these shoes run. That is my only complaint. I wear an 11, all day. I even had to buy an 11.5 in another UA shoe (the Curry 2). These 11's are really big. In any other case I would have returned them for a 10.5 and gone on my way. However, given they originally sold out in 30 minutes that was not an option. As it stands, it does not effect my workout or satisfaction with the product. Perhaps my overall satisfaction with the "experience". These things happen when you covet the best workout gear on the market and when I buy my next pair, I'll be sure to cop a 10.5.

Good Base for a 1st Signature Shoe

I buy sneakers and shoes regularly, this was ny first pair of shoes by Under Armor so I didnt know what to expect. What I did know was that I wanted these and needed a new pair of shoes to work out in. Upon their arrival i opened the package took them out of the box. The quality of the shoe was well crafted and the materials are very durable. I then tried on the shoe, thats where my lack of information about UA shoes came in. They run a little big and left too much room at the toe for my comfort. Also having a wider foot i felt some discomfort in the instep. I wouldve loved to exchanged them for a the next size down but these were limited release and knew I wouldnt be able to get another pair. I wore them for 2 days after initially receiving them. They were comfortable but it did still feel off in the instep. This model is a good beginning for what will probably be a long line of signature shoes for DJ.


Would love to see these shoes in a wider width. I wear the 4E and it is hard to find an exceptional workout shoe.

Go down a size on these!

So, I have every Rock Delta, or I should say every color. I first ordered a 10.5 in the delta, then I found out I like the 10 better. So I have ordered all my Under Armour shoes in 10 since then. I ordered the Rock 1 in a 10, and it was really big. So big I was wondering what happened. As always I gave them a few days before I got irritated, and the shoe fits better now. I think the reason is the foam inside the shoe. Not really sure what happened, because I have never had this happen. The shoes fit me decent now, but they fit me like a 10.5 would. Let me also say that I have a narrow foot, so it might be the fact that these are wide. Bottom line, I would go smaller. The shoe has a great fit, I love the sock feel of the upper, and the firm heel. I did like their feel in the squat. I like the direction the rock 1 went with this shoe line. It has the parts I love about the curry 4s, and the feel of a good trainer. I highly recommend this shoe.