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Cuando empezamos a diseñar el mejor zapato de running neutro, les preguntamos a los corredores profesionales qué necesitaban.Su respuesta fue: amortiguación, rebote, durabilidad y eficacia.A partir de eso creamos UA HOVR™ Infinite, que permite pisar con gran suavidad.Perfecto para todas las actividades, desde largas carreras hasta establecer una distancia base, e incluso días de recuperación.Tan pronto como te las pongas, sentirás que puedes correr para siempre.
  • NEUTRO: Para aquellos corredores que necesitan flexibilidad, amortiguación y versatilidad
  • CONEXIÓN DIGITAL: La tecnología Record Sensor™ de UA rastrea, analiza y almacena prácticamente todas las métricas de las carreras para que sepas exactamente qué necesitas hacer para mejorar
  • La tecnología UA HOVR™ proporciona una “sensación de ingravidez” para permitir la recuperación de energía, lo que ayuda a reducir el impacto paso a paso
  • La malla de compresión Energy Web contiene y moldea la espuma UA HOVR™ para devolverte la energía que liberas
  • La parte superior de malla especialmente diseñada es extremadamente ligera y transpirable, y cuenta con soporte estratégico donde más lo necesitas
  • La talonera externa ligera brinda soporte para mantener la parte posterior del pie en su lugar
  • La plantilla de goma EVA troquelada y de largo completo se adapta a la forma del pie, evita el deslizamiento y brinda una comodidad ideal en la planta del pie
  • La entresuela de goma EVA proporciona una excelente amortiguación y una sensación responsiva
  • Las ranuras flexibles profundas ubicadas anatómicamente ofrecen la flexibilidad adecuada en las zonas clave
  • La suela de goma sólida cubre las zonas de alto impacto para proporcionar una mayor durabilidad con menos peso
  • Las almohadillas de goma de carbón para la tracción, ubicadas estratégicamente bajo el talón de la suela, proporcionan una mayor tracción y durabilidad en las zonas de alto impacto
  • La reflectancia en 360° brinda mayor visibilidad durante las carreras con poca iluminación
  • Compensación: 8 mm
  • Peso: 306 g
  • Importado



UN MILLÓN DE KILÓMETROS DE COMODIDAD Gran flexibilidad y una plataforma sumamente estable que te permite mantener un paso suave y continúo, sin perder su forma, kilómetro tras kilómetro
AJUSTE PARA TU CUERPO Ajuste específico para hombres y mujeres que brinda comodidad y soporte donde más se necesita según las diferencias anatómicas
ENTRENAMIENTO DETERMINADO POR LOS DATOS Se conecta fácilmente con la aplicación UA MapMyRun para ofrecerte entrenamiento personalizado en función el paso, la cadencia, la longitud de la pisada y la distancia - con o sin tu teléfono

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Lightweight, comfortable, responsive

Overall great running shoe. Sizing runs 1/2 size small compared to most other brands. The shoe is extremely comfortable, lightweight, and responsive. My average runs are 4-5 miles 2-3 times per week with a once weekly 8-10 miler. Lightweight and breathable socks are recommended as the toe box gets warm quickly. My previous shoe was the Phantom and I prefer the Infinite’s ankle design; more open and less prone to ankle irritation with shorter length socks.

Very comfortable and great looking

I do a lot of trail hiking, and these shoes are the most comfortable I've found over the years. Additionally, I feel much better after my hikes having worn these shoes vs. other trail running or walking shoes. Also, the shoes look sharp.

Improved running comfort, form, and performance

Supper happy with these shoes for my treadmill running workout! Been using them for about 2 months now purely for running. Upgraded to these from Micro G Assert 7's after starting to develop some foot and knee pain when I started to get more serious into running daily in the new year. Those pains immediately stopped when upgrading to these HOVR Infinite shoes. These shoes are super comfortable and give great energy return. Shoes fit me just snug without being tight which is exactly what I was looking for fit-wise. The bluetooth integration with stride/cadence tracking in MapMyRun is awesome too. It was able to point out issues with my running form that probably lead to those original pains I had in the first place and gave actionable feedback to correct it. I love the graphs it generates showing how I'm doing relative to the target ranges over my workout. Only pain point is that sometimes my phone doesn't like to connect to them and I have to play around with enabling/disabling bluetooth to get it to work.

Best running shoe so far!

Have not come across a better shoe than this one. I have 6 pairs of shoes right now and this is the only one I use at the gym and that is because it feels like I’m running in air not ground. So amazing! One of those just got try experience it for yourself instances.

Great technology, but not a comfortable run.

I purchased the UA Infinite based on the good reviews here. Somewhat disappointed with this model. The shoe is not true to size. UA suggested a size 10 for my 27.5 cm foot. Eventually settled on a size 11. Toe box very tight even for my avg medium foot diameter. Heel also not securely locked in place. Different lacing technique helped to lock heel in place. Poor cushioning and upper feels too firm. Toes becomes numb after 3-4 km and this makes it hard to push beyond 6 km. Shoe feels firm and not plush enough. Have about 35 km on them. Hopefully they loosen up a bit. Love the technology! Especially handy on the treadmill with very accurate data. Perhaps the Guardian or Sonic 2 are better choices.


I'm a pretty avid runner and my favorite shoes have always been anything from UA. After my last pair of shoes tore I decided I wanted to go all out for my next pair and bought these. I love the design/style, and having Bluetooth is a great feature especially since it can still be utilized when running on a treadmill. However these have to be one of the least comfortable pair of running shoes I've ever owned. There doesn't seem to be any support in the soles and as a distance runner it is difficult to do anything over 3 miles. I've put roughly 30 miles on these so maybe they just still aren't broken in? I'm going to continue running in them simply because of how much I spent but I would suggest any other UA running shoe over these.

Outstanding sneaks

Ok so I reviewed and researched . I wasnt sure about purchasing running shoes for daily wear as they are intended for running but I beg to differ. You can absolutely wear these walking as well. I see how walking shoes get reviewed as a must for walking but in my opinion these are just as good if not better. They were comfortable out of the box. I cant say that about other brands. UA has never let me down thus far . I have owned basketball and running shoes ordered off the internet and straight out the box . Fitment seems perfect. I dont know how they do it but they are impressive. I'm not getting paid for this comment but I thought credit was due to this company. Thank you UA. Lifetime customer here.

New beginnings

Definitely UA's first more traditional high quality neutral trainer. I'd say this is the 2nd shoe they have made like this, Bandit 1 being the first. It's a little heavy underfoot, but comfortable and protective, and has a smooth transition from footstrike to toe-off. I wouldn't be surprised if people are busting out marathon distance in this shoe.

HOVR delivers

I've worn them about 10 times now for my workouts (cardio and lifting) as well as some treadmill work (since I live in NE and its be 45 degrees below average) but the shoe has performed great. My feet don't seem tired like before in other shoes. Support and comfort delivers on the promise. Sizing was perfect for me and I'm a size 8.5

So much better!!!

I just started running and I went out and bought some other brand shoes and was not comfortable in them,saw the ad for these so I bought them and they are so much more comfortable. My run has gotten better because of these shoes,well worth the money I paid and the next week went and bought my wife a pair.