Zapatos de Entrenamiento UA Project Rock 1 para Hombre

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    • Color: Navy (401)
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Debido a cantidades limitadas, solo se permite 70 por cliente.
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“Project Rock is not a brand, it’s a movement. It’s a core belief, that I 100% don’t care what color you are, how old you are, where you come from or what you do for a living. The only thing I care about is you and me, building the belief that regardless of whatever the odds, we can overcome and achieve—but it all starts with the work we’re willing to put in with our two hands."—Dwayne Johnson
  • La parte superior totalmente tejida brinda un ajuste transpirable similar a la compresión, que brinda una fuerza direccional ligera
  • El revestimiento sintético agrega soporte lateral y durabilidad
  • La confección de cubrecalzado se extiende sobre el tobillo para brindar un ajuste seguro y cómodo, y mayor soporte
  • El sistema de cordones ajustable y el trenzado en el antepié ofrecen un ajuste personalizable y seguro
  • La confección de TPU en el talón y la talonera exterior brindan mayor estabilidad cuando te elevas
  • La entresuela Micro G® de una pieza convierte los aterrizajes acolchados en despegues explosivos
  • La suela de goma completa cuenta con una textura nudosa única estratégicamente colocada para brindar mayor tracción y durabilidad
  • Compensación: 6mm
  • Peso: 339 g.
  • Imported
Capellada tejida para un ajuste ceñido sin sacrificar respirabilidad.
Refuero extra en el talón para mayor estabilidad cuando levantas pesas.
Suela con relieves para incrementar agarre y durabilidad.

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Nice looking shoe but one big problem

Maybe I'm alone with this but my shoes have no grip I'm always slipping on leg press my feet just slide down. I went to the bathroom movies and im just sliding standing in the stall. If the shoes had grip i would really love them. Other wise there pretty solid,I don't personally care for the little usless sleeve you slide in to put the shoes on since the shoes are not a high top the ascetic seems unecessary.

Altamente recomendados

Son bastante comodos y apropiados para ir al gimnasio y ademas el look de estos tenis es genial. Me gusta mucho la linea naranja en la suela que en teoria no combina con el color azul del tenis pero es todo lo contrario.

Really wanted to love this shoe

After hearing my buddy rave about the Delta's, I was super excited to get my hands on these shoes. I have had them about 4 months and too be quite frank the only exercise I have found them useful for is deadlifts. The toebox on the shoe is big, something I thought might be helpful for squats and deadlifts when I bought them, however they were even bigger then I realized when purchasing them. I have an average sized foot yet it would slide around in the shoe when I was squating. Additionally the traction on the shoes is average at best. When doing squats my feet would rotate outward terribly due to the poor traction of the shoe, a problem I have never had with other cross trainers. I would love to see UA address some of these problems when designing the next version. In the mean time I would say your money is better off being put into a different shoe.

Bought two pairs of these beauts

I bought both black and white, they’re gorgeous shoes for sure and I love them in the gym. Over time with stress they will wrinkle since they decided to use a type of leather by the toe but that doesn’t matter all shoes live to a point. They fit the way they should, buy your size. They feel comfortable and really nice in the gym. Thank you Under Armour!

Awesome training shoes...

Received these training shoes about a week ago. A little different than I thought they would be, but in a good way, really love them. Very comfortable,fit great, perfect for me for the gym and what ever else. Do not forget to get a HALF SIZE DOWN, I am a 10.5 and the 10- fit perfect. I am starting to get really hooked on under armor equipment. Everything.I have received has been spot on. Very unusual but I am not complaining. We may pay a little more but get exactly what we want, Oh bye the way my training shoes also came with a full set of black laces as well as a full set of yellow laces with a set of white laces on the shoes.....

These are the funk!

These are the most stable I have felt in shoes in forever. These are perfect for training in the gym and light warm up and cool down running. Finally a product made by and athlete that truly seems to care about the functionality as much as the flash. These puppies could have save my feet and legs some wear and tear decades ago. Stylish, comfortable, and functional. I will say running in them is tiring in the have to relearn to use your feet and legs to move properly. But once you feel invincible. The mesh fabric on the outer portion of the foot combined with the more durable fabric on the inner portion of the toe really helps to support the lifting of the big toe when walking and running. I will be buying the black pair this weekend so that I can alternate. If you know what I know you'll be doing the same!

Great Training Shoe

Awesome shoe. Extremely well built can handle the toughest leg workouts and looks super sharp. I was hesitant to order one 1/2 size down as suggested since all my adult life shoes have been 11 but now I’m happy I did as it does run a bit big. Fully recommend!

Give it some time.

I wore this shoe around my house to see what I thought of the fit, and I was unsure at first. I debated returning them, but decided to take them to the gym and really try them out to make sure. I've bought a lot of Rock shirts, and a pair of shorts, and had good luck so far. I was hoping it would carry over with the shoes. I did leg press, squats, elliptical, and various other leg lifts with the shoes on. After about 15 minutes, I felt really comfortable in the shoe, and I am REALLY happy with the outcome. The arch on my left foot was a bit sore at first, but after a while, seemed to fit like a glove! I am keeping these shoes for sure! Definitely give these a try, and don't be alarmed if they fit weird at first. I'm not used to a higher top shoe, but I can't wait to keep using these! BE SURE TO ORDER DOWN A HALF SIZE! I normally get 11.5 in all of my UA shoes, but ordered an 11 in these based off of other reviews. People know what they are talking about!


every detail of the shoes is incredible. I bring a Lamborghini on my feet.

If ya smell!

These shoes are not only sexy, but their extremely comfortable! I have received numerous compliments for them, as well! I highly recommend these shoes before they're sold out!